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anonymous asked:

Hi! What do you think of the Yuji Uekawa artworks for Sonic and co?

If you ask me I think the games should tweak the models to follow that art style more or at least quit relying so much on 3D renders in the material they release nowadays.

There’s a certain goofiness to the 3D models that the 2D artwork doesn’t have. You can see it in cases where they’re in the same pose:

Maybe it’s because the 3D model has virtually no eyebrows compared to the artwork, but I don’t know!

You know what I miss? The (kinda) edgy ps3 3rd person games. They were so fucking good, like inFamous 1&2, the Ezio Assassin’s Creed games, Prototype 1&2, Darksiders 1&2, the Uncharteds, fukin Metal Gear 4 and Rising; the list could go on if I bothered to try and remember the names.
They focused so much more on the gameplay than on whether it was pretty or not, I’m not saying that modern ones don’t have good gameplay I’m just saying that its more of a ‘look at this cliff, we put in so much effort, give us £50’ (don’t get me started on the skyrims as the memes tell it for me). The ps3 games had less power to look nice with and instead we got goofy face models (just replay AC 2 and wince at the weird textures of his face), NPCs with simpler models to help rendering, again look at AC or Prototype where you could take anybody’s form which was so FUCKING COOL, and more compact maps and worlds. Going back to prototype it was so fun cos you were jumping around the city as a tiny teenager and suddenly BAM! BLADE ARM and you’re in combat. InFamous felt as it could have been real to me because throughout the game, it was kinda tall buildings with lots of lamps, cars signs etc. to bounce off of and it felt realer cos the buildings were closer to the ground and public which you were either killing or helping so you had to avoid hitting them in a fight. Something that Second Son doesn’t have with the skyscrapers and ways to scale buildings at the touch of a button. What I’m trying to say is that in all of the glitter of ps4 and Xbox 1 and PC graphical enhancements have to offer, im often feeling that the gameplay is a little lack-luster. Looking back on recent years I haven’t really found a good single player game where I can simply turn it on and bounce through the air quickly across the map, and just have fun fighting or completing pop up quests that appear. When Horizon Zero Dawn was a announced I had hope, I haven’t played it yet but seeing gameplay and videos of it I don’t get the same feeling that I get from these games. Again with the faster traveling, in HZD you get mounts and stuff and it takes effort where as in Prototype or infamous you literally just jump and you can get a bit higher (I’m going to say usefully higher because it isnt too high and you can then do more moves once you’re in the air) Maybe im just being nostalgic for the 2000s games after replaying the Ezio collection but I miss this sense of fun instead of awe that companies are now pushing into their games. This is why I’m looking forward to the new Spiderman game so much as it looks like it has ps2 spiderman style webbing and popup events and other shit that I like like that.

Answering asks #2

l-der asked:

I think your theory is really close with what actually happen bw TaeJin. I feel something is off too. Jin said he close to V but they did not bond that well to consider as close in that period of time. Can I ask for your fav TaeJin moment? and What kind of bf do you think Tae/Jin is?

Ahhh thank you for your asks sweetie! As I said, I’m gonna answer you with 3 master posts ok!

FIRST PART: “Jin said he close to V but they did not bond that well to consider as close in that period of time." 

I mean these are personal theories based on what I see of their interaction and of course we will never know the entire story so all we can do is connect the dots and fill in the blanks.

Mirroring like people who are into each other do:

Yes Jin said V is the closest and I agree with you, their on screen bromance was far from being the "cutest” for fan service purposes so why did Jin said V was the one he was closest to? I think what Jin said explains a lot about Taejin actually, cause they had real feelings for each other from the start, what they had and shared was not for the fans to see, like it was not part of the job, not to promote a bts bromance. It was private, therefore precious.

This is why I believe taejin is real, Jinnie & VV interaction is completely different from the other pairings in the band. Like all the boys are touchy and promote the skinship and the management knows how to explore that aspect for the fandom, they know how to milk the cuteness of vk*ok and even jinkook. So to measure if something is real just by skinship and the kinda of puppy love all the boys display for each other is just not valid for bts. They legit are all superglued to each other all the time.

So to understand whats real and whats showmance, let’s compare Taejin with the popular Vk*ok. When I watch for instance the Vk*ok vids with “proof” that they are a real couple it’s mostly funny cause it’s all about they acting like puppies and two kids playing. Don’t get me wrong, vk*ok it’s totally cute and I get why their ship is pushed so hard by their management but there is no psychological or theoretical evidence of a real affair other than cuteness.

It only takes a minute to compare V in Vk*ok pix versus V in taejin pics, the difference is OBVIOUS, with Kookie he is a tease, a model, defiant, goofy, showing all his teeth with that pretty boy perfection, its all a perfectly staged performance and k-idol cuteness ship glamour to please the masses. No real romantic relationship needs an over the top kinda peformance like that, real couples don’t behave like they need to share their feelings like they are in an advertising. Its all aesthetics and I’m sure they adore each other but can you see genuine romantic sentiment in Tae’s actions? Me neither…

Posterboys, showmance & staged cuteness overdose:

Now if you see taejin pix, V is sometimes kinda shy, sometimes proud, sometimes even awkward, always seductive and delicate, he poses like if he was posing with his boyfriend. There is softness between them, they usually mirror, nothing is forced, no full teeth fake smiles, there is no idol V being all flamboyant, just 2 boys in candid togetherness and sometimes even a little real life bittersweetness in their eyes. Just look at these pictures and tell me that is not how a normal real couple, like your friends or even you and your bf/gf usually pose!

Soft, connected, candid and private like real couples do:

And when we talk about them, we have to kinda separate their relationship in phases. As I said before, I don’t think they had something going on before 2015. But I do think they were already secretly close, back in the start when Jin said he and V had the same hobbies and loved to watch dramas so they were used to stay together until late, I feel that they were already emotionally bonding. It was about friendship and companionship and not like trying to hook up with each other but when you are so young and kinda alone in an exciting different environment it’s most common to fall in love within your inner circle. So I believe V really got emotionally attached to Jin as a protective figure and that eventually became a platonic love.

One thing that also made me believe V was the one who was first really in love, was the infamous “taejin showered together” video. Jin talks about V asking to shower with him like it was something funny to be shared and you can see how V smiles shyly but his body language (hiding his hands, tight lips, turns away from the public) expresses he didn’t want Jin to share that. I think Jin didn’t see (or pretended not to see) that for V their thing was not just a funny bromance.

So basically they kept taejin a “secret thing just for them” without pushing their bromance like the other bts pairings were pushed probably made both Jin and V protective of this one special thing they had that was not for publicity or for promoting the band. There are many videos and stuff of the boys playing around and taejin is low-key sitting together in the background just lounging or something… It was their thing, and not a fan service job. And trust me when you have a very public life like these boys do, anything private is treasured.

To be honest, I think the vk*ok and namj*n push has always been a planned strategy to hide taejin in plain sight, but thats a conspiracy theory for another ask…

Lots of love.