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Rearranged | Lee Jaehwan

Title: Rearranged

Pairing: Reader/Lee Jaehwan (Vixx)

Word Count: 2.8k

Rating: T

Warnings: language, suggestive themes, arranged marriage au


               The situation was complicated. There was only one thing you were entirely sure of in the whole ordeal, and that was you didn’t like this Jaehwan guy. And he didn’t like you. Unfortunately you couldn’t just carry on disliking each other, and for one giant, glaring reason; you were going to marry him.

A/N: again this was a request that i ran with!! i really enjoyed writing this one, so many ideas came to me as i wrote it. i hope you all enjoy~

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Jared and Jensen's 12 inches shaft - transcript of HousCon 2016
  • Fan: Jensen, can you lift your shirt up a little bit?
  • (Audience cheers and band plays strip club music)
  • (Jensen stands up, lifts his shirt a tiny bit and sits back down)
  • Jared: (turns to fan) You didn't specify.
  • Jensen: Yes, she did. She said "a little bit".
  • Jared: No, but I mean, if you had said 12 inches, you would've seen everything!
  • (Drum highlight by the band, and everyone laughs)
  • Jared: Oh come on!
  • Jensen: Jared...
  • (More laughing)
  • Jared: She said "shirt"!
  • Jensen: Right now...
  • (Audience doesn't stop laughing)
  • Jared: (to the fans) GET A GRIP!!!
  • (Eruption of laughter from everyone and Jared realizes his mistake)
  • Jensen: (mumbles)
  • Jared: Shut your mouth! I'm just talking about "shaft"!
  • (Audience goes crazy)
  • Jared: (pulling on his shirt collar) Did someone just turn the heater on?
  • Jensen: So... So many comments...
  • Jared: I'm so sorry.
  • Jensen: Right now, Speight is back stage, having a seizure, because he can't come out here and say everything that's running through his head.
  • (Audience laughs)
  • Jared: (clears his throat) Euhmm... Next question please?

I had a nice big ball of chunky soft blanket yarn in a color scheme that is pretty but not really something I wanted to make anything special with, so I practiced making a tiny dog sized blanket. It’s a little goofy, I casted off way too tight so one end is tiny, but Koa doesn’t really care. I def want to make more blankets, both for me and the dogs.

Right now I’m attempting to make a snood for Nala. I’m kind of in a blah mood and knitting is kind of calming.