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Freddie is one of my best friends in all the world, a goofball of the highest order, my heart’s delight. Our alchemy is in large part the writers’ magical composition, one part our philosophies and work ethic, one part astrology, one part mysticism, and a whole lotta parts camaraderie. The best thing about working with him, from a technical standpoint, is his prudence in learning my lines. I can always rely on him. He has a near-photographic brain.
—  Vera Farmiga

Supernatural S11 full gag reels

Such cuties!!!! All of them!!!! And awwwww only Jared can make Jensen laugh like that! 😍😍😍

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P.S. Love that “would you blow me” reference!



why did you suggest this?? i couldn’t stop having a giggle fit (both from drawing this and watching that video, seriously people are amazing, haha)

i’m so sorry Jon, but i’m kinda not. XD

Music Meme

I was tagged by @rtahuniverse to put my music on shuffle and list the first 20 songs I listened to and then tag 10 people! So here we go!

  1. Anything by Hedley
  2. Consent by Jack and Dean
  3. Africa by Toto
  4. Hey Brother by Avicii
  5. On Top of the World by Imagine Dragons
  6. Helpless by Hamilton Original Cast
  7. Sometimes by 1551
  8. It’s Over, Isn’t It by Steven Universe Cast
  9. Just Lose It by Enimem
  10. Harry Potter in 99 Seconds by Paint
  11. Drowning by Natewantstobattle
  12. Here’s to Never Growing Up by Avril Lavigne 
  13. He’s A Pirate by Dominik Hauser
  14. You’ve Been Trolled by AntonyC
  15. Up! by Shania Twain
  16. Come on Eileen by Dexy’s Midnight Runners
  17. Born This Way by Lady Gaga
  18. Eye to Eye by Goofy Movie Cast
  19. Cedarwood Road by U2
  20. The No Pants Dance- TWRP

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Happy #NationalSuperheroDay to the most ridiculous, goofy, adorkable casts and their amazing Superhero counterparts, though the casts are pretty much Superheroes too.

Things I love:
Behind the scenes pics and goofy videos of the cast that they share, interviews from events, cute social media marketing bits

Things that make me feel gross inside:
Paparazzi style pics or videos taken by people approaching the cast IRL where they are visibly uncomfortable/not trying to perform a role for a camera at the moment

Kingdom Hearts & Gravity Falls

The Keyblade has the power to open any lock or door and unseal any barrier.
It also has the power to do these things in reverse should the wielder so choose.

Disney movies mainly comprise the world seen in Kingdom Hearts.
There are many more possibilities (Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel).

While those franchises are popular in their own right, their is also another series that recently ‘ended’ its run on Disney XD; Gravity Falls.

It has the potential to become a world at some point in the KH universe.

Think about the final moments of Gravity Falls (Weirdmageddon).

There was a rip in the fabric of space and time.
Bill Cipher wanted to expand beyond Gravity Falls and re-shape everything.
There was only one thing that stopped him from doing so. A barrier.

The story of GF could be adapted to fit into Kingdom Hearts.
Heartless could be anomalies, Donald and Goofy cause Weirdmageddon, Sora casts a barrier spell on the Mystery Shack to protect it, Bill would make a deal with Sora to unlock the barrier, etc. All this would culminate in a fight between Sora and co. and Bill Cipher. Possible partners could include any of the Pines family (Stan, Ford, Dipper and Mabel).

(Picture by BrokenZen on DeviantArt)

Standard battle music during regular fights could be the Gravity Falls theme.
The boss fight between Bill Cipher could still maintain the music of KH’s ‘The Encounter’. The video below is a fake audio demo to demonstrate what it could sound like when fighting Bill using sounds and quotes from both KH and GF.

(Video by Lemon of Indifference on Youtube)

From the perspective of Kingdom Hearts and Gravity Falls fans, does this seem like a good idea?