goofy bands

You’re the promise that degraded every hope and dream
You’re the whisper at the end of every hopeless scream
After all the years of turning love to empty rage
All you wanted was for me to help you turn the page

I know now
I didn’t see the bruises 
that I should’ve seen the first time I fell 

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okay. a few things at work today that ran through my head that I forgot to mention:

it was hilarious after the meet and greet. because here I am going up the escalator (yes, escalator. that venue was massive) and there are two dudes in front of me talking:

“yeah so there’s a band they’re called Ghost and they’re opening before Maiden. they’re like Satanic or some shit I dunno. I’ve only seen a couple of things, but man I’ve seen some shit. just warning you”

and the other guy was like:

“ah, mkay.”

it’s funny because 

1. they’re a goofy spoofy satirically Satanic band whose current leader is obsessed with making women cum and prances around the stage like fucking forest sprite while his Ghouls act just as silly. 

2. because there I was, RIGHT BEHIND THEM. JUST GOT OUT OF THE MEET AND GREET WITH SHARING HEARTFELT WORDS WITH PAPA. and I was wearing my Black to the Future hoodie- all the while these two dudes are just like “hmmm I’ve never seen Ghost before!” I was just so tempted to be like “WELL YA DON’T SAY???”

^^^ like I was gonna be the one to be the Satanic Charlie from the Chocolate Factory and show the raunchy world of Ghost and call it “pure imagination”. - but I didn’t. and I actually regret it lmao.

another thing, was when my friend and I first arrived at the venue. I was waiting in line just so I could ask a FUCKING QUESTION as to where the meet and greet people were supposed to wait. because I didn’t want to be rude towards the Iron Maiden peeps who were eyeing up all the Trooper shirts. and this big beardy heavily tatted guy walks up to my friend and I. with a bandanna, sunglasses and all, and proceeds to hit on us.

he just goes “hey….how you ladies doin?” and my friend was like “pretty good.” and I just looked at her, and looked at him, then looked back at her. and the guy goes “haha! wow, I was expecting to get a little attitude from your friend but not from you!” and I just kinda laughed and shrugged it off because I didn’t really mean to be rude. but part of me was like “holy shit I’ve never been hit on a whole lot but wow here we are how tf do I deal with this”. then he proceeds to tell us how he’s been a fan of IM since 1982, and this is when I looked away and rolled my eyes because I was like ‘omgggg we don’t even care about Maiden we just wanna see Ghostttt’. then I see that….in the sea of ink he had on both his arms….he had a swastika tattoo…inside of a circle with wings on both sides on it….that turned me off towards him even more than I was already turned off. needless to say, after my friend and I just kinda minded our own business, he slithered away. 

back to the meet and greet. there were seriously like nearly 30 people in line waiting for Papa. I was really afraid that since there were so many people that I wouldn’t have time to spill my guts to him. but of course we all know how that ended anyway.

there were these two guys in line who actually thought I was a part of Ghost’s crew. they were in their mid thirties, at least they looked to be. and they would kind of bust my chops every now and then, but I found it to be charming. they reminded me a lot of my dad with his humor. 

one of the guys was like “o-OH! you’ve got the meet and greet! wow I thought you were security making sure no one else was getting in! (sure guy, sure).
there was a guy in our line, a few people ahead, who I swear was there for radio or something. he chatted up our ENTIRE GROUP while we were waiting for Papa. he would stand in the middle of the room and ask us


 I got such a kick out of him. he was taking one for the team and trying to get us all to socialize- and it worked. 

he was wearing all black, with black and white creeper shoes. and he had a Bauhaus patch on the front and the back of his shirt. and while we were waiting for Nick to come out to take us to the back room, he was judging all of our Ghost gear while we were standing there. I met a girl named Sam (who was super sweet and nice but unfortunately does not have a tumblr. I wish I had asked for her facebook because she was so darling) and I told her 'god I feel like I’m on project runway right now with him judging all of our threads lol’
honestly…..the entire experience was so wonderful. I met really friendly people. regardless of the distance that some of the Maiden fans and Ghost fans had in terms of knowledge of each other’s bands- everyone was like family. I saw no one starting any shit. I mean I heard a little bit of shit talking from assholes out in the hallways during intermission- but fuck them right?

everyone was just there to enjoy music and have fun. which is what all shows should be about. it made me so happy.

**** and just because I absolutely can’t shut up about it ****

the look in Papa’s eyes when I pulled away from him when we had our last hug. after I told him “you do so much for so many people”. I swear, he looked like he either wanted to cry or scoop me up in his arms. I feel like I really impacted him, and that’s exactly what I wanted to do. and for him to actually remember me and my face meant so much.
I’ll never get over last night. not ever.