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Ashton and Calum are so iconic I cannot believe. Like they went from lookin bangin in their reservoir dogs costume to lookin goofy and boyfriend as hell in some damn Sesame Street costumes I’m literally fucking crying

Dante slammed the truck door behind him after climbing in, loudly, the way he did everything, and his eyes widened as he took in Ari’s button-down shirt and slacks. 

“Did you get dressed up?” Dante asked.

“Maybe I did,” said Ari. “Shut up.”

“It’s just me.” Dante nudged his head against Ari’s shoulder, the way Legs did when she wanted him to pet her.

“Yeah, just you,” said Ari. “Just you who couldn’t even be bothered to put on shoes.”

They laughed. Ari rested his chin on Dante’s head for a moment, and then pulled away so he could start the car. “It’s a nice restaurant, you know,” he said. “They probably wouldn’t let me in wearing my threadbare Carlos Santana shirt.”

“That’s not why you got dressed up,” said Dante. He kissed Ari on the cheek.

“Fasten your fucking seatbelt,” said Ari, grinning. “I love that face too much to see it torn up by the windshield.”

“I love it when you say stuff like that,” said Dante. He didn’t buckle up. Not even that day in the rain had taught him to be afraid of cars. Dante Quintana refused to be tied down by things like shoes and seatbelts.

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  • goofy babes
  • you’re always giggling together and having a good time
  • he’s suddenly super (DUPER!!!) outgoing and loud when you’re around
  • he either feels free when he’s around you
  • or he wants to impress you
  • he’d be a touchy boyfriend,
  • VERY handsy
  • he’d also be the type of boyfriend to be completely okay with checking your teeth for food or lipstick
  • “hey,” would have a new meaning between the two of you because most of the time you’d follow with turning to him or sitting on his lap and smiling like a dork hoping that he’d fix whatever was going on in your mouth
  • that got specific
  • happily accepting his invites to MV shoots or other things
  • he loves having you around
  • he lowkey pictures what your children would look like
  • allows you to pluck his eyebrows when needed.
  • plucks yours if you ask
  • showering together or not showering at all
  • taking care of him as well
  • B E S T spooning in the world whether he be big spoon or little spoon
  • when big spoon; his chin/mouth is glued to your shoulder!! his arm is draped over your body as he sleepily hangs onto the remote control to the tv
  • as a little spoon; Youngjae has your hands tightly intertwined with his and brought up to his lips. sleepily, his lips are puckered and kissing your hands.
  • loves involving you in his artistic endeavours!!
  • his phone background would be a pic he took of you and coco
  • you also posted the picture to your instagram
  • surprises you with coffee or pastries at work
  • surprising you at work
  • then you surprise him while he’s working and he reacts as if it’s the first time someone has ever done something nice EVER
  • really close with each other’s family and/or close friends
  • picking up some of his mannerisms and having the other members point it out
  • dancing together in either one of your bedroom
  • jumping on the bed together
  • youngjae trying to hit a high note in an I.U song and falling to his knees on the bed trying to catch his breath
  • cupping his faCE TO KISS HIM when calming him down
  • being there for him if he’s feeling anxious about a performance
  • kissing him before he goes on stage
  • Yugyeom giggling and following Youngjae onto the stage after the kiss
  • giving him backHUGS
  • you’re both always in #backhug mode if you’re chilling in a room together (and standing)
  • like magnets
  • tending to his hair if it’s out of place
  • being adored by the public +  iGOT7s
  • he’d be the type of boyfriend to put up with you squishing his cheeks together and playing with his face
  • he’d just love being that close and intimate with you

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Sharing is Caring *smut*

Author: obrosey-af

Characters: Stiles x OC

Word Count: 1,203

Warnings: smut, oral

A/N: hey hi hello what is up mis amigos. Long time no talk, I’ve been stressed and busy with school and work and have found little to NO TIME to write lol. HOWEVER this is was collab fic with ma girl @dumbass-stilinski . We did a similar idea and I’m super excited for ya’ll to read it! I’m a couple days late posting, but Steff already posted so go check it out! love ya cutie, bye(: -Er


There was a light knock at the front door and I skipped down the stairs, taking two at a time. Swinging it open, I was greeted with the goofy smile of my boyfriend, carrying a stack of folders and two textbooks.

“Hey you,” I smiled, stepping aside for him to enter.

“Hey cutie,” he placed a kiss to my forehead as he walked past, “you seem to be feeling better.”

I had missed a few days of school due to the nasty cold I had. I’ve been on an antibiotic since Monday and I’ve been fever free for 24 hours, so I’ll be good to go to school on tomorrow.

“I am,” I exclaimed, “I was able to squeeze staying home one more day out of my mom.”

“So you’re not contagious anymore?” he asked with a smirk.


He grasped onto my waist and pulled me close to his body. He nuzzled his nose against mine before planting his lips firmly to mine. His lips moved in sync with mine, him swiping his tongue across my bottom lip. I granted him entrance and our tongues fought for dominance. His long fingers splayed across my bare hips as he pushed the hem of my shirt up with his thumbs. I pushed him away, leaving a confused look on his face.

“Come on,” I reached for his hand and guided him up the stairs.

We barely made it to my room when Stiles pressed his body up against mine and attacked my neck with his lips and teeth. I raised my hands and tugged at his hair when he bucked his hips and I felt the very apparent bulge in his khakis.

“Stiles,” I said out of breath, “bedroom.”

His eyes lit up in excitement as he walked me backwards through the doorway until my knees hit the the end of my bed. Stiles pushed me down onto the mattress and wasted no time with taking his shirt off. I followed his lead and ripped my shirt over my head and tossed it aside. Stiles reached forward and hooked his thumbs in the waistband of my black leggings and pulled down my long legs along with my maroon, lace panties. I scooted back on the bed as he climbed on and hovered over my body. I laid my head on a pillow and Stiles stopped and positioned himself in his favorite spot; between my legs. Without warning, he swiped his tongue up through my folds, causing a familiar heat to build in my core. His tongue latched onto my clit and he began to suck furiously. Stiles took great pride in himself at how quickly he can make me come; not to mention how many times. His teeth bit down, tugging back and forth slightly and I was finished. A string of profanities fell from my mouth as Stiles lapped up my juices. I looked up at him, completely breathless, just in time to see the smug smirk across his face.

“My turn,” I managed to say, lunging forward and attacking his lips.

I pushed him to the side roughly and began to undo his pants.

“Someone’s impatient,” he commented.

“Are you complaining?” I snapped with a shy smile.

“Absolutely not,” he replied with a serious face.

I pulled his pants and boxers down just enough to let his erection spring free from it’s confines. Stiles’ body twitched when the cool air hit him, letting out a slow grown. I swiped my tongue over the tip, taking the precum with me. I stared at him dead in the eyes and flashed him a slick smirk as I did so. I kissed his tip tenderly and proceeded to take him in my mouth. Stiles’ body tensed under my touch, something I took great pride in. I hollowed out my cheek to take more of him in and his hands found their way to my hair, tugging hard. I let out a breathy moan and the vibrations sent a hot sensation through Stiles’ body. I sucked harder, causing Stiles to buck his hips upward, pushing more of his length into my mouth until he tapped the back of my throat. I bobbed my head quicker as his grip strangled my hair even more.

“Babe, I’m gonna-” he moaned before coming and letting a deep groan come out from his throat.

His body began to relax as he struggled to get his breathing under control. I released him with a pop and slid my body up to meet him at eye level. I pressed my lips to his and felt him smile into it, his chest still heaving underneath me.

The following Monday, I was surprised to not find Stiles waiting for me at my locker in the morning. I sent him a quick text asking where he was, but got no response.

“Hey, what’s with the funny look on your face?” Kira asked, walking up from the opposite direction.

“Stiles isn’t here and he didn’t answer my text.”

“Maybe you got him sick,” Scott said as he made his way over from behind Kira, “I know what you love birds were up to last week.”

I huffed and rolled my eyes and turned on my heel to walk out of the main door of the building.

“Say ‘Hi” to Stiles for me,” Scott called out; most likely with a smirk.

About twenty knocks later, I let myself in through the unlocked door of the Stilinski household. I skipped up the steps and made my way down the oh so familiar hallway. Stiles’ bedroom door was cracked open and I gently pushed it open with a creek. Low and behold, Stiles was, in fact, sick. Two puffy blankets wrapped around his body with crumbled up tissue scattered across the bed. I met his forehead with the back of my hand; I felt the heat radiating off before I even made contact. Without a second thought, I left the room and made my way to the kitchen. I made a hot cup of lavender tea and got a large glass of water. I got back to Stiles’ room in time to see him fidgeting with his blankets before throwing one of them off the end of the bed.

“When did you get here?” he asked, startled.

“Not long ago, just enough time to make you some tea,” I replied.

“You’re the best, I swear,” he commented with a sweet smile.

I sat on the edge of the bed and handed him the warm mug as he sat up and pushed himself back against the headboard.

“After all, it’s the least I can do since you’re sick because of me.”

“I wouldn’t go back and change anything,” he winked while taking a sip of tea.

I reached over and pressed a kiss to his forehead. I got up and grabbed the tv remote from his nightstand and walked around the bed. I kicked off my shoes and rested next to him. Pressing the power button, Star Wars flashed on the screen, leaving off from where Stiles had stopped watching it last night.

“I love you,” he mumbled, nasally.

“I love you, too,” I sighed with a smile.

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Imagine this big goofy tree getting his boyfriend an omamori for luck and protection, strictly innocent. But me oh my, his living bath bomb of a bf starts teasing him about omamoris being given to lovers to ensure love/marriage and this fucking sycamore FLI P S cause hE DIDN’T KNOW THAT BY THE ANGEL and he gets all blushy and stuttery and his man shuts him up with a kiss and says, “I love it. Thank you,” and ya boy, Alexander Gideon Lightwood™, is no longer breathing



• It’s never ever a dull moment with Tae

• He makes sure to keep everything upbeat and happy

• Even if you guys are just sitting watching movies, it feels like a big adventure

• The world just seems to be a little bit brighter with Tae in it

• I feel like he likes going to museums? Like as a cute date he’ll just take you to a museum to look at the art

• He’s really great when going to museums tho bc he’ll hold your hand and whisper his thoughts and opinions on the paintings and sculptures

• Those can vary between “wow it must’ve taken forever to make that,” “that painting is almost as beautiful as you,” and “god that flower looks like a vagina”

• Then after he’ll drag you to the park that he spotted across the street because “THERE’S SWINGS, JAGI!”

• He’ll love pushing you on the swings but will demand for you to push him when you’re done

• I feel like his kind of pda is holding hands

• Like yea, when it’s just you two or even if the boys are there, he’ll be cuddly, but when you guys are out and about, he’ll have his hand holding yours and that’s it

• But when you guys are alone, he’ll love having you cuddled up against his side

• I think he’s the type to have his arm thrown over your shoulder as you lean into his side

• If he’s tired, he’ll pull you onto his lap and cuddle you like a teddy bear

• His head will be tucked away in the crook of your neck and his arms will be wrapped completely around you and you’ll be stuck there until he lets go

• The boys like teasing him about you but he also lowkey enjoys it bc he loves you a lot and it makes him happy that other people can tell how much you love each other

• He probably calls you silly nicknames that go from “sweetie pie” to “snookums” to something that makes no sense

• He absolutely adores hearing you laugh so he’ll do anything to make you so much as giggle

• You know very well that he loves you because he tells you every day

• There are non stop compliments and small words of adoration coming from this boy 24/7

• “Wow you’re beautiful” and “no one can do this as amazingly as you can” and “where would I be without you?” etc. etc.

• When he’s gone he only checks in with you every few hours, but you’ll get complaints from the other boys about how he hasn’t stopped talking about you

• “y/n, please make Taehyung shut up, he won’t stop talking about your eyes”

• it’s very rare to get an honest to god “serious” look on his face

• like he’ll act like an adult and everything often enough, but that’s always accompanied with a happy look or something

• but the only times you’ve ever seen him with a serious look is when someone he cares about is upset or hurt

• one time you came home with tear stained cheeks and his wide smile instantly fell and he rushed to you, full of concern

• there was a serious look on his face as you explained what happened and he just pulled you into his chest and hugged you there

• you weren’t completely sure if he was comforting you more, or him, because you could feel him shaking a little bit and you could tell that you crying had affected him a lot

• when you pulled back you saw tears falling from his face because of how much it hurt him that you were hurt

• both of you just spent the next hour or so cuddling and talking about something else to make you both happier again

• he’s just very emotionally invested in this relationship because he loves you so much

2PM Your Ex Wants You Back

When your ex approaches you and wants to try again.

Jun.K – It’d start off with bravado up front, but finish with pouting at home. Minjun would definitely not let this nonsense continue if he had a clear indication from you it was undesired. He’d use some sharp words to get his point across to your ex for them leave you alone for good. Later on he’d watch you closely for any indication you regretted your decision to stay with him. He’s also be a little subdued until you reminded him that the past was the past and you had no interest in going back. Then you’d see a very relieved, goofy boyfriend denying he was bothered at all. He’d be super affectionate afterward and it would help set him at ease if you returned the gesture.

Nichkhun – Initially he’d try to remain a gentleman but his smile wouldn’t reach his eyes. Khun has a quick temper but he’d try his best to keep it under wraps unless the ex took it too far. Then your ex might see a scarier side of Khun that very few people ever see. No yelling or violence would happen but he’d warn the ex away with a quiet voice and vague threats of police involvement. Honestly he’d remind you a bit of a mafia boss. Khun would act like his feathers weren’t ruffled but this would really tick him off and he’d want to make sure your ex got the message loud and clear to stay out of your life.

Taecyeon – Despite what you may think, Taec wouldn’t get jealous. He’s too rational for that and even though the heart can overthrow the brain at times, this wouldn’t be one of them. His main reaction would be one of keen-eyed protection that wouldn’t relax until he was convinced to his satisfaction you were safe. This person is not going to bother you on his watch. Nope. Not gonna happen. Taec would keep a close eye on you, but not in an overbearing manner. When something is over for him, the door is closed for good so he would see this type of behavior from your ex as very odd and suspicious.

Wooyoung – Wooyoungie would be a jealous, nervous wreck. At first he’d fear that something might be rekindled between you and your ex so he’d stress about that. After you reassured him numerous times that you were no longer interested he would still be somewhat high strung about the matter. Wooyoung doesn’t like his status quo disturbed and he would feel off-balance until the whole thing was resolved. He’d be rather twitchy and sensitive throughout the ordeal but definitely have your back if you needed him. If he saw the experience bothered you he would bury his own feelings and use his humor to make you feel better.

Junho – Really? Does this even happen in real life? It’d take him a few minutes to get over his disbelief at the tackiness. He’d feel like he’s in a bad drama and be really annoyed by the whole mess while he made some rather snide remarks either to himself to vent or directly to your ex if they were present. Underneath the bitter vitriol would be a man not as confident as he appeared. Quietly to himself he would brood with a healthy streak of jealousy but he’d keep it well hidden so you’d never know. After everything was over he’d never want to discuss it again and get a little snippy if it was brought up.   

Chansung – Your ex would hit a wall named Chansung. This is not going to fly with him around. As soon as Chansung learns about this you’d have his full and undivided attention until the situation was resolved. How it’s resolved would be entirely dependent on your ex. If things remained civil so would Chansung. But if your ex tried to make physical contact they’d be blocked and possibly shoved around a bit. Your ex would never lay a finger on you or even get the chance to talk to you, as Channie would bring out the intimidating boss he usually only shows on stage. ​