goofy footed


I’m sorry, but I’m little confused about positions on Senior Class photo. It seems like Brooks has his elbow on Eric’s knee, right? But Eric’s legs look really funny, I mean, due to bottom of Eric’s combat boot, is it possible? Doesn’t make sense.

In the senior photo when they did the goofy picture, there’s a foot on the fat dudes (next to brooks) lap and I’m just wondering - is that Dylan’s foot????? And who’s knees is Brooks resting on?? I’m so confused lol.

I’ve studied and studied this photo quite a bit myself and and it’s not easy to figure out!  So, you’re not the only one that is coming up short over it! The thing that doesn’t make much sense is the body part in light blue denim jeans that I put a ‘?’ by. But, we can determine from the first photo, that Eric is wearing black BDU pants. Brooks and Zack have slightly nuanced shades of dark blue jeans so this means.. the light denim jeans have to be Dylan’s! His body is slopping forward and his looong thighs are kinda squeezed in together and all we can see are the tops of his knees  Brooks has his hand lazily resting on the top of Dyl’s knees.  I used to think that was Dylan’s boot..but I it seems too small given that Dylan had a size 12 foot.  It can’t possibly be Eric’s boot, because his body is leaning in the opposite direction. No way would he get his boot swung forward.  So, the only logical explanation would be Robyn’s boot. I don’t know what kind of rugged boots she has on but that would give her a fairly sizable foot for a girl - maybe size 9 or 10.  Which would mean that her right leg is bent, leaning on top of Dylan’s thigh (which we can’t see behind Zack) and she’s resting her boot on top of Zack’s leg.  That’s the best I can deduce of it presently!  :)  The photo really is a puzzle-like conundrum..   

And, by the way, Zack is not a “fat dude”, he is stocky, people, stocky. Sheeesh.  The poor guy…

*arrives 2 days late with starbucks fluff fic*

So all my fluff week things are going to be late now, oh ell guess I’ll be drawing out this event as long as I can. As a side note I know absolutely nothing about surfing so I am trusting google for the things in this fic. If i did get anything horribly wrong please let me know. 

prompt: sea/stars

words: 2,645

summary: Lance gives Shiro a basic surfing lesson on a alien beach 

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Skateboard Races//An Ahkmenrah Imagine

Summary: You and Nick are having skateboard races down the hallways, but then Ahk comes around the corner and you crash into him and land on top of him


You looked around at everything that had come to life in front of you. You couldn’t believe it, but at the same time, it kind of made sense. It explained all the obsessive research that Larry had been doing, at least.

“So,” you turned to your little brother. “Have you skateboarded down the hall yet or what?”

He pulled his board out from under the desk and you grinned. “We can get Teddy to judge.”

The president agreed and he stood at the finish line down at the other side of the museum while Sacajawea stood at the starting line.

The two of you ran up the stairs and stood at the end of the corridor. “I’m gonna kick your ass. You know long boards are better for racing than trick boards.”

Nick rolled his eyes. “Whatever. We’ll see." 

You positioned your board under your feet and prepared yourself. 

"On your mark!” Sacajawea called. “Get set! Go!" 

You and Nick took off down the hall. As you had predicted, you were ahead by a lot. You looked back to stick your tongue out at him, but you weren’t looking where you were going and crashed into someone and Nick pulled ahead. "Goddamn it!” you yelled. What to do. Go after Nick, or make sure the stranger you had just smashed into was okay. 

“Are you okay?” you asked quickly, not taking your eyes off the kid’s head.

“I’m fine,” he said. You looked down and saw that you had collided with a very handsome man in Egyptian garb. 

“I’m really sorry. I’ll be back in a sec, okay? I just gotta go kick my brother’s ass.” You grinned at the worried look on his face and sped down the hall just in time to see Nick nearing the finish line. “No no no!” you yelled, going as fast as you could, but it wasn’t enough. Nick crossed the line and Teddy rode around the second floor yelling that he had won. 

“What was that you said about kicking my ass?” he said, smiling smugly.

“No fair!” you whined. “I totally would have beat you if I hadn’t crashed into that Egyptian dude.”

“You mean Ahk? I kind of told him to come around the corner right then. You would have beaten me again if I hadn’t.”

“You cheater!” you shrieked. 

“In his defense, he had no idea.”

You picked your brother up and dangled him over the balcony. “Admit that I’m better than you. I want you to yell it to the entire museum.”

“Fine just don’t drop me!” He cleared his throat. “(Y/N) IS BETTER THAN I AM AT SKATEBOARDING!”

“What’s going on?” The pharaoh dude, Ahk, asked coming around the corner, followed closely by Larry.

“(Y/N), put your brother down!” Larry cried.

“I won’t drop him.”

“She won’t drop me.”

“I don’t care! Your mom would kill me if Nick ended up in the hospital!”

You and Nick groaned. You had been having fun until Larry ruined everything. Nick knew you weren’t going to drop him. But you set him down anyway. 

“Now, who wants to tell me why (Y/N) was dangling Nicky over the railing?”

You looked at each other, but didn’t say anything. You were both going to be in trouble no matter what.

“Someone better tell me or else you aren’t coming back here ever.”

“I’m over eighteen, you’re not the boss of me,” you reminded him.

“I’m your father. I will always be the boss of you.”

You pouted, but still didn’t say anything. 

“I kind of used Ahk to cheat in a skateboard race,” Nick said sheepishly. 

“Nicholas, why?” Ahk said, putting a hand on his chest and being over dramatic on purpose.

He shrugged. “I don’t know. I thought it would be funny?”

“Now I must race you to restore my honor.”

“You don’t know how to skateboard,” Nick pointed out.

“I can teach him,” you said, raising a hand. 

“That would be very appreciated,” he said. The two of you went to the hall of miniatures which was strangely empty. 

“Okay, so are you regular or goofy foot?” you asked. He just stared at you. You rolled your eyes and shoved his back. He stumbled forward, putting his left foot out first. “Regular,” you confirmed.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about." 

"Don’t worry. Put your right foot at the front of the board and leave the left one on the ground. Now, push forward and put your left foot on the back of the board.”

He did and fell over. You tried to hide your laughter as you helped him up. “Go again.” This time, you put your hands on his waist in order to offer some stability. And…other reasons.

“You have to push yourself forward with your left foot every so often to keep your momentum,” you said, demonstrating.

He got back on the board and did as you said, keeping a hand on your arm so he wouldn’t fall over. 

“Okay, now let go and do it yourself.”

“I don’t want to fall! Falling hurts,” he said anxiously.

“Listen up, princess,” you said, your hands on your hips. “I know when you were in Egypt, you had servants who did everything for you and never let you fall, but I’m not doing that for you. Falling is how you learn, and when you fall, you pick yourself back up and do it again until you get it right, caspisce?”

“It still hurts.”

You groaned. “That’s the point,” you snapped, your patience running thin. “It hurts, so you do what you can to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Get on the board.”

When he did, you straightened his back a bit and looked at how he had his weight distributed. “Shift your weight so most of it is on your front foot. It’ll help you go faster.”

He did as you said and kept his back straight and did just fine.

“See? I think you’re ready to take on Nick.”

He lost the race, but did better than you had expected.

“Thank you for helping me,” he said, putting a hand on you shoulder.

“Nick cheated,” you shrugged. “I’d help anyone who wanted to get back at him for that.”

He smiled. “Help from a pretty lady is always welcome.” And then he turned and walked away.

“Wait, what was that?” you asked, more to yourself than anyone else. “Ahk, what did you just say?” you yelled, running after him.



Friday: Favorite Character Trait: FAMILY LOVE

Aloha e aloha e
‘Ano 'ai ke aloha e
Aloha ae aloha e
A nu ay ki aloha e

There’s no place I’d rather be
Then on my surfboard out at sea
Lingering in the ocean blue
And If I had one wish come true
I’d surf till the sun sets
Beyond the horizon

A wiki wiki mai lohi lohi
Lawe mai i ko papa he'e nalu
Flyin by on the Hawaiian roller coaster ride

A wiki wiki mai lohi lohi
La we mai iko papa he na lu
Pi'i na nalu la lahalaha
O ka moana hanupanupa
Lalala i kala hanahana
Me ke kai hoene i ka pu'e one
Helehele mai kakou e
Hawaiian roller coaster ride

There’s no place I’d rather be
Than on the seashore dry, wet free
On golden sand is where I lay
And if I only had my way
I’d play til the sun sets
Beyond the horizon

Lalala i kala hanahana
Me ke kai hoene i ka pu'e one
It’s time to try the Hawaiian Roller coaster ride

Hang loose, hang ten, howzit, shake a shaka
No worry, no fear, ain’t no biggie braddah
Cuttin’ in, cuttin’ up, cuttin’ back, cuttin’ out
Frontside, backside, goofy footed, wipe out

Looking for the wipeout
Let’s get jumpin’, surf’s up and pumpin’
Coastin’ with the motion of the ocean
Whirlpools swirling, cascading, twirling
Hawaiian roller coaster ride

There’s no place I’d rather be
Then on my surfboard out at sea
Lingering in the ocean blue
And if I had one wish come true
I’d surf till the sun sets
Beyond the horizon

A wiki wiki mai lohi lohi
Lawe mai i ko papa he'e nalu
Flyin by on the Hawaiian roller coaster ride

A wiki wiki mai lohi lohi
La we mai iko papa he na lu
Pi'i na nalu la lahalaha
O ka moana hanupanupa
Lalala i kala hanahana
Me ke kai hoene i ka pu'e one
Helehele mai kakou e
Hawaiian roller coaster ride


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the god journals pt. 1

give me god

and yes i am asking with grabby hands

god as light thru stained glass

god as blood on millions of knees

i am running out of things to say to whatever holy thing

wants to take ownership over

my mind my body

my grey brain matter my calluses my hair

god’s gonna squeeze my hand like the pigeon-footed goofy toddler i am

‘cause i’m lost like that

i am in love with myself but it doesn’t feel like enough right now so i turn to

candle wax and sandalwood

blood-wine and bruised tops of feet

when i die i’ll be subducted into the moving plates of the earth

and erupted out of a volcano, thank you very much

i am explosive, i rest my case

god like dirt underneath fingernails

god like a minor inconvenience

god like a lump in the back of my throat

god like sad girl left alone by happy boy that shouldn’t get to breathe her air

let alone break her heart

hey… that girl is me

god like crushing beer cans in between your shoulder blades

haven’t heard from you in days

you, you with your hulk-like rage

and me with my good heart just hoping you’re okay

give me god as peeled back skin on my cuticles from the time i realized that

my net worth is negative

and it’s getting the best of me

before you roast me god you must oil me so my flesh doesn’t burn

give me god today and i will swallow him whole

and tomorrow and i will throw him back up

anonymous asked:

woah a hetalia imagines blog !!! may I request a scenario with Germany and America where they cheer up their s/o who is down in the dumps?? And the countries cheer them up by dancing with them !!!!

yes yes of course~!!


You just felt terrible. The past couple of days hadn’t been in your favor at all, and you guessed that those feelings had finally hit you. You couldn’t describe how you were feeling. The only way to put it was that you felt down and that was really it. You didn’t even notice that Germany had been watching you from outside the living room… you were too consumed in your thoughts to have noticed.

He had been watching, and it was heart-wrenching to see you in such a sad state. He had gone through his head to think about if any book he had read on relationships could help him at the moment, but he couldn’t recall any that could. He decided to be blunt and ask you about how you were feeling.


Moving your gaze from the televisions bright screen, you saw Germany standing in the doorway of the living room, a small frown on his face. You simply stared at him before sighing. “Yes, Germany?”

He furrowed his eyebrows and walked up to you and taking a seat next to you on the couch. You tightened your grip on the blanket you had entangled yourself in, nervous to hear what Germany had to say. 

“Why are you feeling so upset, liebling? Ever since I’ve left for work this morning and since I’ve come back you’ve been lying here looking sad.” Germany crossed his arms. “Did I do anything?”

You shook your head. “No, you didn’t do anything. I’ve just been feeling down these past couple of days, I just…” you struggled to find the right words to describe your feelings, and huffed out of frustration. “I don’t know. I can’t really put it into words that’ll make sense.”

You expected the silence that followed your answer. Germany never seemed to deal well with situations like these, but you knew that better then anyone and never got distraught about it. When you looked back over to Germany, you noticed him staring at the television, where one of your favorite slow songs began to play. 

“I love this song…” you said softly to yourself, finding yourself humming softly to the the music.

Germany then stood up, his hand outstretched to you. “D-Do you… want to..” Germany’s cheeks were a light pink, and he seemed to be looking everywhere else in the room but at you. “Dance…?”

You couldn’t help but grin at him, and you agreed. You unwrapped the blanket from around you and stood, placing your hand in Germany’s. He tugged you to the middle of the living room, and pulled you close to him. The two of you rocked back and forth to the beat of the song, Germany kissing the top of your head every so often. You felt so safe in his arms. And so much better.


You just felt awful. There really wasn’t a specific reason why you felt the way you did; if someone was to ask you why you were feeling down that day, you couldn’t fully answer them. And so there you laid on your couch, wrapped in a blanket as you disinterestedly stared at the television across from you.

“Babe!” you heard your front door open, your loud boyfriend announcing his arrival. “I’m home!”

He shut the door with a loud slam, but you didn’t even bother moving to see him. You felt like you didn’t even have the energy to for some reason. 

“You will not believe what happened to me today! So England tho–” America stepped into the living room but stopped abruptly when he saw s/o lying on the couch, staring at the t.v. Normally they would’ve came and greeted him with a smile and a kiss, eagerly listening to his stories of that day.

America almost dropped his McDonald’s bag and coke at the sight of his s/o looking as sad as they did. He quickly set the bag and drink on the coffee table and went over to the couch, dropping to his knees in front of the couch to see his s/o closer up.

He frowned. “Why the long face. babe? Are you feeling alright? Are you sick?”

They sat up and shook their head. “Just feeling a little down is all. Not sick.”

“Down? Why’re you feeling down, s/o?”

“I don’t really know, America.”

He frowned at your answer. He looked around to find something that could somehow cheer you up, but his mind kept going blank. He was quiet for a few seconds before a light-bulb seem to go off.

He stood and rustled through his pockets before finding his phone and pulling something up on it. You felt confused as you watched him, having no idea what he was doing. 

And suddenly, one of your favorite songs began to play and he began to tap his foot, a goofy grin on his face. He then began to snap to the beat of the song, singing along to the music.

“C’mon, s/o, dance with me! You’ll feel better I promise you!”

“I don’t think–” you cut yourself off by seeing America’s facial expression, pulling puppy dog eyes and pouting his bottom lip. 

“Fine,” you pushed the blanket off of you and stood up.

For a decent amount of time, you watched America dance like an idiot around you. Eventually, though, you began to move to the beat of the music, and eventually dancing around the living room with America. You found yourself smiling and laughing at America’s attempts to dance, and beginning to feel much better than you did before as you two jumped around and had fun. You loved that he could bring the best side of you out. You just felt so happy with him. 

screaming color, pt. 4

screaming color - an english major niall au - part 4 of a ? part series

part 1 | part 2 | part 3

this is the worst halloween of cole’s life.

she’s never been much for holidays, halloween in particular.  she’s terrified of people in masks, has been ever since a trip to disney world when she was five.  a six foot tall goofy approached her so suddenly that she dropped her $6 churro.  she burst into tears, and her mind was made up.  no costumes for cole jacobs. 

except she let april talk her into it this year, into a party at some junior’s house, some guy named harry that april knows from her poli sci class.  harry’s beyond delish, april’d said.  and because he’d invited her, she had to go, and cole absolutely had to come with.  

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Nate Imagine #2 (Requested)

‘’You ready babe?’’ Nate yelled out. He’s bringing me skateboarding with him and his friends. I usually just watch but today he wants to teach me some stuff. He told me he would get me knee and elbow pads but I still want to make sure I don’t get hurt so I’m doubling my layers of clothing.

‘’Give me a minute!’’ I yelled back as I put on a second sweater. I look at myself in the mirror, come to terms with the fact that I look crazy and go meet Nate. When I turn the corner and he sees me, he starts giggling but the moment my eyes widen he stops. I hate being laughed at and he knows it. I get to the front door and he kisses my head.

‘’You look cute Y/N.’’ He smiles and I shake my head.

‘’Of course I do.’’ I say sarcastically.

We went to the store and then to a parking lot. It’s 3 and the guys are going to the skate park at 4 so he has an hour to show me some basics. Obviously I won’t be doing any skateboarding at the park with them but this is a nice little outing before a group hang. Also, I’ll be able to practice the little moves he’ll teach me whenever I’m bored. 

The first thing we did was determine if I was goofy or regular footed. Then I tried standing on the board and balancing on it. After about 30 minutes I could move a little bit with Nate holding me. I was getting frustrated because I wasn’t doing well so we took a break. Actually, I took a break. Nate started showing off and doing tricks. I love it when he does things to impress me and this was no exception. 

‘’Watch this baby!’’ He shouted before doing a cool flip thing. Everything he was doing was sick and I loved it. These were all tricks I’ve seen the other boys do hundreds of times but seeing him do it is a lot more fun. After he did each trick a couple of times, he decided he wanted to try a new idea he had a while back. It didn’t sound very safe or like it could actually work.

‘’Are you sure about this hun?’’

‘’Don’t worry. This is going to be amazing Y/N! You’ll see!’’

I don’t feel very secure right now because it sounds really dangerous but when Nate gets an idea, he has to follow through. It’s probably going to be fine. He’s a pretty good skater. And if he hurts himself, then I’ll be there to take care of him. He looks over at me for a nod of approval and I give it to him. He does the trick and he lands it. 

‘’Yes babe!’’ I scream and clap my hands. 

‘’It wasn’t perfect so I’m going to do it again. Just for you cutie!’’ He winked and before I could tell him I didn’t want him to do it again, he slipped and was on the ground. 

‘’Shit.’’ I muttered and ran to where he was laying down on his back. ‘’Are you okay?’’ I started touching his head and his arms and his legs lightly to make sure nothing was badly injured. He let out a chuckle and propped himself up on his elbows.

‘’I’m fine Y/N! Just give me a kiss alright?’’ I leaned down, gave him a kiss and helped him back up.

‘’No more crazy tricks Nate. Not unless you’re wearing these,’’ I pointed to the protection gear in my hand. He laughed and nodded. 

‘’You’re so cute when you’re protective,’’ He said and kissed me on the cheek. I rolled my eyes. He’s always calling me cute for things that aren’t cute. It’s annoying sometimes but I don’t really care. 

‘’You’re cute when you listen to me.’’ I quipped and we both laughed.

                                             *     *     *

A/N: It’s so short and I feel like it’s really bad so I’m SORRY. I’ll make the next one better I promise! Send in some more requests if you want! I only have one left in my inbox sooo… 


Take a break from that daily grind and pop-shove-it over to YouTube and kick-flip it on the new episode. Don’t be goofy foot and other skateboard term… That was dumb. Just watch the episode. Please?