goof ninja

Imagine being an artist. Maybe you’re not the best, but you love it. Your sketchbook and pencils follow you everywhere, always looking for something to draw.
Imagine your favorite turtle looking through your sketchbook and finding a drawing of him.

You drew in a more traditional manner, preferring to use black ink pens on thick, sturdy paper. Your sketchbook was filled with things around the city that had caught your eye. But it was also filled with your boyfriend, Leonardo.
Images of him meditating or training, a page full of his hands. It was common for you to visit him and simply sit down and draw. Leo didn’t seem to mind, most likely assuming that it was simply another quirk of yours.
“Do you draw everyone?”
You looked up from your sketchbook as Leo focused on the dummy.
“Sometimes. It really depends.”
“It’s just…you draw me a lot. But I’ve never seen you draw my brothers.”
“That’s true.”
You carefully ran the pen over the page, focusing on the little details.
“I suppose you caught my eye.”
You put down the pen and said
“I don’t know. Maybe because you’re the first one of your family that I met. I started drawing you when I had the time. It’s actually the reason I caught feelings.”
He stopped training and looked at you.
“Can I see them?”
“If you want.”
He came over and bent down, watching as you flipped through your little book.
“I didn’t know you were this good.”
You smiled and looked away.
“Are you blushing?” Leo said with a grin.
“I don’t…show anyone my drawings. So I might be a little embarrassed.”
“My sweet artist.”
He kissed your forehead and resumed his training, while you picked up your pen and began to finish your work.

You loved your watercolors.
You had been given a set by your godmother when you were little and just feel in love with them. As the years went by and your experimented, you always had a special sketchbook for your watercolor art.
It was mostly filled with the city, buildings and people, graffiti and the like. But you drew Raphael a lot as well. You had never told him about that, worrying that he would think it was weird, but you drew him when he wasn’t looking. Mixing the green to get to right shade of his skin, paying close attention to the detail.
“Hey, tiger.”
You looked up and smiled as Raph appeard at your window. He slipped inside and sat on the bed.
“I wasn’t expecting a visitor.”
“Missed ya. Nothin’ was goin’ on at the lair, so I came over. Don’t I get a kiss?” He teased.
You set your sketchbook aside and kissed him gently. For a moment, you found yourself melting and forgot about everything else. Until Raph pulled away and you were brought back to reality.
“What’s that?”
He picked up your book and looked through it a little bit, holding it just out of your reach.
“Is that me? You been drawin’ me?”
“No one is allowed to look through those.” you said.
He handed it back and said
“It looked good. You draw me a lot?”
“Yeah. Is it weird?”
“Nah. I kinda like it.”

You weren’t the best artist.
You just had a notebook filled with drawings done in pencil, mostly when you were bored. Just doodles of space and stars, aliens flying by. Plants and people with goofy expressions. And your boyfriend. You drew your boyfriend a lot as well.
You would hang around his lab when he was busy and draw to pass the time. Donnie wearing his lab coat, crouched over his experiments.
Donnie smiling or blushing or eating pizza or reading. Anything really. And they were always your best drawings.
You looked up and saw your boyfriend standing over you.
“I said I was done. I wanted to know if you would like to watch a movie.”
“Sounds good.”
He cocked his head and said
“What you got there, dove?”
“Oh, just my notebook. I just…draw sometimes.”
“Is that me?”
You blushed and nodded as he crouched down to get a better look.
“Sorry if they’re bad. Or creepy.”
“No, no, not at all.” He said quickly.
“Wanna go watch that movie?”
You went off to make the popcorn as Donnie thought about the drawings (which are really a lot better then you think).

You were pretty serious about your art.
You had huge sketchbooks, one for color and one for black and white. You had boxes upon boxes of markers and pencils and everything you needed. You even took commissions to have a little extra money.
Your hands and clothes were covered in splashes of paint of markers, a permanent fashion statement that announced to the city
“I’m an artist!!”
Your boyfriend loved that about you. He was an artist as well, and you oftenlent him your things as he couldn’t always get his own. It was common for you two to spend hours together, drawing in your books and sneaking kisses. He was the only one who was allowed to go through your sketchbook.
“Babe! Babycake!”
You looked up from your work and smiled.
“You got into the zone, babe. You want some pizza?”
“Sure, Mikey.”
He looked at your book and smiled.
“Is that me?”
He got a better look and said
“Y/N, I think you have a crush on me! That’s adorable.”
“Babe, we’ve been dating for almost a year.”
“I know, but still.”
He kissed your cheek, laughing a little.
“I’m crushin’ on you too, angelcakes. Big time.”
You rolled your eyes and kissed your boyfriend.
“Let’s go order that pizza, ya goof.”