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Didn't Go as Planned(tonic) - Peter x Reader

Summary: You meet Peter after getting your heart broken and was the sweetest friend for support. You tried to remain it just a friendship to avoid another heart break but of course you know how that went.

You stared the telephone, eyeing it down like those cowboy movies where there’s a showdown. Your eyes quickly glance at the piece of paper that has been a bit crumbled up in your small hands. You huff out loudly and dug your fingers into your scalp.

It shouldn’t be so hard to just simply call Peter. It was a reasonable hour to start a call with him and you just need to ask him a simple question. EVERYTHING SHOULD BE SIMPLE!!! But when you go to press the buttons your heart races, fingers get shaky,and you feel like you head is melting. He’s just a friend! you thought, why is this difficult! 

Your memories flashed through your mind of the events you went through with Peter by your side. On a school trip, you all went to the beach and you were really close with Scott. You guys had occasionally flirted from meaningful compliments to cute nicknames to a unbreakable bond, well at least you thought.

Later on that trip you caught Scott kissing Jean and your heart broke. You felt betrayed. You thought you had something special with him but he was able to throw you away in a simple snap.

It was after that you met Peter. He found you by himself and knew you were upset about something. He refused to leave someone all alone when they clearly need someone to comfort or talk to them. You told him everything and he told you if you needed a friend to just bother him, he wouldn’t mind.

Ever since then, Peter became your new pal. You were close to him even closer than you were with Scott. But you made sure to stay in your lane. When Peter gave you compliments or just said nice things to you, you didn’t take it too personally. He hugged you? Well he’s just like a brother so of course. Kept on reassuring you that your flaws are amazing? He’s just being a supportive, caring friend. Even yours and his friends asked if you two were dating and you just simply responded saying he’s just your best friend.

Everyone just thinks your friendzoning him. Well its a little true, but that’s because you have no choice. You couldn’t risk going through the same bonding just to have it crushed again. So promised yourself he’d be nothing more than just a brother to you. Besides it’d be fun to have a guy friend with no feelings going on between the two of you right?

Well just for you, that didn’t go as planned. It just suddenly happened. One day you guys were just goofing around, blowing balloons and playing swords fights and in the middle of it your heart pounded. Your cheeks heat up and turn red. Peter just thought because you were tired. So you took a break, he got you water and as you chugged it down you look him in the eyes. His looked so… relaxed. Kinda like he’s high but that wasn’t the case. You can tell his gaze was an adoring type of gaze. Your heart pounds again then your eyes widen. 

Oh no…

Oh no no no…

You tried to deny it, but let’s face it. You fell for Peter Maximoff. You tried to covert you mind back into your platonic thoughts about him but it was no use. You knew this was bound to happen, but you just wanted something simple for once. Of course life is never simple.

A frustrated sigh left your mouth. You just wanted to call your best friend, but because of these so called stupid feelings, it’s physically interferring with your actions. 

Your fists crumble the piece of paper in your hands in a ball and throws it at the phone. You slump into the couch admitting defeat. You felt so weak, what were you suppose to do now. You don’t want to lose that connection between the two of you, but you just can’t bare it.

You door opens abruptly and you head jolts up making eyes contact with those dark eyes. Speak of the devil. Peter presses his lips together feeling awkward at the moment. 

“Hey, (y/n), um- Jubilee found this cool italian fast food place! Like you can get pasta and bread sticks at the drive thru! So get out of your sweats, your coming with us!”, he snaps out of his thought as he began to place his hand on his hips to look more confident while he cracks out his stunning smile with effective dimples.

Your lips raise up into a smile. Peter wasn’t the most simplest of guys but he kept you on your toes being unpredictable and surprising always. Maybe that’s why you fell for him. Maybe simple isn’t your forte. Whether your feelings are mutual or not, all you knew that you just want to be with him forever. Lovers or friends. 

150628 Dongwan FB update: Eric & Minwoo goofing around with a helium balloon

Eric doing a song intro: This time you listen, the song is a strange feeling of Micky Lee

Eric’s long time manager/Shinhwa Chief manager/E&J CEO Lee Jong Heon posted this cute Hello Kitty straw on is instagram before the start of Beijing concert…. Wonder where the Hello Kitty balloon & the cute Hello Kitty straw came from?

It was from the Hello Kitty desert table by ERICWINK

Video by Dongwan + photo credit as tagged + gif by gaellydeng

catchmewhispering  asked:

OK magazine's twitter is reporting on the Larry happenings at the Sweden show/the trending hashtag.

Good good good!

One Direction fandom go into meltdown mode after Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson share a giggle on stage

1D fans have started the trend #LARRYISCOMING back on Twitter after video emerges 

By Megan NisbetWednesday 24 Jun 2015

One Direction are trending on Twitter again today.

But refreshingly - this time - Zayn Malik is not the cause of the hashtag that has gone viral.

Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson goofed around with a balloon on stage [Twitter]

1D fans took to social media last night after Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson shared a giggle whilst performing in Sweden.

Harry, 21, can be seen laughing at his band-mate Louis, 23, as he blows up a balloon on stage.

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The pair apparently goofed around with each other during the song Little Things.

And fans are freaking out.

But just in case that wasn’t enough… Harry later flew a flag handed to him by a member of the audience.

“Always in my heart @Harry_Styles. Yours sincerely Louis,” read the flag that appeared to be a screenshot from Louis’ verified Twitter account.

#LARRYISCOMINGBACK back is literally trending worldwide because of this moment [Twitter]

It’s not clear why fans are celebrating this moment. But it could be linked to the fact that Harry was said to be giving his pal the cold shoulder lately for his Twitter spat following Zayn Malik’s departure from the band.

“#LARRYISCOMINGBACK holy s**t I’m crying tears of happiness,” wrote one fan.

Whilst another added: “It’s been so long since I’ve seen them interact like this and this really warms my heart #LARRYISCOMINGBACK.”

One Direction heartthrob literally flies the Louis Tomlinson flag [Twitter]