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 ”I always say that if you were on a road trip, you’d definitely want Scarlett [Johansson] in your car. She’s kind of always laughing, even when she’s in a bad mood.” -Chris Evans

One Way Trip. (pt. 1)

prompt: winning the trip to the twin’s warehouse, blah blah blah

warnings: none.. yet

author’s note: I’ve decided to start my writings out with a miniseries! I hope you all enjoy it, though I’m not that good of a writer :’))


Just like any other busy day, you couldn’t wait on getting home to watch the Twins’ newest YouTube video. You usually keep up on all the latest social media posts, but with the end of the school year comes finals which means study, study, study. Your parents were super strict when it came to preparing to your finest for the exams, and that involved collecting your electronics like you were back in elementary school. It wasn’t exactly a problem, and now you get to go home and watch all you wanted in peace.
As you flopped onto your lightly decorated mattress, your fingers fiddled on the phone screen and you scrolled through your subscrition list. It wasn’t a list that was too long though you did stop to politely cringe at a few old subscriptions from your earlier years. You tapped on the twins’ channel to then choose the most recent video. Smirking at the title, you watched through. The were the same goofballs they were 3 years ago and you lived for each and every minute captured in each Youtube video. Towards the end, you listened to the announcement carefully, almost getting excited at their plans, though you had trained yourself not the get your hopes up. Shrugging, you scrolled down to the comment section to leave your words and a cute purple heart at the end to maybe catch an eye. It was a million in one chance that sat on your heart, but you locked the screen and laid your phone on the pillow next to you.
As July settled in, you spent most of your days balancing a social life with work, but today you decided to take a day to yourself. The heat was unbearable outside, and your messages filled with pool requests. With a sigh, you finally gave in and decided in a groupchat to carpool to the nearest spot. You changed and collected a few things to throw in a bag and slipped a pair of sunglasses on the chest of your bathsuit top, carrying yourself to the first floor to wait on your pickup. You did whatever you could to prepare yourself with the rays outside the front door.
You ended up distracting yourself with your music player on shuffle, bringing yourself back to earth when a familiar horn could be heard from outside.
“Bye mom, I’m leaving!”
You called out before closing the door behind you. Trailing to the vehicle full of people, you pushed your sunglasses up the bridge of you nose. Almost instantly, you regret leaving the house. You single handedly pulled open a car door and slid in, being greeted right and left as the car pulled off and you were finally on your way. Small conversation was held on the car’s interior as it made the short drive to the local pool. Your eyes fixed out your window to peer to the almost empty pool area.
“I told you guys it’s even too damn hot for the pool.”
“Oh hush, you hermit, more room for us!”
Your friend in the passenger’s seat exclaimed before removing themselves from the car. One by one, everyone exited the car to excitedly run to the entrance like children. You all flashed pool passes and went in, laying out towels and bottles of water. You sat criss crossed on your towel as your friends all jumped into the open body of water. Almost on que, you pulled out your phone to only check time, noticing the million + 1 notifications coming from almost every app. Usuing your oppisite hand as a shade from the sun, your stomach almost jumped out of your throat as you screamed bloody murder; though it was only joy. Your peers turned and looked to you with concern and you were almost crying in joy.
“What the hell is wrong with you, Y/N?”
One yelled as another ran to your aid. Your words were trapped on the tip of your tongue and your phone slipped from your fingertips. Swallowing hard a couple times, your hands moved to fan yourself.
“I won the trip to L.A.”
You squealed, but even the words coming from your lips weren’t believable. The amigo to your side looked to you in disbelief, so you simply searched for you phone you show her the vrious tweets and instagrm comments, eventually coming across the confirming one from the twins. Pulling you to you feet, your companion joined you in jumping in screaming like they only do in movies.
“Y/N, this is huge! This is amazing! We’ve gotta get you home and packed asap!”
They gathered the rest of the group, apologizing for the sudden change in plans. You all left as you came, keeping the news lowkey all the way to your home. You were dropped off first, skipping with bliss all the way to the front door. You had a text from your friend that they’d be over later to help with packing, which you sent the same purple heart back. Slipping the door key into the lock, you pushed it open and locked it back, then turning to eye your mom and younger sister watching tv on the couch. You all exchanged eye contact and your mother raised a brow.
“Home so soon?”
“Mom, you are never going to believe what just happened to me.”
Your mom painted the same look of confusion as your friends and she gentally patted the open space next to her. Your sister’s eyes didn’t leave you and your dropped the things on your person and rushed to the couch. You were breathless, holding your chest, but smiling like an idiot but words came pouring from your mouth.
“You know that Dolan Twins Contest that flies a fan out to L.A. to visit their warehouse and make a video and hang out with them and actually meet them and stuff? And me! Me! Me of all people got picked to go. Like, oh my stars! Can you believe it? I got picked out of all those people and-”
“Well go pack! Go pack! When do you leave?”
Your younger sister cut you off out of the complete blue, taking your hand in hers and guiding you off the couch. Your mother didn’t even have enough time to speak as you two went, collected your things from the front door, and vanished up the stairs. Your mom sighed, peeling herself from the couch to slowly trail up the stairs behind you. She opened your bedroom door to you two throwing clothes about searching for a case.
“When do you leave?”
“My flight is July 15thm the end of this week.”
“You technically wouldn’t be a minor, you’re 18 on the 13th, so you don’t need me. Phew.”
Your mum smirked as a slight silence filled the space, your sister looking to you before screaming and jumping on your bed.
“I’m gonna meet the Dolan Twins, I’m gonna meet the Dolan Twins!”

Can someone explain to me...

How this adorable human being…

This goofball… 

And this gorgeous, sexy, gentleman…



                     - PART VI

Kai Parker x Reader
word count : 3 085
*gif by lightwoodxalec

After Bonnie and Damon figured out Kai and Y/N had gone out of the Prison World on their own , they headed for the one place they were sure Y/N would go. Her childhood home.
Damon rang the bell , waiting for Y/N’s brother to show up. He opened the door and stood there confused.
“Is she back ?” John asked annoyed. “I am not going to give her back her magic so you can use it as a bargaining chip to gain favour with that original freak. How do you know he will still want her ? It’s been ages.. ”
Bonnie and Damon glanced confused at each other.
“They got out. On their own. I guess we underestimated them both…” Damon said finally , leaning against the door frame. “And he will , trust me. Klaus loves his witches and Y/N is one of the most powerful ones ever. Once he learns she has her magic back , he’ll do anything to get her.”
“So she hasn’t come here at all ? You are her brother, I saw her face when I told her you were ‘concerned’ about her.” said Bonnie pushing her way into the house. “Are you hiding her in here ?”
John scoffed trying hard not to laugh.
“No. She doesn’t have the nerve to show up here. Y/N is no longer my problem. She is yours.” he grabbed Bonnie’s hand pulling her out of the living room and towards the door.
“Where is your car ?” Damon asked looking around. “I don’t see it anywhere … ”
“It was stolen a few weeks ago. Must’ve let the keys in the ignition.” John said a little confused as to why he was being asked that question.
Damon chuckled , taking a step towards the door.
“You can’t come in , remember ?”
“Right , that pesky extra boundary you put on to keep me , Caroline and every other vampire out.  OH well , it’s not going to stop me from trying to strangle you for the idiot you are.” Damon said rushing inside , wrapping his hands around John’s neck and pinning him to the wall. “Well , I guess our friends have been here after all…”  Damon said letting John go.  "You are an even bigger idiot than I thought.“
“Y/N has her magic back.” Bonnie stated. “Which means they can be anywhere … ”
“Can’t you do a locator spell?”
John’s eyes widened and he ran upstairs , pulling out their family’s grimoar from under his bed , flipping pages as fast as he could. If his sister really has been here and has her magic back , then she’d need one particular spell. He kept flipping pages ,stopping only when he found there was a page missing. He looked up meeting Bonnie and Damon’s eyes , they had followed him upstairs.
“A locator spell won’t work.” John said , closing the grimoar. “Y/N took the page with the spell blocking tracking spells , permanently.”  

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Happy Stanuary, everyone!

Home has meant many things to Stan throughout the years, and there was a long stretch of his life where he had actually been without one. Over the past summer though he’s come to truly learn what the word means to him, and he could never ask for a better one than with the goofballs above. <3