goofballs! :3

Your two complicated sons




 ”I always say that if you were on a road trip, you’d definitely want Scarlett [Johansson] in your car. She’s kind of always laughing, even when she’s in a bad mood.” -Chris Evans
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable - An After-school Chitchat at Cafe Deux Magots

In this drama cd, Okuyasu has a crush on the waitress who works at the cafe, and Josuke and Koichi (being the best bros ever) help him try to confess his feelings to her. Hijinks ensue, and Okuyasu once again shows how much of a precious, adorkable, loveable goofball he is. <3

I was just reminded by @piranhebula how much I LOVE this goober from the Wakfu animated series-

His name is Sir Percedal (Dally for short) and he is the CUTEst little goofball <3 Whenever he’s on screen I’m either in stitches from his antics or just like- ROLLING AND SOBBING WITH HOW SWEET HE IS ;A;

If you haven’t watched Wakfu I highly recommend it, it’s weird and quirky and different .;D Oh, and the French version is the original, I like that one best for their voices.