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I did say I was gonna talk about these two, but as entertaining as they are, they’re not exactly two characters. They’re two halves of Danny. Despite that, they have such extreme, distinct personalities, and I do think it’s worth discussing why. Especially since this is something that happens again in a much different context.

To start with, let’s pull a couple of older posts out of the depths: my theory about Danny’s powers and my post about Danny’s view of himself as shown in Maternal Instinct. I do recommend reading both of these first if you haven’t already, because they’ll help back up some things I’ll be claiming in this post.

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Trial and error in the photo booth! Thank you @abcnetwork and @cadillac for the awesome party. #agentsofshield



I was rewatching this and I could not hold back the laughter. Michelle is a goof and I love her for it. I have no doubt she’s an awesome mum. The part where she’s like “I can do an impression of a squirrel eating nuts”, followed by “give me your ear”… I couldn’t help but move towards the screen. 😂😂 

It has got to be a gag she plays on her kid!

Jared and Jensen's 12 inches shaft - transcript of HousCon 2016
  • Fan: Jensen, can you lift your shirt up a little bit?
  • (Audience cheers and band plays strip club music)
  • (Jensen stands up, lifts his shirt a tiny bit and sits back down)
  • Jared: (turns to fan) You didn't specify.
  • Jensen: Yes, she did. She said "a little bit".
  • Jared: No, but I mean, if you had said 12 inches, you would've seen everything!
  • (Drum highlight by the band, and everyone laughs)
  • Jared: Oh come on!
  • Jensen: Jared...
  • (More laughing)
  • Jared: She said "shirt"!
  • Jensen: Right now...
  • (Audience doesn't stop laughing)
  • Jared: (to the fans) GET A GRIP!!!
  • (Eruption of laughter from everyone and Jared realizes his mistake)
  • Jensen: (mumbles)
  • Jared: Shut your mouth! I'm just talking about "shaft"!
  • (Audience goes crazy)
  • Jared: (pulling on his shirt collar) Did someone just turn the heater on?
  • Jensen: So... So many comments...
  • Jared: I'm so sorry.
  • Jensen: Right now, Speight is back stage, having a seizure, because he can't come out here and say everything that's running through his head.
  • (Audience laughs)
  • Jared: (clears his throat) Euhmm... Next question please?