goofy is my favorite of all time

An Aquarius and I were out in a balcony, and we talked about his girl, and he laughed. “Bro, she’s crazy. She’s so goofy, and so weird as fuck, but..” he slowly turned back to the crowd and spotted her, twirling in her dress as her favorite song plays in the background. “.. she’s life, you feel?” We laughed.

An Aries messaged me some type of shit at night complaining about his girl. Message: How can she expect me to change when all she does is belittle me, treat me like a fucking kid. She always yells and every time we try to talk, she always fucking picks on me. I hate it, man.. but god. She’s my girl and I put up with her shit. She’s a headache and a blessing, man.

A Cancer got too drunk one night and I sat next to him by the curb and he suddenly began to heave and sigh heavily, mumbling her name, and cussing to himself of how he misses her and how he should’ve drunk texted her. I took the phone away from him.. It’s been three years, Cancer.

A Capricorn let out a sigh as his girlfriend as she passed by our way, and looked at me. “She’s been giving me the cold shoulder all day, and you know, fuck it..” He laughed and looked back at the game. I looked back at his girlfriend and noticed her mean mugging me. I quickly turned back to the screen. I shouldn’t have had come over.

A Gemini once told me as we sat and ate about how he didn’t feel like everyone should have labels. How things should just be enjoyed in the moment. “With labels,” he said “You get hurt in the process, so fuck it and just enjoy it..”

A Leo lit up a cigarette and laughed and then said, “Look, loyalty isn’t hard to ask. You just really have to be there, be supportive. I don’t know what everyone’s deal is.. it’s not hard. My girl and I, we’ve been together for 4 years, and one of these days I’m gonna propose. Finally.”

A Libra admitted that he didn’t like it when his girlfriend wouldn’t talk or answer to him, and how she’s been petty. When clearly he was being petty himself not too long ago when she called him..

A Pisces and I got into a deep conversation about exes and he said, “You’re over here thinking about what could have been, and just playing old scenarios of you two, and look at you. Look at yourself, you couldn’t even function properly now. You think you’re okay and you go out and put a smile on your face every damn day and boom. Instant. She’s in your head, and it’s crazy. She always comes back to you in a very painful way..” Realizing now, he too, was talking about his what-ifs..

A Sagittarius kept asking for advice on what to say to his girl when she always tries to make him open up, and yet he still can’t stop overthinking at all.

A Scorpio laughed at me for being too emotional at a party. I was sitting on a couch and he approached me and said, “Don’t think about your girl right now. There are alot of girls here just waiting to get dicked down, man. Shit, we’re here to have fun!” I wasn’t feeling any of this, but I then see him trying to talk to a woman and they started to hit if off.

A Taurus closed his eyes and said, “I can’t really understand what I feel most of the time, maybe it’s my anxiety holding me back but I try best to be the best I can in a relationship. I just think too much..” He laughed and shook his head. Told me to just forget the whole conversation and changed the subject to the game.

A Virgo rubbed the back of his head and said, “I don’t know, maybe I’m over thinking this relationship entirely. I know she means well, but I can’t see myself enough to grow with her. Should I say it? Should I tell her, or let it run its course? What do you think?” He looked at me and he was serious. I was hesitant to say anything but before I could he said, “You’re right. Maybe I’m over thinking it again.”

—  Him

“Use your smile to change the world, don’t let the world change your smile.”

Happy happy birthday to the super amazing @therealjacksepticeye! I’ve been trying my hardest to remember to draw something for all of the people I greatly admire for their birthday, but I’ve already forgotten some ;-;

Anyways, I definitely did not want to forget Jack’s because he has a big influence on my life, even if I am just watching his videos through a screen, and I’m sure that a lot of people can say the same. My favorite feature of Jack is his smile because no matter who you are, you can’t not smile with him and his goofiness. On my bad days, even if people around me are giving me a hard time, I can at least know that if I click on one of Jack’s videos, I won’t have to worry about him changing or his smile fading. YouTubers like Jack really manage to brighten up my entire day and I am very, very thankful for that. So, the least that I can do is draw a little something for this very special day for this amazing person.

Thank you so much, Jack, and I hope you have the most amazing and wonderful birthday!

A-Z NSFW: S.Coups

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Disclaimer: I couldn’t find the original poster this came from, but I got this from philanddanxreader, I didn’t come up with this.

A = Aftercare 

Being the leader, and dad of the group, Coups is pretty used to taking care of the boys, but with you he’s completely over board. There’s almost an unspoken routine laid out that he has to run through before he can lay back and relax; either a quick wipe down or a shower to wash off the sweat, he practically forces you to drink a glass of water after sex Stay hydrated kids and adds in a little massage if things got a little rough before he’s sure you’re completely okay after sex, and finishes off aftercare with some loving cuddles or a light make out session might end up leading to another round oops

B = Body part (Their favorite body part of theirs and also their partner’s) 

His mouth is his biggest source of teasing you, so naturally it’s his favorite thing on himself. Letting the dirty talk tumble from his lips to eating you out to mapping your entire body over with his mouth, it’s easily his favorite. On you, however, he has a thing for your hands. Seeing them clutch at the bed sheet or tugging on his hair when he’s going down on you, your fingers leaving indents in his skin, they’re such a give away to how much pleasure he brings you, and honestly that turns him on quite a bit, seeing you get all worked up and desperately grasping on to anything you can.

C = Cum 

While he does put on this whole intense act during sex, this dominant role comes out, he’s not one for the weird kink of just…cumming everywhere. Some guys like it, see it as a sign of marking their territory, but between thirteen members, no one can afford to be doing laundry with him cumming everywhere, so typically(unless you’re in the shower and don’t require legit clean up) it’s in a condom #RubberUpKids so it’s an easy clean up.

D = Dirty Secret (a dirty secret of theirs) 

Being the leader and how he is with you, it’s(at least in his mind) expected that he’s the dominant one. He does enjoy being dominant, or at least to the extent he is, but Seungcheol is lowkey a switch, he’s hiding it for now until he can figure out how to bring it up, but he really wants to just let loose and let you dominant him, at least to see what you live through with him call me mommy

E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?)
Experience isn’t really under his belt, but he really knows what he’s up to. SVT’s choreography alone preps him for some good moves in the bedroom but he’s no stranger to know and understanding sex, anything he doesn’t already know is easily taught, and everything he already knows he can apply and be a master within minutes. But then again…that’s expected of a leader, fast learner.

F = Favorite position

There isn’t really a constant position with Seungcheol, he’s kind of all over the place. Missionary, legs over his shoulder, doggy style, you riding him, you end up doing them all during sex anyways, so it’s really not important. But if he had to pick, laying against the bed with you kneeling over him so he can buck his hips up into you while he holds your waist is one he enjoys, he really likes seeing you from below, if that makes sense. Another is just bending you over, seeing you on your hands and knees, back curved, spread open for him. It’s one of his favorite sights too.

G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc)

Goofy sex isn’t very common with Seungcheol, he’s sort of intense when you’re in bed. Of course it’s happened a handful of times, but on the norm, he’s pretty serious and in the zone and focused on just wrecking you.

H = Hair (How well groomed are they)
I think in general, all the boys are pretty well groomed. theyre such neat looking bbys it hurts my heart so I definitely think he cleans it up down there…not bare at all, but you know, little trim, keep things in order.

I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…)

He’s practically worshiping your body during sex, Cheol takes his sweet time, paying attention to every little bit of you, no skin is left untouched by the time he’s done. He’s not insanely lovey dovey with you in either your sexual relationship or non-sexual relationship, so no movie romance really happens. He’s more of a pillow talker, he spews his love for you during aftercare and beyond, but during he’s pretty in the zone. Not really romantic or anything, but afterwards he makes sure you know he cares about and loves you.

J = Jack Off (Masturbation)

You’re around the dorm a lot, so Cheol doesn’t really need to. But with his schedule, even sneaking off with you for twenty minutes is sometimes hard to do, so he’s got to handle things himself. He’s pretty quick, seeing as he’s on a time crunch and there’s literally no time to stand around jerking his dick, so locked away in the bathroom and getting the job done as quick and quiet as possible is his method.

K = Kink (One or more of their kinks)
This is just me saying my kinks lmao Thigh riding is a big favorite of his, feeling your heat dragging across his skin and watching your face contort in pleasure. Coups gets off on seeing you get off on him, seeing how worked up his muscle makes you before you’ve even got to the good part. Light bondage is another favorite, silk scarves are his choice of restraint. Edging is another big favorite, pulling you to the edge of pleasure just to completely halt his actions and return to making out, over and over until you’re practically in tears, only then he’ll give you mercy and let you fall over the edge.

L = Location (Favorite places to do the do)

Lol is there even a safe place to have your dick out when you live with 12 other people? Honestly at this point, the other members know what’s going down, if you’re in the room with Coups, it’s almost a rule that they need to get the fuck out and stay out, sometimes even forcing his roomies to camp out in the living room until morning. Aside from the shared bedroom, the bathroom is a frequent place you two sneak off to, a quicky in the morning, or during a shower. 

M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going)

[Back to Kink] More often than not, sex ends up happening because Cheol has a weird desire to always have you on his lap. He just likes the contact. So you’ll just be chilling, perched in his lap and everything, and somehow a light peck turned into full blown making out and you grinding away on his thigh. Thigh riding really is his weakness, it’s all you need to do to get him all riled up. 

N = NO (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)

Although he’s a bit dominant, the discussion of a full blown dom isn’t his idea of fun. The whole thing with rope and gags, and degrading talk, really turns him off.  A bit of bondage, little spanking, sure, but the whole act isn’t in his good books. Sorry y’all. He may be Daddy but he ain’t no Daddy Dom. 

O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc)
Rapper tongues are no joke, their almost created by the gods for going down on you. While he’s normally in control, one of his favorite things is to just lie down and fuck yourself on his tongue. Being able to just look up and see you panting and your face contorting in pleasure while you roll your hips desperately against his tongue is a heavenly sight to him, but being him, he normally doesn’t let you actually cum on his tongue, the first signs of you falling off the edge is when he moves you off him and starts his edging kink… Cheol isn’t going to turn down a good bj, he’s a big fan of drawing out the sex as long as he can, especially when he’s teasing you, he’ll edge you, then have you down on your knees for him. 

P = Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.)

You know those weird overly loving sex scenes in teen movies? That’s basically what happens, he’s really precise with his movements, firm with his thrusts. Slow, sensual, fluid thrusts. As he’s a big lover of teasing the both of you, the slow pace let’s him build up the pleasure but not give enough to actually push you over the edge. Towards the end of sex, when he’s felt he’s teased you both enough, his smooth movements turn into harsh and unforgiving thrusts, pounding you into the bed to finish you both off. 

Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.)
Not having a lot of spare time on his hands, quickies are fairly frequent in your relationship. Cheol doesn’t have an insane love or distaste for them, he’s pretty neutral on them, seeing as they’re one of the only options available with his schedule. Cheol’d much rather have the time to tease and edge you into next week, but he’s grown so accustom to your body and it’s ticks that he can easily carrying what happens over the span of a few hours in bed with him, to maybe fifteen minutes in a  
supplies closet, and you two walk out with just as much pleasure either way.

R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.)

To some extent, Seungcheol’s game to play. Of course, you’ve sat down and listed out your ‘absolutely no go’s and such. He’s not game to play with anything that’s too risky aka public stuff or outside the bedroom. Different positions, role plays, etc, if it doesn’t require him to be an acrobat, he’ll likely give it a shot at least one time.

S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…)
Seungcheol has a slightly above average stamina, he does last weirdly long, but that could just be chocked up to his thing for edging, slowing down sex and foreplay so it’s not as intense, once he’s actually in you, he can pull through anywhere from ten to nearly half an hour, depending on how he plays his cards. But because sex is such a slow build, one round usually takes all the energy out of him. 

T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?)
He considers himself the ‘best toy you could have’, but the things he does like and does bring into sex isn’t exactly toys per say? He did get a vibrator to tease you with, but it’s not brought out very often. He’s a fan of silk scarves, being into light bondage, and they’re fantastic blindfolds. But mostly the thing he likes is you dressing up? Doesn’t really qualify as toys, but you get them at a sex shop so he’d give them a soft acceptance to the toy category. 

U = Unfair (how much they like to tease)
How many times did I mention edging during this…hmmm. Anyways, Seungcheol is a massive tease, to both you and him, a lot of his teasing comes with his body being used against yours, so it very much affects you both. Cheol is an excessive teaser, the safe word was invented just because of how much he strains your body, but even with all that teasing, once his cock is in, he doesn’t let you suffer much longer.

V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make)
God I love his voice…Cheol isn’t someone you could say was quiet in the bedroom, he’s not very loud either. His sounds come in almost whispers, he groans very lowly, moans against your skin, the sound muffled. Most of the time, it’s him talking, cooing about how good you taste while his face is buried between your legs, or saying what he’s going to do to you tonight, or moaning about how well you take his cock. He’s more of a talker, than a sound maker, but he does both.

W = Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice)
He really likes you wearing outfits for role playing, but those things can’t exactly be worn outside the bedroom. You can’t really walk around as a french maid with your ass hanging out like nothings happening, so to play into his favorites: you wearing things and teasing the fuck out of you, his most proud purchase were vibrating panties while he had control over the remote. Especially since you’re always on his lap, while chilling with the boys it’s one of his favorite ‘games’, to have you wearing them and turning the vibrator on, just smirking as you squirm in his lap, trying not to alert the other boys.

X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words)
Nana says because he’s got nice t h i c c thighs yes she said thick like that i actually hate her ive created a monster that it’s he’s housing some ‘good shit’ down there. “T h i c c thighs like that are to support a t h i c c dicc, shorty, I’m telling you. He’s not really long though, idk like 4 ½ inch maaaybeeee 5 inch if you look at the right angle. but I’m telling you, it’s gonna be like keibasa or something…” goodbye world

Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)

I don’t think his sex drive is outrageous, it’s pretty under control, no humping your leg stuff going on, don’t worry. But he does have a pretty averagely high sex drive, he’s really ready to go at a moments notice, just give him the signal and boners are popped. 

Z = ZZZ (… how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)
Although with having to perform as a leader, dad to the members, and an idol in general, he’s sadly used to overexerting himself. But as somewhat of aftercare to him from you, is that you pretty much force him to go to sleep with you after sex, so that he isn’t over exhausted and it doesn’t throw him out of his SVT routine. So he’s not a quick sleeper, but he does sleep pretty quick after sex because you make him. What can he say, he’s a sucker for your pouty concerned face. 

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As an external observer, I'm curious: what's something you really enjoy about Critical Role?

Oh dang, this is a big one. The really big thing for me was, weirdly enough, holy shit there are women in this. There’s a lot of “geeky” media I consume that I really enjoy, and a lot of it goes seriously above and beyond in terms of caring about people and having a good attitude… but it still hits a barrier of inclusivity for me (just as I’m sure CR hits other folks’ barriers for different reasons) because holy moly, holy mackerel, holy jeez oh man oh gosh, there are almost never any women in ‘em. More to the point, there are practically no women over the age of 30 in ‘em.

I’ve been semi-keeping tabs for a while, now, and I’d say the folks who follow me on fannish social media probably average in age around 18 or 19—probably pretty typical for fandom spaces. The “mutuals” I follow on tumblr, by which I mean the folks I interact with frequently, are generally in their mid-30s (I’m 29—lots of us grew up through fandom together over the past decade or so). One of the reasons I came back to fandom as an older teen after dipping my toe in as a wee one was this feeling of, holy shit, women in their 30s and 40s and 50s and 60s and beyond have hobbies

I mean, older dudes get hobbies. Older dudes get “mancaves” and hang out playing video games and having a beer and being goofy and, yeah, acting like kids. But that image of the future is just a big ol’ void of “well, you have to grow up eventually” for a lot of women who genuinely enjoy geeky stuff, and there’s this unfortunate rippling effect where many teenage fans on spaces like tumblr regard older female fans with pity or contempt… at the same time as they fan themselves over the 40-something inoffensive stubble-bro du jour who watches the same geeky TV shows they do. I love finding older women in fannish spaces for the same reason I relish running into the incredibly rare older women in my field of work: for a shining moment, I see a future that looks a lot like who I wanna be.

This is all a roundabout way of saying how much it meant (and continues to mean!) to tune into this incredibly geeky premise of a show, where the participants weren’t just playing D&D, they’d been playing for years together and the cameras were a recent addition, and hey, what the heck, there’s women my age and older getting all excited over a good roll of the dice and telling an amazing story and just plain forgetting the cameras are rolling. Being goofballs! Do you know how hard it is to find media in which women over the age of 25 are allowed to be goofballs? Not written that way to impress the dudes on set or the dudes in the audience, just straight-up being goofy? The aggressively unscripted nature of this show brings that out so nicely.

Zahra remains one of my all-time favorite CR characters in large part because, hey, here’s Mary Elizabeth McGlynn playing D&D for the very first time in her late 40s… and she knocks it the heck outta the park, returns in a recurring role over the years, gets her friends hooked, and starts playing a game at home. That means something to me in a really, really visceral way. Not only are women older than me allowed to have hobbies, they’re allowed to pick up new ones. It shouldn’t be a surprise, it should be the most ordinary thing in the world.

But damn, that feels good to see.

boyfriend! monsta x: wonho

• gets sentimental over things easily, if u gave him a paper clip bent into the shape of a heart he’d treasure it forever
• he probably cries when he gives u birthday presents and anniversary presents because he really put a lot of thought into it and he’s just. bursting with love
• will always remember ur anniversaries and probably has ur birthday and ur immediate family’s birthdays memorized
• sends u cheesy texts, almost all the messages he sends u have either this 💖 emoji or 💞 emoji
• ur contact name in his phone is “(y/n) that i adore 😳💖💘💕”
• calls u at 3AM and asks if ur down to go with him on a late night drive because he can’t sleep, he knocks on ur front door and u answer in ur pajamas and messy hair and he gives u the biggest smile
• “perfect.”
• loses his shit when u wear his clothes. like he actually screams into his hands and curls his fingers bc he can’t handle ur Cuteness
• he then starts asking u to wear his clothes more often, he likes to “accidentally” leave his hoodies on ur couch and u roll ur eyes whenever u find them but u smile and throw it over urself to relish in his affection
• “hey are u gonna eat that? thanks”
• TAKES UR FRIES LIKE A PIECE OF SHIT but he gives u half his food in return
• he takes a lot of pictures of u whenever u guys go out to places, even if ur just buying laundry detergent at target
• he picks the nice ones as his lockscreens and homescreens
•he just really cherishes the time he spends with u, even if u two are just lounging on his couch on ur phones
• one of his most favorite things to do with u is lay on the bed next to u and share earbuds and u two sing obnoxiously loud to every song
• okay listen to me here
• u get to listen to that goofy laugh of his. all the damn time
• sends u pictures of things tht remind him of u
• if u like dandelions and he sees one on the sidewalk he’ll 100% take a picture and send u a corny text like “i’m making a wish to see u rn!!! blowing my hardest 😚💨💕🌱”
• overall just a very sweet, affectionate boyfriend that will savor every moment he has with u

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Hello ! I read all your Please drink responsibly series and oh lord it was awesome !! I was wondering if you could recommend me some other Voltron fics (because I never have enough let's be honest haha), klance mostly ? Thanks ! I love what you do and I love your blog ;; ❤ Have a great day/night !

Hi! First of all, THANK YOU for reading my lil fic. :D 
Second, sorry for taking so long to respond… I wanted to properly dedicate time to assembling a list of some of my favorite fics. To be honest, I don’t read that much especially since I started writing, so I’m sure there are MANY excellent fics that I’d probably ad to this list if I read them. 

All right here goes, my Klance fic recommendations:

Don’t Break Connection, Baby
by @princedeadend - Keith is a phone sex operator. Lance prank calls him on a dare. Need I say more? Seriously, this is probably my favorite klance fix. It’s the right mix of goofy and sincere.

Good Boys
by @jennypen - Shance, klance, Shklance. What more could you want?? Keith discovers Lance is an amateur porn star. Excellent smut, lots of hot art by @fayheyhey, and great examples of healthy communication. This one is on my re-read soon list.
Also see her other work Bad Boys

i bet you look good on the dance floor
by xShieru  - Klance dance fic. Basically Lance trying (and failing a lot) to impress his hot dance instructor, Keith. Channels Step Up hard.

by rideahorse  or @johncherrystone. Short and sweet. Takes place in the canon. Very realistic. Rated teen but still hot.

call me, beep me  - a popular one but i liked it a lot. Good slow burn. Character voices are spot on.

so baby, pull me closer
by redburn - I had this on my list but can’t remember what it’s about. I’m gonna have to re-read it soon!

Imagination is Power by deecherrywolf - Lance has some fun in the imagination simulator room of the Castle.

Two Fuckboys Fuck
by 5PUSSIES - Crack fic. About as silly as it sounds.

Descendants of the Solstice 
by @noir-wing. Still a wip but I really liked the premise.

There’s another one I really liked that I CANNOT find the link to. >Keith lives across the hall from Lance and they have this annoying neighbor dynamic, but slowly make friends and start dating. Keith’s in a band and at some point he sings “With Me” by Sum 41 to Lance and I about died. If anyone knows the fic I’m talking about, please let me know… Really wish I could find it again. :/ 

Thanks for sending me a message!

- enjayas

A Lost Tradition || Jack

Jack masterpost found here

Word count - 1,295

Summary - The one when Jack seeks permission.

(D/N) - dad’s name
(M/N) - mom’s name

Jack’s POV

I didn’t tell (Y/N) that I was headed over to her parent’s house today. Instead, I told her that I was spending the day with Josh doing some YouTube stuff. Josh had agreed to cover for me. So while (Y/N) spent the day with some of her girlfriends, I took the 50 or so minute drive to her parent’s house in Oxford.

It was a Saturday so I knew her parents would be home all day. I was thankful they loved me like a son by now, considering I would be showing up at their house uninvited. If we didn’t get along, all hell might’ve broken loose. With our relationship though, her mum would probably invite me in and make me a three course dinner just for the hell of it.

I parked my car in their driveway and jogged up to the front door, ringing the doorbell and standing with my hands in my pockets waiting for them to answer. I could feel my heart racing in my chest. This would be fine. It would all be fine.

Her mum answered the door. “Jack! What a surprise!” she smiled, bringing me in for a hug and welcoming me into the house. “(D/N)!” she called down the hall after closing the front door behind me. “Jack’s here!”

“And (Y/N)?” he asked. I could hear him stand up from his recliner to come greet me.

“Just me today sir,” I said, shaking his hand when he came into view.

“What’s the occasion?” he asked with a chuckle. “Has (Y/N) brought you here on assignment?”

I laughed back, “Not quite. I just wanted to talk to you both about something.” They both looked at me curiously. “Can we go sit?”

“Of course, of course,” (M/N) said, ushering me farther into the house. “Shall I make some tea?”

“Sure, thank you,” I said politely. (D/N) and I made small talk while (M/N) made us all some tea. Over the years of dating (Y/N), I had become very close to her parents. (D/N) played the role of the protective father for a while but he quickly warmed up to me, which I was grateful for. I was glad we could talk casually now as it somewhat calmed down my fluttering nerves.

When (M/N) came and brought us our tea, she sat beside (D/N) on the couch. “So what can we do for you today?” (D/N) asked, sipping his tea and then setting it on the coffee table in front of the couch. I sipped my tea as well and then did the same. I cleared my throat, the nerves starting to bubble up again.

“Well, you know I’ve been dating (Y/N) for a long time now,” I said, clapping my hands and rubbing them together anxiously. “It’ll be four years in a few weeks. And I know you both know that I love her, but I’m not sure either of you know just how greatly I do. I mean, I love her. She’s my favorite person in the world. I’ve never cared for anyone the way I’ve cared for her and I know I never will again. I mean, when she met me I was just a goofy 22 year old, but she still loved me. She’s loved me through all the growing up I had left to do and I’m so lucky she has because I don’t even want to think of who I would be without her. And, well, she was already perfect when I met her. She was already far too good for me but I couldn’t help but love her anyway, yknow? Like, I know I don’t deserve her but she’s still stuck around and, well, that has to mean something, right?”

(M/N) and (D/N) were both smiling at me and I could see little tears in (M/N)’s eyes. I took a deep breath. “Sorry, I know I’m rambling,” I said, rubbing my palms on my jeans to stop them from sweating. “It’s just whenever I talk about her my mind gets all fuzzy and I can’t think straight. She drives me crazy but in all the best ways. So what I’m trying to say, like the reason I came here, I wanted to ask you if I can marry her.”

The smile on (M/N)’s face grew and she looked over at (D/N) who was still smiling as well. He looked at (M/N) and laid a hand on top of hers. “I still remember when I had this conversation with her parents,” he said fondly, smiling at his wife. “I was scared out of my mind. Couldn’t hardly breathe let alone get a word out. Still don’t know why they said yes.”

“I think they knew that despite you completely choking,” she teased lightly, “you were still the man I loved, and that meant something to them.”

“Just like you mean a lot to (Y/N),” (D/N) said, looking at me again. “You treat her with utmost respect and you visibly care for her. The love you share is admirable for a pair your age, it always has been. Jack, I feel like you’ve already been a member of our family for quite some time now. It takes a man to do what you’ve done and come and ask us. It’s a lost tradition now and it’s honorable that you’ve still done it.”

(D/N) stood up and so I did the same. He walked up to me and stuck out his hand. “I would be proud to call you my son,” he said. I smiled and shook his hand, slightly taken aback when he pulled me in for a hug. Nevertheless, I hugged him back. When he pulled away, (M/N) immediately gave me a hug as well. We chatted for a bit longer after that, finishing our tea and enjoying the afternoon. I couldn’t stop smiling the whole time.

When I got up to go, (M/N) and (D/N) both walked me to the door. One last time, (D/N) held out his hand to shake mine again. “You take good care of her,” he said, his voice cracking a little bit. I shook his hand firmly.

“You can count on it.”

I ended up picking (Y/N) up from her friend’s house and taking her out for ice cream. I tried to act naturally, like I hadn’t just spoken to her parents about the most important event in our relationship. She looked adorable in her light wash blue jeans and a grey jumper she had stolen from me ages ago. She leaned over to give me a kiss when she got into the car and held my hand the entire way to the ice cream place.

Once we got our ice cream we walked around the park hand in hand eating it and chatting about our days. “How was your day with Josh?” she asked, licking away some ice cream that was dripping down the cone.

“Great,” I lied smoothly. “Very productive. Did you have fun with your friends?”

“Loads,” she nodded. “We went shopping. I might’ve gotten you something.”

“Oh?” I teased back. “What’s the occasion?”

“I don’t know,” she shrugged sarcastically. “There’s some dumb anniversary coming up. I don’t really know much about it, but it’s written on my calendar in like, big red letters so I figured it must be important.”

“Oh that’s right!” I said back, nodding as if suddenly remembering. “You didn’t have to get me anything.”

“Did you get me something?” she pouted, knowing full well that we always got presents for each other. I smiled and put my arm around her waist, pulling her close to me and placing a kiss to the top of her head.

“Not to brag, but I think I might’ve gotten you the best present ever.”

Mother’s Day (Finn Balor Imagine)

Finn Balor x Reader
Warning: None. Fluff
A/N:  Decided to mix it up a little, really hope you guys enjoy it. I loved writing this! And ty anon for requesting this!
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~1200 words

Finn and his twin girls get ready for Mother’s day.

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Svt as dads: joshua

seungcheol | jeonghan | joshua | jun | soonyoung | wonwoo | jihoon | seokmin | mingyu | minghao | seungkwan | vernon | chan

-proud smiley dad

-can’t stop smiling

-mother of the baby is literally screaming and crying and he’s just


-never puts the baby down

-someone wants to hold them? if joshua’s already got them, then you have no chance.

-i mean literally never puts them down.

-he’s always holding them, going about his day.

-would probably be a stay at home dad tbh.

-so he just goes and runs errands with the baby.

-grocery store trips.

-bank trips.

-all the little old ladies love him and his kid they think they’re the cutest.

-matching outfits.

-his kid is always dressed so well.

-unless they’re at home then his kid is usually running around naked/in a diaper and he couldn’t care less.

-the master of airplane feeding.

-mixes english and korean so his kids are bilingual by like the age of 3.

-it’s cute bc they interchange words when talking to each other and no one else gets it.

-overprotective as HELL.

-a scratch on the knee and suddenly they’re rushing to the emergency room.

-he’s not really athletic himself so when his kids start sports it really bums him out that he can’t help.

-but he watches a lot of youtube videos about soccer and turns out to be the best coach.

-he’s just great with kids.

-naturally his kids turn out to be good at everything they do and he’s always so so proud.

-smiley dad once again there’s always a grin on his face when he goes to their games or shows.

-he’s kind of a cringey dad but his kids love him so much it’s not even funny.

-trips to like niagara falls and shit.

-the road trip dad.

-sings songs all the time his kids are kind of sick of it.

-they have family bonding nights where they eat pizza and play monopoly and they don’t even fight over it bc the whole family is so damn nice.

-his kids go on dates and instead of threatening their s/o he panics to jeonghan and seungcheol.


-they don’t.

-his kids are attached to him okay they don’t stray far from home at all.

-weekly dinners with dad.

-he takes them out to their favorite restaurant and they tell him all about their week.

-he’s so easy to talk to and not judgmental at all they tell him everything.

-but when his kid asks him to buy them condoms for the first time he freaks out and panics to seungcheol and jeonghan again.


-”joshua your face is beet red sit down we’re in a restaurant.”

-basically a goofy, dorky dad that wears socks with his sandals and rubs too much sunscreen on his kids but is so kind and caring his kids have literally never said anything bad about him.

long distance

Remember that first summer we were together? I spent more money on gas driving the 2 hours to see you than I ever have in my life. You always said you would come see me. But I liked the car drive there. I’d listen to your favorite songs and imagine you were sitting next to me singing along. “Traffic Jams” you called them. Always upbeat. Songs you could dance to, you know?

Pulling into your driveway was what I imagined birds felt like returning home when they left for winter. Except my time away from you did not keep me warm.

You were always waiting by the door when I would arrive. All hands in pockets and goofy smile. Time spent with you, although well spent, was never enough. I wanted a fix that lasted more than a long weekend. One that didn’t end in drawn out goodbyes or the words you always whispered when you hugged me goodbye.


In case you haven’t noticed. Stay is a four letter word. You know what they say about those.

Maybe one day, when we’re older. More experienced. Maybe even a little more in love. We could finally find a place. One to call home. Get us that dog I’ve bugged you about for months.

“Too high maintenanced.” you say. To which I always reply, “So am I but you still want me.”

And there’s that goofy smile.

-this is truth and among other stories you helped me discover. Excerpt from my wattpad book “the sum of parts” @ludus_ero

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What do you think of new creepypasta oc's?

Somewhat relevant top secret leaked dialogue: ;)

They’re lovely :)

I think a lot of these OC’s are good fun and many of them are people’s introductions into creative storytelling/art/horror and that’s really neat. My favorite films of all time are fun slasher movies with unrealistic, goofy antagonists, I’m not going to turn a blind eye to Chucky, Freddy and Jason’s origins and then criticise a child’s writing for not being believable enough. 

These kinds of fan-characters influenced heavily by other stories are certainly very fun reads but I’ve always found them incredibly wholesome. Maybe it’s due to me being a “cancerous cringe-lord” myself but I really don’t find these characters and stories “cringey”, I honestly find it rather sweet when people take a lot of inspiration from very flawed concepts. It astounds me when people act as if it’s a crime when a 13 year old’s fanfiction isn’t as scary or well-written as the very best of Stephen King. 

As I said earlier, these kinds of character stories are fun reads, I’m currently working on a video joking about a Jeff the Killer fan-fiction (although the story is from 2012 so might not fall into most people’s definition of “new”). But the bottom line will always be that this kind of thing is funny to read because it’s someone’s introduction to this. It’s not going to be perfect and that can be really entertaining but hating someone or their creation because it doesn’t meet certain standards isn’t going to help them. We’re all struggling to swim to our desired goals but we’re always getting a little better and learning something new each time we create something. Sometimes it takes a collaborative effort to stay afloat and more often than sometimes it takes our own persistence to try and try again until we can get the hang of it. It’s likely we’ll never be fully contempt but regardless, we will all be able to look back at our earliest works and see an immense improvement from our introductions and whilst it may be funny or embarrassing, it was a vital part in our journey. These people are putting their very first original creations out there for all to see and starting their own journeys and that’s freakin’ awesome! 

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So, this happened: Me: *sees your art* *immediately explodes from too much awesomeness* This is my very goofy way of saying: your art is amazing and I love it!! :D

So, this happened: Me: *realizes you’re literally one of my favorite gif accounts of all time on here* *immediatly expl– 

Sorry, I had to, haha. Dude, I love your stuff! And thank you so much! I’m like so flattered and surprised that you like mine! xD What even is this? 

ID #18720

Name: Erika
Age: 18
Country: Italy

hi everyone, i’ve never had a pen pal but i find it very so interesting to connect with people around the world and i wanna give it a try. So i’m attending my last high school year ( in Italy we’ve got 5 years of HS) and next year i’m hopefully going to study psychology or international relationship. I love Learning languages ; i’m studying spanish, english , french and russian. i’m pretty interested in anthropology. I love music, i play piano and I listen to music all the time. I love all kind of music , from mumford and sons to radiohead and 2cellos. I also love reading , my current favorite book is “Remember me like this” . I love discovering and learning new things so i’m interested in everything you want to share. I love watching movies, lately i’m into Martin Scorsese and Xavier Dolan but i like literally everything. I love tv series : from game of thrones to how i met your mother, criminal minds. i’m a pretty goofy person. I adore travelling . I don’t want to bother you with any more information just know i’m interested in everything you wanna say. ( by the way big sorry for any mistakes i made) 

Preferences: no preferences

Caw Caw {Clint Barton x Reader Oneshot }

“Ooh 28.)You’re even cuter when I’m drunk with Clint! If you don’t want to write him then with Tony??!! Please!!”- Anonymous {xoxo}

“ you know, birds are my favorite animal.” Your words a slightly slurring , but what did you expect to happen when you just finished your 6th margarita. Clints laugh makes a goofy smile form on your lips .

“ No they aren’t y/n. You’ve told us numerous times your favorite animal is y/f/a .”

You shrug , “ I don’t think so Clint , I’m pretty sure Hawks are my favorite .” You wink his way making a light blush creep up his neck.

  “ you’re even cuter when I’m drunk . ” you can’t stop the giggle that escapes you .

“ alright , I think it’s time for bed . ” Clint goes into dad mode, taking your arm and helping you stand .

“ ugh but it’s still early !”

“ sweetheart, it’s 3 am and everyone else already turned in an hour ago.”

“ well they all suck . Clint are you going to take me back to your nest.?”

“ I am never letting you drink this many margaritas again.”

You pull from his grip and begin running down the hall flapping your arms out “ caw caw caw !”

“ where the hell do we find these damn recruits .”

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Stan taking the “death” of Wax Stan way too seriously is one of my favorite jokes in the show. In all likelihood, it is just a joke about how egotistical Stanford Pines is.

But, if you want to hate yourself, here’s another way to look at this. Stan has someone (well, something) that looks exactly like him. He watches tv with Wax Stan. He cracks jokes at Wax Stan. He’s got pictures of himself with Wax Stan. Until Wax Stan is murdered, that is. What does Stan do? He buys a coffin. He hosts a memorial service. Perhaps, because this time around, Stan has a body to bury.

Goofy, egotistical old man? Yeah, probably. It’s a silly show after all.

Grieving twin staring into the face of the man who was taken from him thirty years ago? Well, why not?

Things I like right now

Steven Universe: favorite character is Steven because of his positivity and boundless love. Lesbian rocks are also awesome. I love magic so great show. Silly and cute but actually has a plot to keep me interested. ALSO SONGS

Young Justice: favorite character is Dick Grayson. I’m not sure why but his growing up in the circus doesn’t hurt anything. Pretty swag. I didn’t like superheroes before this show so that’s awesome.

Gravity Falls: favorite character is Mabel because of her positivity and wonder. She’s not afraid to be herself even if it’s silly and she cares deeply for everyone, especially her brother. Sad it’s over. Plot was good but I kinda wanted more goofy filler episodes because I’m watching a children’s cartoon for a reason and also more episodes means more time to enjoy the twins

Miraculous Ladybug: favorite character is either cat noir or tiki. Tiki is super cute. Adrian is also adorable and charming and smart and kind. I’m excited to see more plot development in the next season. All the villains are so creative! And I can’t wait for Adrian/Maronette to be a thing.

We Bare Bears: super duper cute and adorable at all times. Love it. Idk who my favorite character is but maybe ice? Anyway it’s light and fluffy! It doesn’t have a plot but that’s not why I watch it. Sometimes having a plot is good and sometimes silly cuteness is all I need. This show is always a pick-me-up

Star vs the Forces of Evil: ok just watched this for the first time which was right in time cuz third season is starting soon. I’m super pumped. My favorite character is Star. She’s just so STAR. She is silly and cute and loves rainbows and glitter and her best friend is a unicorn head! She also has normal emotions like stress regarding her future as queen and sadness when she loses Glosserik. She’s great and the show is great and I can’t wait to delve deeper into the plot in season three! I just hope there’s still plenty of silly episodes too!

Loud House: LOVE. It’s super funny and great for watching with my little brother. When shows have a plot it’s way harder to watch with him because he’s so busy and I’m impatient. But this way we can just watch it whenever he has time. There’s so many characters which can be confusing but they all have their own personalities and individuality. Every sibling is fun to watch and characters outside of the family are great too! Besides simply being an entertaining show, I love their diversity. Yeah there’s a family of 13 with all white people as the main focus but they still manage to include all races, sexualities, and even disabilities in a positive light and normalize it.

Henry Danger: I kind of like this. Henry is cute and the show is funny. My brother likes this one too. Personally I love Charlotte. I hope maybe Captain Man with make her a sidekick too:)

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Do you have any AmeIce headcanons? (I ship it so freaking hard and i'm happy I'm not the only one who ships it :'D)

Do I have AmeIce headcanons? Oh anon you’re so cute…

-They like to drive around aimlessly at night. The backseat of America’s Mustang is filled with greasy hamburger wrappers and empty coke bottles because that’s about all they eat

-Iceland is what you might call a good tourist. So America will do things like take him to Louisiana so he can try beignets and shrimp po'boys

-They sit on America’s back porch on his comfy little porch swing and just chat about life and stuff

- America loves to watch the sunrise so he makes Iceland get up with him sometimes

- Iceland steals all of America’s jackets and flaunts around in them like “oh this jacket? Yeah it’s just my sexy boyfriend’s jacket no big deal”

-America bought Iceland an entire wardrobe of clothes for him to wear when we visits. Most of it is things like skinny jeans that sag a little and tshirts he finds at thrift stores or online and thinks are cool

-For some reason, when they’re together, they both wear beanies all the time. No one knows why

- Ice didn’t tell any of the Nordics when they started dating because he was afraid they would try to embarrass him on purpose/Norway would go ape. But when he eventually told them they were all happy for him and Norway was actually p chill about the whole thing.

- America definitely has a motorcycle (Harley Davidson of course) and Iceland low key loves going for rides.

-America nearly crashed the first time he gave Ice a ride because he was freaking out. “Oh my god he’s like right there all warm and pressed up against me holy shit is that his dick oh fuck”

-Ice keeps a list of all the strange/funny expressions America uses. Some favorites include “Go-lly Moses!” “Oh Lordy” “Slower than molasses in January” “Well bless your heart”

-America loves to serenade Iceland, both in a goofy way and a serious way. His favorite songs to sing to him are “Great Balls of Fire” and “Earth angel” Singing Great Balls of Fire is typically accompanied by bombastic piano playing and theatrics on America’s part

-America is a fantastic dancer. He teaches Iceland how to dance too. So now Iceland can do several dances suitable for public eyes and several that are, um, not

- America is v protective of Ice. Like he’s careful about bringing him places that could be dangerous and if you try to come onto Ice or something you’re cruisin for a bruisin

- America likes to visit Iceland as well and is an enthusiastic tourist which makes Ice really happy

- They’re still really into 50’s pop culture. America has an old fashioned juke box he rescued from a junkyard and restored and they put it on and dance in his living room

- All the other nations, except for the Nordics and Canada the supportive big bro, think the relationship is weird or don’t get it but Ice and America are so damn happy with each other they couldn’t care less

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