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A Goofy Movie: The Perfect Cast

  • what she says:im fine
  • what she means:in Friends, Chandler was always considered very average and not that attractive, in fact the very base of his character was that he was the funny/goofy one, Ross was the smart one, and that Joey was the cute one, but Chandler was actually remarkably intelligent and hardworking, as well as the fact Matthew Perry was a very attractive man, whereas Ross most often got himself into awkward shenanigans and Joey was often very goofy. Chandler was the best of all three of them put together, without some of the other two's worse attributes (Ross' tendency to ramble on, Joey's grudge-holding, Ross' quick temper, etc), yet somehow it was considered by pretty much everybody in the Friends universe that Monica was a catch for Chandler and he should feel honoured to be dating her... Chandler was a brilliant character and it is unacceptable that his most prominent attribute, his comedy, has become recognisably his only positive attribute.

i keep making the mistake of warming up with kingdom hearts drawings

EDIT SO U PPL WILL SHUT UP: goofy IS a dog i made the dECISION TO DRAW HIM PUPPY SIZED AND HIS TAIL IS DRAWN AKIN TO PLUTOS???? hes not a mouse look at the ears omg im so tired of seeing that comment go watch a disney film