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All Decked Out Like a Cowboy's Dream

[Part of the Blue-Eyed Jack ‘Verse]

CW: food mentions, homophobia mentions, being publicly out

When Jack and Bitty started publicly dating, the internet, well…the internet broke, just a little.

Though they were only known in their respective circles – most of Bitty’s colleagues hadn’t heard of Jack and vice versa – it was a big deal. Bitty was suddenly hailed as the “gay Carrie Underwood” and Jack had to order a moratorium on all jokes about his sexy “tractor.” They got the usual “keep your private life private” criticism from the AFA people (“Would that I could, y’all.”) and some nasty remarks from sports commentators, but it wasn’t as if either of them was coming out for the first time.

Mostly they both just had to suffer through the Blue-Eyed Jack memes. It seemed a fair price to pay for being able to date openly.

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Disneyland Band, Dapper Dans, Mickey and Pals by Ryan Kirkpatrick
Via Flickr:
“Welcome to our family time”

You’re the promise that degraded every hope and dream
You’re the whisper at the end of every hopeless scream
After all the years of turning love to empty rage
All you wanted was for me to help you turn the page

I know now
I didn’t see the bruises 
that I should’ve seen the first time I fell 

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