goofy is my favorite of all time

“Use your smile to change the world, don’t let the world change your smile.”

Happy happy birthday to the super amazing @therealjacksepticeye! I’ve been trying my hardest to remember to draw something for all of the people I greatly admire for their birthday, but I’ve already forgotten some ;-;

Anyways, I definitely did not want to forget Jack’s because he has a big influence on my life, even if I am just watching his videos through a screen, and I’m sure that a lot of people can say the same. My favorite feature of Jack is his smile because no matter who you are, you can’t not smile with him and his goofiness. On my bad days, even if people around me are giving me a hard time, I can at least know that if I click on one of Jack’s videos, I won’t have to worry about him changing or his smile fading. YouTubers like Jack really manage to brighten up my entire day and I am very, very thankful for that. So, the least that I can do is draw a little something for this very special day for this amazing person.

Thank you so much, Jack, and I hope you have the most amazing and wonderful birthday!

A Lost Tradition || Jack

Masterpost found here

Word count - 1,295

Summary - The one when Jack seeks permission.

(D/N) - dad’s name
(M/N) - mom’s name

Jack’s POV

I didn’t tell (Y/N) that I was headed over to her parent’s house today. Instead, I told her that I was spending the day with Josh doing some YouTube stuff. Josh had agreed to cover for me. So while (Y/N) spent the day with some of her girlfriends, I took the 50 or so minute drive to her parent’s house in Oxford.

It was a Saturday so I knew her parents would be home all day. I was thankful they loved me like a son by now, considering I would be showing up at their house uninvited. If we didn’t get along, all hell might’ve broken loose. With our relationship though, her mum would probably invite me in and make me a three course dinner just for the hell of it.

I parked my car in their driveway and jogged up to the front door, ringing the doorbell and standing with my hands in my pockets waiting for them to answer. I could feel my heart racing in my chest. This would be fine. It would all be fine.

Her mum answered the door. “Jack! What a surprise!” she smiled, bringing me in for a hug and welcoming me into the house. “(D/N)!” she called down the hall after closing the front door behind me. “Jack’s here!”

“And (Y/N)?” he asked. I could hear him stand up from his recliner to come greet me.

“Just me today sir,” I said, shaking his hand when he came into view.

“What’s the occasion?” he asked with a chuckle. “Has (Y/N) brought you here on assignment?”

I laughed back, “Not quite. I just wanted to talk to you both about something.” They both looked at me curiously. “Can we go sit?”

“Of course, of course,” (M/N) said, ushering me farther into the house. “Shall I make some tea?”

“Sure, thank you,” I said politely. (D/N) and I made small talk while (M/N) made us all some tea. Over the years of dating (Y/N), I had become very close to her parents. (D/N) played the role of the protective father for a while but he quickly warmed up to me, which I was grateful for. I was glad we could talk casually now as it somewhat calmed down my fluttering nerves.

When (M/N) came and brought us our tea, she sat beside (D/N) on the couch. “So what can we do for you today?” (D/N) asked, sipping his tea and then setting it on the coffee table in front of the couch. I sipped my tea as well and then did the same. I cleared my throat, the nerves starting to bubble up again.

“Well, you know I’ve been dating (Y/N) for a long time now,” I said, clapping my hands and rubbing them together anxiously. “It’ll be four years in a few weeks. And I know you both know that I love her, but I’m not sure either of you know just how greatly I do. I mean, I love her. She’s my favorite person in the world. I’ve never cared for anyone the way I’ve cared for her and I know I never will again. I mean, when she met me I was just a goofy 22 year old, but she still loved me. She’s loved me through all the growing up I had left to do and I’m so lucky she has because I don’t even want to think of who I would be without her. And, well, she was already perfect when I met her. She was already far too good for me but I couldn’t help but love her anyway, yknow? Like, I know I don’t deserve her but she’s still stuck around and, well, that has to mean something, right?”

(M/N) and (D/N) were both smiling at me and I could see little tears in (M/N)’s eyes. I took a deep breath. “Sorry, I know I’m rambling,” I said, rubbing my palms on my jeans to stop them from sweating. “It’s just whenever I talk about her my mind gets all fuzzy and I can’t think straight. She drives me crazy but in all the best ways. So what I’m trying to say, like the reason I came here, I wanted to ask you if I can marry her.”

The smile on (M/N)’s face grew and she looked over at (D/N) who was still smiling as well. He looked at (M/N) and laid a hand on top of hers. “I still remember when I had this conversation with her parents,” he said fondly, smiling at his wife. “I was scared out of my mind. Couldn’t hardly breathe let alone get a word out. Still don’t know why they said yes.”

“I think they knew that despite you completely choking,” she teased lightly, “you were still the man I loved, and that meant something to them.”

“Just like you mean a lot to (Y/N),” (D/N) said, looking at me again. “You treat her with utmost respect and you visibly care for her. The love you share is admirable for a pair your age, it always has been. Jack, I feel like you’ve already been a member of our family for quite some time now. It takes a man to do what you’ve done and come and ask us. It’s a lost tradition now and it’s honorable that you’ve still done it.”

(D/N) stood up and so I did the same. He walked up to me and stuck out his hand. “I would be proud to call you my son,” he said. I smiled and shook his hand, slightly taken aback when he pulled me in for a hug. Nevertheless, I hugged him back. When he pulled away, (M/N) immediately gave me a hug as well. We chatted for a bit longer after that, finishing our tea and enjoying the afternoon. I couldn’t stop smiling the whole time.

When I got up to go, (M/N) and (D/N) both walked me to the door. One last time, (D/N) held out his hand to shake mine again. “You take good care of her,” he said, his voice cracking a little bit. I shook his hand firmly.

“You can count on it.”

I ended up picking (Y/N) up from her friend’s house and taking her out for ice cream. I tried to act naturally, like I hadn’t just spoken to her parents about the most important event in our relationship. She looked adorable in her light wash blue jeans and a grey jumper she had stolen from me ages ago. She leaned over to give me a kiss when she got into the car and held my hand the entire way to the ice cream place.

Once we got our ice cream we walked around the park hand in hand eating it and chatting about our days. “How was your day with Josh?” she asked, licking away some ice cream that was dripping down the cone.

“Great,” I lied smoothly. “Very productive. Did you have fun with your friends?”

“Loads,” she nodded. “We went shopping. I might’ve gotten you something.”

“Oh?” I teased back. “What’s the occasion?”

“I don’t know,” she shrugged sarcastically. “There’s some dumb anniversary coming up. I don’t really know much about it, but it’s written on my calendar in like, big red letters so I figured it must be important.”

“Oh that’s right!” I said back, nodding as if suddenly remembering. “You didn’t have to get me anything.”

“Did you get me something?” she pouted, knowing full well that we always got presents for each other. I smiled and put my arm around her waist, pulling her close to me and placing a kiss to the top of her head.

“Not to brag, but I think I might’ve gotten you the best present ever.”

long distance

Remember that first summer we were together? I spent more money on gas driving the 2 hours to see you than I ever have in my life. You always said you would come see me. But I liked the car drive there. I’d listen to your favorite songs and imagine you were sitting next to me singing along. “Traffic Jams” you called them. Always upbeat. Songs you could dance to, you know?

Pulling into your driveway was what I imagined birds felt like returning home when they left for winter. Except my time away from you did not keep me warm.

You were always waiting by the door when I would arrive. All hands in pockets and goofy smile. Time spent with you, although well spent, was never enough. I wanted a fix that lasted more than a long weekend. One that didn’t end in drawn out goodbyes or the words you always whispered when you hugged me goodbye.


In case you haven’t noticed. Stay is a four letter word. You know what they say about those.

Maybe one day, when we’re older. More experienced. Maybe even a little more in love. We could finally find a place. One to call home. Get us that dog I’ve bugged you about for months.

“Too high maintenanced.” you say. To which I always reply, “So am I but you still want me.”

And there’s that goofy smile.

-this is truth and among other stories you helped me discover. Excerpt from my wattpad book “the sum of parts” @ludus_ero

Mother’s Day (Finn Balor Imagine)

Finn Balor x Reader
Warning: None. Fluff
A/N:  Decided to mix it up a little, really hope you guys enjoy it. I loved writing this! And ty anon for requesting this!
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~1200 words

Finn and his twin girls get ready for Mother’s day.

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Ok what's your favourite Shawn?? Like goofy dorky Shawn or sexy Shawn or happy Shawn or passionate Shawn or????


I would have to say that i have a few favorite Shawns. 

My all time favorite is definitely goober Shawn:

you know the Shawn that comes out only on his (and other people’s) snap and instagram stories that just catch him in the act of being his lil goofy dorky self. I think this is the realest Shawn that we get the opportunity to see. 

however, my second favorite Shawn is passionate Shawn:

you know when he’s just up on stage having the time of his life and so into the songs and the music and the crowd and the energy and everything and it’s just so like asdfghjkl to witness. ugh. love this one

and then sometimes, if you’re really lucky, they’ll mix:


this was my favorite question

ask me anything:)))))

also, it’s been brought to my attention that i need to give credit to the owners of these gifs but like i have no idea who tf made what because i literally just typed in ‘shawn mendes’ into the lil search bar and then like copy and pasted lol, so whoops my b. some of them have a lil watermark at the bottom by illuminateshawn so creds to them for theirs but like ??? about the rest idk if i used yours then, like, thanks, the credit is yours… even though i have no idea who you are but like you do, so i hope this is satisfactory :)))

Too Many Feelings Part 8

TSummary: You and Bucky never get along one day Steve asks you to help him after on mission. Feelings could change?

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Words: 2045

Warnings: Fluffy. angst

PART1, PART 2 , PART 3, PART 4 , PART 5 , PART 6, PART 7

Originally posted by bovaria

After that kiss, you felt that everything changed between the two of you and you couldn’t complain about it. At first, nobody notice the little changes, how you two would appear for breakfast together almost every day, he would always be in your room just to watch movies and talk.

 Two weeks had passed, nobody seems to notice the stolen glances, the soft touches and you two disappearing at the same time. But people started to notice when he would bring you a cup of coffee or how you would braid his hair before every training.

 Right now you are on the monthly movie night in the tower; you are sitting in the middle of the two super soldiers with Bucky’s head on your shoulder. You are not even paying attention to the chick flick; you are watching Bucky watching the movie. He looked so cozy in your arms and intrigued by the movie.

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honestly I think samurai jack is one of my favorite characters of all time. I really like the way he’s clearly presented as a cool character with a heavy quest but also is given moments of happiness and goofiness and confusion and allowed to have dumb and silly shit happen to him by the narrative instead of it all focusing just on how badass he is. hes very likeable.

You see that you’re their lockscreen (GOT7)

JB: -he instantly got embarrassed when you saw that you were his background was one of your goofy selcas you sent him mainly because he said he deleted them all- “I’m sorry it’s my favorite photo of you out there baby and I like seeing it when I unlock my phone”

Mark: -you’d always be his background and lockscreen on technology it was cheesy mainly because he’d always be your lockscreen- “do you wanna take new photos babe? The ones we have are like a month old”

Jackson: -you sent him a selca of you wearing one of his t-shirts a few weeks back and apparently it’s been his lockscreen since then. When you went to check the time on his phone you saw it and gave him a look- “I really like the picture it’s one of my favorites”

Jr: -it was a picture he took when you weren’t looking and he fell inlove with it. Apparently it’s been his lockscreen for a few months and you just now noticed it- “it’s been there for so long like you’ve unlocked my phone before why haven’t you noticed?”

Youngjae: -it was the first picture you guys took together and it’s been his lockscreen since he got a new phone last week. And you just now got to still it from him and play on it today- “what is it too cheesy?” 

BamBam: -it was something he saw in your house and took a picture of it was one of your goofy childhood photos that was hidden on a shelf and hasn’t been thought about til now when you went to unlock his phone- “oh babe I forgot to tell you I found that when I was over”

Yugyeom: -he’s always wanted to do it have his girlfriend as his lockscreen and now he could he did. He had a photo of you on your first date and he’s always wanted it to be something so he choose to make it his lockscreen. When you went to check his messages for him - “you look cute I like the picture it means a lot and well I get to show off what’s mine”

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Hi lovely! Me again!!! 94 (is there a specific country/city and what kind of place! like apartment, shipping container, whatever!) + 77 + 70 and 43 is last!

94. Where would you like to live?

shipping container i’m laughing lolol ok so fun story time w/ am– so when i was younger i used to play MASH with my friends all the time and it was this goofy fortune telling thing and once i got that my future/dream car would be a bucket on wheels and i think of that every time someone brings up future living situations

okay but i’d love to live in LA or Nashville to be around art and they’re less cold than NY, and i’d like to live in a house but if i end up forever alone then an apartment will do fine :) 

77. What is your favorite quote and why?

“here there are lions”-unknown or “in the end, we remember not the words of our enemies but the silence of our friends”-MLK jr. or “If you stand for nothing, what’ll you fall for?”

for the first, it’s from dream psychology by sigmund freud in the prologue it talks about geographers that craved to fill their mind with answers of what was beyond their lands and so they put “here there are lions” to denote unknown territories. idk i just fell in love with it. it’s what i’m getting a tattoo of!!

and the 2nd & 3rd i just think is super important because i feel that standing up for what you believe in and what you believe is right is important and it’s a reminder that silence isn’t a stance.

70. What is the sexiest thing someone could ever do for/to you? 

answered this, it may be tmi lol but i’m an open book

43. What is your favorite season? 

summer !!

ask me these questions or tell me who you ship me with !

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I'm just curious, but you don't have to answer if you don't want to! Why is your username on this blog caribouwritings?? I'm just asking because there's a town legit twenty minutes away from me called Caribou so I'm like?? Fellow Mainer maybe?? Maybe not?? 😂

Originally posted by bastard--bitch

Nope, not from Maine, but I from one of the states in that region ;3

Story time:  so, if you didn’t visit my main blog and read the description, my name is Carolyn. With that name I have many, many, many nicknames and my favorite goofy nickname is Caribou.

So when it came to creating my main blog, I used @commander-caribou because the joke is I command an army of fictional characters in a group called The Collection (it’s a long silly story), then I made my art and later my writing blog, and because I want people to know all three are me, I decided to use Caribou in all my blog names and when changing profile pictures all blogs get a profile picture of the same character. Along with the profile pictures, I change them every once in a while and the character is always someone I can relate to.

(also all my followers have a nickname ;3 )


This cosplay was honestly sort of a dream come true. Fruits Basket, as goofy as is it, will always be special to me since it was my first Anime, and Hatsuharu will always be one of my favorite characters! It was so amazing to finally cosplay him after all this time, since I’ve wanted to since I was 13. I had a blast with this cosplay and I can’t wait to wear it for another convention!

To see the Hatsuharu Yuki photoset go here!

Junior as your boyfriend.

Another highly requested one hope you enjoy. Should be posting more after my midterms so bare with me I’m sorry :/

  • He’ll always make sure to tell you that he loves you every morning when he wakes up
  • And every night before he falls asleep
  • He’ll do cute surprises for you when you weren’t feeling that great.
  • And when you have a bad day at school or work he’ll do his best to cheer you up
  • Like he would probably put on your favorite movie and cuddle with you
  • though he doesn’t like cuddling all the time, he’ll do it because you love it
  • So many dates where it involves going to book stores, coffee shops and or  the go see a play that’s in town.
  • Loves to show you off to everybody 
  • Like you’ll look insanely beautiful like you aren’t already and Junior will say
  • “LLLOOOOKKKK at my beautiful girlfriend.. Okay you can stop looking at her she’s mine.”
  • “Jinyoung stop.”
  • “But you are mine.” then wraps his arms around you.
  • He knows exactly how to make you blush and get that goofy smile that he loves seeing on you.
  • Since he’s pretty much the mom of the group you have to take care of the idiots yourself too.
  • “Jagi have you see Bambam and Yugyeom?”
  • “No.. I thought you were looking after them…”
  • Then que the little butt heads scaring you and Junior and they start running away and junior runs after them.
  • Junior and you cooking a dinner together for you one night and somehow the both of you get in a full blown food fight 
  • You wanted to kiss Junior while being covered in some sauce he made but he didn’t want to kiss you 
  • So you chase him around the apartment until you got that kiss
  • A lot of pillow talk at random hours of the night. 
  • Constantly recommends books for you to read, and getting happy when he sees you 
  • Ask you for your opinions on the literature
  • Then you give him his books to read
  • He could be “okay anything for you”
  • orr
  • “I already read those. Get on my level.” little shit head
  • Has his days where he doesn’t mind showing a lot of affection 
  • Then has other days where he just rather keep that private 
  • Tries his hardest not to worry/fight about little things but once a week you both set time to just talk about what bothered you both that week.
  • Your relationship with Junior would be that one where its always constantly sweet and mellow. He would do so much for you to stay comfortable and for you to be happy. He’ll treat you the way you should be treated like a princess and constantly shows respect to you. You’ll never have to doubt anything with Junior because you know his feelings are true and never do anything for you to doubt in the first place. It’s literally a fairy tale with Junior and you’re happy you found your prince charming.
Common Misconceptions About: Spain

I giggled when I saw this request inmy inbox—Spain, he’s not portrayed as a Uke or a psychopath. But his is the simpler, more insidious mischaracterization.

Rather like Veneziano, Spain is portrayed as one of the dumbest mother fuckers on planet Earth. Spain is depicted as always happy and carefree, but without the suicidal issues Veneziano is given.

The reason Spain is portrayed this way is to put up with Romano. Romano is misportrayed as caustic and abusive, so Spain has to balance him out. Since Romano is always angry, Spain is always a happy, giddy idiot.

Spain, surprise, actually gets upset when Romano treats him terribly. In the beginning strips, Spain tries to trade Romano for Veneziano. He later realizes that Romano tries his hardest, and that he isn’t the best at connecting with people.

But think about it: if someone cursed and taunted you all day, you’d probably get a little pissy. Spain is no different—he has all the same emotions you do. So, if Romano fights with him and insults him, Spain is going to get upset. If Spain has a lot of work to do, he’s going to get grumpy. Just because Spain is happy a lot doesn’t mean he can’t get stressed or annoyed.

Another one of the common fandom tropes is that Spain has this Pirate! version of himself. Obviously, this stems from the fact that Spain was just as much an empire as England was. However, people don’t want to mess with the happy-go-lucky Spain in their adorbs SpaMano, so they have this split personality. You’ll have Pirate!Spain being all moody and bad ass, and then you’ll have normal, stupid, goofy Spain.

My question: why not both?

Seriously, you guys, why can’t Spain be happy most of the time, even as he does evil things? Why can’t he like dominating people while still making goofy jokes about the cat? Why are there only two versions of this Spain, on their own both so terrible, but together so good? Spain, probably like England, misses being so powerful, having the world at his fingertips. Now, he’s a broke nation.

One of my favorite headcanons is that Spain gets a thrill out of being bad. It puts him in a cheery mood, and he chats animatedly with anyone nearby as he bashes in people’s kneecaps. Of course, that’s more for an AU, but still. Being happy and being one-hundred percent good are not mutually exclusive.

Also, he apparently gets scary when he’s drunk, enough to scare Sweden. I’m just saying, Hima seems to hint pretty heavily that Spain isn’t as happy as he seems.

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lovelyincantation  asked:

this is my favorite blog on this site, i grew up with scooby doo and looking back on the animations closer now that i'm older is hilarious!!







-aaaaaaaa, thanks, all!

I work to make SDM the most fun possible for y’all each and every day… I’m a perfectionist, I take its silliness (and your enjoyment) super seriously.

As goofy as it all is, SDM is an endless process of brainstorming, rewriting, and perfecting details to get comedic timings juuuust right it’s wonderful to see people’s days being made a little happier by it.

And by the looks of it, the world could really use some silliness and laughter to come together over right now. 

Don’t worry, I’ll keep supplying the laughs… just like Shaggy and his endless supply of stuffed bear heads.



;;the only upswing to my constant road trips (good company & getting out of this hellhole town aside) is all the time to sit and think and listen to music. I get to do everything from stretch my voice and practice my party tricks to think up goofy character shit and hit myself hard with feels.

•Jacques (modernverse photographer) absolutely loves BatB (1991)
•"Gaston" is one of his favorite songs; “Be Our Guest” is his second favorite
•He really likes Gaston; he’s one of his favorite Disney villains (second, surprisingly, to Hook, although Maleficent’s the only that actually scared/scares him)
•Although he doesn’t think often of marriage–it strikes him as such a pipe dream, he dates so little–he DOES know he wants “Beauty and the Beast” to be the sing for his first dance
•He played Lumiere once on a school production of the show; he’s very charismatic and it went over well
•He had a crush on the guy playing Gaston though (what a problem)
•Yes that IS one of the reasons Gaston’s a fave villain, thanks for asking!
•LeFou is definitely his favorite character in the 2017, and no, he doesn’t see the irony in that, what irony?
•He feels like the only substantial musical improvements to the existing score in the 2017 are “Belle” and “Gaston”. The others he is either indifferent to (“Beauty and the Beast,” “Something There,” etc.) or doesn’t like (“Be Our Guest”).
•His favorite new song is a toss-up between “Days in the Sun” and “How Does a Moment Last (Forever)”
•He sings “Home” more than a grown man probably should. It’s always a production.
•If you think he’s not Broadway trash you are wrong
•Disney is his dream date. And vacation. And home. And wedding venue. Not that he thinks about it a lot. >.>
•Emoji fiend
•Disney trash
•But honestly if you want to make this boy happy forever you’ll take him to the Magic Kingdom and spend the whole day there
•Hardcore romantic (little r; the gothic aesthetic that partially informs Romanticism is not for him)
•Such a sap
•Jewish, and identifies by it, but practices it more spiritually than religiously
•Funny and charming, but not good with his words (unless making a joke)
•Very acclimated to the idea of being alone for probably forever; has made his peace with it, even if he keeps pining for romance
•So easily swept off his feet though honestly
•Likes making people happy
•He’s everyone’s best friend, but who’s his?
•Wants a dog but lives in a small apartment and can’t bring himself to coop a pooch up like that, so he got a fish instead
•Frederick the Fish is still alive, thanks

Anyway basically I really love this verse come play in it with me.

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(Shyly shrugs,) i havent met many ... great Me's out there.. and.. my life is quite... differant from everyone elses... whats.. your day like? (silently jelly that his life isnt as casual as everyone else he knew.)





Preference: BSM, Christmas

Liam (Age 13): “Open it (Y/N),” Liam prompted excitedly. “Santa put a lot of effort into this.” “I’m too old for Santa,” you said grumpily, ignoring his eye roll and beginning to tear the wrapping paper off the small present in front of you. Sometimes being the youngest in the Payne family was awful, especially on Christmas when you were made to sit on the floor by the tree in front of the fire and endure all the cooing as everyone paid attention to you opening presents. “Ruth can’t you open one as well,” you begged, not liking how everyone was sat staring at you only. “After you open this one, we’ll all join in,” she promised, smiling. “Yeah, like Liam’s said, Santa put a lot of thinking into this and we all want to see what you think of it,” Nicola added, sharing a grin with Liam. “You all know full well I haven’t believed in Sa- oh my gosh, Liam!” you shouted, staring in disbelief at the things in front of you. It was a testament to how well Liam knew his little sister despite being away for months at a time, seeing as you were practically sobbing. A personalized video message from your favorite Youtubers, Dan and Phil as well as a formally written, and very goofy, note from them asking you to join them for a “Day in the Life of Dan, Phil, and (Y/N) Payne” video. You placed the things on the ground before throwing yourself into Liam’s lap, wrapping your legs around his waist and burying your face in his neck. He laughed loudly, gripping you tightly and biting his lip happily as you thanked him over and over again. “I’ve told you (Y/N), Santa did this for you,” he said stubbornly, pulling you back a bit and running a hand through your hair. And if Liam wanted you to pretend to believe in Santa for the rest of the day and make believe you were still the baby, you were sure as heck going to do that for him.

Niall (Age 17): “Santa made sure I got home to you,” Niall winked, ruffling your hair as you both watched the News talking about the massive snowstorm that was shutting down Dublin airports hours after Niall’s flight had arrived. Your mum had promised you would all watch Elf as soon as Greg, Denise, and Theo got here so for now you were positioned on the couch with your brother and hot chocolate. You watched the snow on the screen and from the living room window with a bored expression before smirking. “Shouldn’t have bothered, Santa could’ve gotten me a way better present,” you shrugged, laughing as he threw a pillow at your face indignantly. “What a lie,” he countered, crossing his arms and pouting. “Mum told me you cried everyday about how much you missed me. “Well mum lied,” you teased, grinning as he stood up and towered over you. Without warning, he dove down towards you and tugged you to the floor, beginning to tickle you mercilessly. “Didn’t miss me huh? Really now? Wish that storm kept me away for Christmas? You wanna say that again?” he smirked, laughing as you desperately tried to crawl away from him. “I was joking!” you gasped, trying to push his hands away. “I missed you! I missed you!” He instantly stopped and smiled widely, “Knew you did.” “But at least if you weren’t here we wouldn’t be wearing this itchy Christmas jumpers,” you muttered, eyes widening as he was on top of you again, beginning to tickle.

Louis (Age 19): “So I flew all the way home for Christmas and you couldn’t?” your brother hissed into the phone, making you wince. “Louis, there’s still a few days left, maybe I can catch a train Christmas night,” you sighed. “And if I can’t, I definitely can get one the next day.” “It’s not the same!” he whined, ignoring the muffled sounds of your mum telling him to leave you alone. “Louis, it’s not my fault I’m working all day at the diner on Christmas and Christmas eve, I need the money for my flat,” you countered, running a hand through your hair. “Don’t understand why you won’t just quit that awful job and let me pay your rent until you find a decent one,” he muttered. “Louis! The whole point of moving out and being independent is being independent. Which means sacrificing things and dealing with bad situations instead of having my older brother bail me out,” you growled. “I’m going to be home the second I can, the entire family will be there until New Years.  If you’d like to be mad at me all break, go ahead. Goodbye Louis.”

Zayn (Age 7): You heard the front door open and muffled voices whispering downstairs. It had to be Santa, no one else would be coming to your home after midnight. You quickly grabbed your stuffed Lion and pushed back your blanket, beginning to make your way over to the staircase. Once you reached the top, you quickly peeked over the banister with wide eyes, noticing the fire was still crackling. Your eyes traced the room but it was empty; the voices were coming from the kitchen. You softly crept down the stairs, holding your Lion in front of your face and walked over to the entrance of the kitchen. “You’ve got to be quiet,” your mum was scolding quietly as your dad and another man laughed loudly. “You’ll wake all the girls and the surprise will be ruined.” “Sorry, sorry mum,” a very familiar voice chuckled warmly. “Just good to be home.” He was walking over to hug your mum but didn’t make it as you came hurtling into the kitchen, throwing yourself against his waist, “Zayn!” He looked down surprised, but laughed loudly again, crouching down to pull you into his arms, “So much for the Christmas surprise. Hey baby! I missed you!” “Zayn came home for Christmas!” you shouted to your parents who also began laughing and nodded happily. You looked back up at Zayn, who was smiling widely, before repeating, “You came home!” and throwing your arms around his neck. “Of course I did sweetheart, I would never miss Christmas with my family.”

Harry (Age 3): “So Harry wont be home?” you questioned sadly, watching him clench his hands over the screen. He shook his head slowly, looking up for a second before looking back down at you, “I tried everything I could to get home tonight so I could be there when you woke up angel. But there’s a lot of snow and all the flights are canceled until further noticed.” “So you miss Christmas?” you confirmed, grabbing your blanket tightly. “I’ll skype you again in the morning to see what Father Christmas has brought you,” he reassured you, biting his lip. “And watch you unwrap everything. And the second I can fly home, I will. Maybe I’ll even get a flight tomorrow afternoon.” “But you’ll miss Santa,” you whimpered, placing your chubby fingers on the screen of the laptop. Anne, Gemma, and Harry all sighed sadly, Gemma moving to place you in her lap as you both stared at the screen with your brother on it. “You’ll make sure to save the presents Santa brings me so that I can open them when I get home right?” Harry asked, running a hand through his hair. You nodded doubtfully, looking up at Gemma who was suddenly smiling, “You know what (Y/N)? We can have a whole second Christmas when Harry gets home? With more puddings and cakes and cuddles? How does that sound?” “Second Christmas?” you bounced in her lap excitedly, giggling. “Really?” “You bet squirt,” Harry promised, sounding relived. “ Now get your bum in bed, you don’t want Santa to skip the house because someone’s up past her bedtime, do you?”

just-a-simple-nerd-gal  asked:

Hcs for rfa and v and saeran for MC with depression/anxiety?


💫 He’s surprised the first time you have an anxiety attack.

💫 He knew you were a worrier from how much you’d checked in on him when he was helping 707 before the party.

💫 You’ve also been very on top of making sure he takes care of his eye, so your anxiety isn’t necessarily news.

💫 He just didn’t realize it was this bad.

💫 He doesn’t know how to help… he’s completely out of his expertise here.

💫 Google is man’s best friend.

💫 He sits next to you and tells you it’s okay, that he’s here with you, asks how to help.

💫 Slowly you come down, unwinding and falling into his arms in tears.

💫 “I didn’t want you to see me like that.”

💫 “It’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

💫 He kisses you gently on your forehead, rubbing your back.

💫  "I still love you.“

💫 He’s super supportive and does his best to help you keep it under control.


🎤 He was so used to seeing you as the vibrant light in his life that when the energy started to dull, he immediately became concerned.

🎤 “What’s wrong, prince/ss?”

🎤 You’re the type who goes completely numb inside, so you explain that to him.

🎤 He’s initially a bit confused - he’s so in touch with his own emotions, it’s hard to believe someone can feel severed from them unwillingly.

🎤 But he knows you well enough to know this is not your norm and he wants to help.

🎤 He doesn’t like the helpless feeling that washes over him when you explain there’s no easy fix for this, that you mostly just have to ride it out.

🎤 So he makes it his mission to spoil you even more than before.

🎤 Cuddles you on the couch under blankets, watching your favorite movies.

🎤 Brings you snacks and makes you tea, basically fulfilling your every minor desire.

🎤 Constantly tells you how special you are and how much he loves you.

🎤 Lets you cry about the lies your mind tells you before gently but firmly correcting them.

🎤 “You’re worth every second of every day I spend with you, my love.”


☕️ She knew you had it, you told her right away.

☕️ But the day you broke down it was still a shock.

☕️ You’d been her rock, the one thing that kept her steady during her time with Jumin and the transition to her new life with you.

☕️ Even with the knowledge that you were prone to letting things pile up to the point your anxiety overloaded, she hadn’t seen any of the signs and she feels very guilty about it.

☕️ She walks into the storage room at work to find you sobbing and immediately pulls you into a hug.

☕️ “Would it better for you to stay here or go home?”

☕️ You stay because after the anxiety fades the depression will set in and it’s not wise for you to be alone.

☕️ After work she orders your favorite take-out and you guys watch some of Zen’s musicals together.

☕️ She’s there to hold you when you feel like you’re falling apart, and she helps you pick up the pieces to put yourself back together.

☕️ She pays a lot more attention to your little tells from here on out, doing her best to help relieve stress when she notices you getting worked up.


🐈 He’d wondered what those pills you took every morning were, but he’d never bothered to ask because it wasn’t his business.

🐈 And he honestly doesn’t understand what’s happening until it’s already really bad.

🐈 He comes home from work one day and is shocked to find you still in bed, staring at the wall blankly. You’re usually pretty active and almost always waiting to greet him when he walks in the door.

🐈 He asks if you’re sick and you evasively answer him, not really wanting him to think of you as weak.

🐈 Of course, Jumin’s dealt with all sorts of people and has known you long enough to know that you’re not being entirely truthful. He also knows ways to get you to open up, and so eventually you explain.

🐈 He’s heard of depression, but has never been close with anyone who showed it outwardly.

🐈 His first response is to ask if you need to see a doctor. No, Jumin, this isn’t something you can just get a shot for.

🐈 He next assumes your pills are faulty and you need to have that corrected. Also wrong, Jumin.

🐈 He ends up calling a psychiatrist he knows through work to get the intimate details of how depression works.

🐈 He really doesn’t like that his money is useless in this matter.

🐈 The doctor mentioned that animals can sometimes help so Jumin suddenly comes home with a new kitten for you and takes it as a personal victory when you perk up at the sight.

🐈 Makes sure to order food and drinks that have been linked to helping with depression and stays home as much as he can to make sure you actually eat.

🐈 He will help you get past this if it’s the last thing he does.


⌨️ He already knew, of course, from when he hacked into your medical history.

⌨️ He had kept a close eye on you over the CCTV when you were still at Rika’s because that level of stress could set anyone off.

⌨️ He’s also familiar with it on a personal level.

⌨️ So he notices immediately when you start to spiral downward.

⌨️ From that moment on its pillow forts, blanket burritos and lots of goofiness to try to keep you occupied and laughing.

⌨️ Screw being healthy as he brings you all of your favorite snacks and feeds them to you by mouth half the time.

⌨️ He tells you funny stories from his time as an agent and talks reverently about your future together.

⌨️ Makes sure to dote on you and tell you he loves you as often as possible in any manner that he can come up with.

⌨️ “You’re my angel, babe. I love you so much.”


📸 This isn’t his first time dealing with a mental illness, but you’d hid your anxiety from him out of fear he wouldn’t want you after Rika.

📸 One day, it hits hard and you feels like you’re suffocating.

📸 He’s across the room messing with his camera but he acutely hears the change in your breathing.

📸 You’d hoped to get through it without him knowing since he couldn’t see the way you’re frozen in place while your entire body shakes.

📸 He’s at your side in an instant, arms wrapping around you and holding you tight against him.

📸 He’s whispering soothing words into your ear, his steady presence and calm voice helping to ground you.

📸 He keeps comforting you even when it passes and you just collapse sobbing into his chest.

📸 “Shh, I’m here. I’m not going anywhere.”

📸 You bury your head in his shoulder and start apologizing profusely for not telling him.

📸 He doesn’t care, he’s just happy he can help.

📸 “I love you for who you are, don’t forget that.”

📸 You wonder how you ever doubted this cinnamon roll.


💀 It doesn’t take him long to figure out what’s going on.

💀 After all, those are just two of the many things he deal with.

💀 So he tries his best to keep you from falling over the edge, even though he knows it not really within his control.

💀 When the day comes it happens, he takes one look at your eyes and he knows.

💀 It honestly causes him an internal struggle against his own because he feels like it’s his fault and that he failed you.

💀 He snaps out of it quickly and just pulls you closer to him.

💀 “Lets sleep in today. Then I’ll make you breakfast and we can go for a walk. After that, it’s your call, okay?”

💀 You don’t really have any desire to go outside but you know what he’s doing and it helps a bit.

💀 He’s not sure how severe yours is so he just assumes that it’s as bad as his and mother hens you a little too much he’s just really scared to lose you okay

💀 He does apologize and back off a bit when you ask him to, though.

💀 He’s not the best at expressing his emotions but he does his best to let you know exactly how much you mean to him.

💀 “You’re the only good thing to ever happen to me.”