goofy footer

2015 WSL World Tour

#23 | CJ Hobgood

Tied at number 23 with Adam Melling is the legendary CJ Hobgood who presented us some of the best surfing ever done by a goofy footer all of his career. 2015 is the end of his career and he couldn’t retire in better style…To be honest, I don’t know how he ended up outside the top 22, because despite of his bad results in the first half of the season, the 2nd half is full of highlights by CJ.

One of the biggest highlight was for sure his perfect 10 at Teahupoo. One of the sickest waves I’ve seen…

Sad to see this legend retire but I wish him the best. He’ll be working with his sponsor, Salty Crew, and deliver us (hopefully) some good clips and other surfing related stuff. YEWW! Thank you, CJ!

Ph: Ryan Miller


Right now, “Legend” is an understatement. What Owen Wright managed to do throughout the Fiji Pro is written in history forever. 

Yesterday he pulled his first 20 of his career and today he won the contest with yet another 20. He became the first surfer to ever score 2 perfect heats in one contest.

Congrats Owen, you had it from the get go and made us goofy footers proud! Yeww!

Photos by Jimmicane

2014 ASP World Tour

#23 - Matt Wilkinson

Wilko came to Hawaii needing a result to re-qualify. He did it via QS during the first 2 events of the Triple Crown. His year was similar to Jadson’s. The highlight of his year was at J-Bay. He showcased, what I think it was, the best surfing by a goofy footer during this season. He always pulls something crazy when he needs it. 

Stoked to see him one more year on tour.


2015 WSL World Tour

#27 | Miguel Pupo

When the 2015 started, Miggy started it off so well I thought he was going to pull a rabbit out of a hat and give the World Title…Instead, it just ended up being his worst season on the World Tour. Luckily, he’s an incredibly smart competitor and backed himself up on the QS and re-qualified.

Looking forward to see what this fantastic goofy footer will do in 2016.

Ph: Kelly Cestari

2014 ASP World Tour

#13 - Nat Young

Last year’s rookie of the year, Nat Young, had a tough year on tour, in my opinion. His highlight was that final against Medina in Fiji. Well, the first half of the year wasn’t that bad. He had 2 quarters, 1 9th and a 13th. But after Fiji, things got a bit dark for Young. He never made it out of round 3. Him and Gabriel are my favorite goofy footers on tour so I’m excepting more from Nat next year.

Ph: Edouard Lallement

2014 ASP World Tour

#32 - Travis Logie

We’re going to say goodbye to Travis, not only because fell out of the tour but also because he announced his retirement from professional surfing. He’s been 10 years on the world tour and he is the history of the sport as one of the best ever goofy footers and also, one of the best South African surfers ever.

Always hard to see someone retiring even if it’s for their own good. I’m sure we will see him compete in a few events for example, if he’s give a wildcard or something. Best of luck to Logie in all of what he’s going to do in this new stage of his life, and thank for what you have done for the sport..

Ph: Indrowski Grégory

2014 ASP World Tour

#18 - Kai Otton

Compared to last year, Kai had an awful year. In 2013, he finished number 7 in the world. If I had to pick a “least favorite surfer on tour” Kai would be my pick. I think he’s a rad dude but there’s something I don’t really like in his surfing. I have to admit though, he’s one of my favorite barrel riders, and it’s a bit bitchy of me saying “I don’t like him” because he’s a goofy footer and goofy footers are like a small family.

Apparently he always does pretty good in my home country of Portugal in the Rip Curl Pro Portugal. Last year he won his first CT here and this year he got his best result of the season here again, a 3rd place. Also, congrats to him on becoming a dad. I’m pretty sure he’s stoked on having another family member. Family is everything!

Ph: John Philpotts