Does anyone else remember how fucking terrifying Gooey Gus was? (Or was I the only person who watchedGhostwriter?)


When I was a kid I used to watch a show called Ghost Writer. Oddly, I can’t remember what the show was about. However, there was a particular story that lasted about 3 episodes that scared the shit outta me, and I’m pretty sure that I’m still scarred. Anyway, it was about a radioactive purple bubble gum slime monster that terrorized the kids on the show. No matter what they did, dude would always come back. His name was Gooey Gus, and before he would attack, he would ask, “You laughing at me? You laughing at me?!” Click here for video.

Forgotten Kids' TV Shows
  • Bob in a Bottle

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    A  Japanese anime series also known as The Genie Family that first aired from 1969 to 1970.  It was about a boy who owned a bottle and whenever he sneezed, Bob the genie would appear to grant his wish.  Bob was really clumsy so he’d usually stuff it up.  He often said, “You sneeze, I please!” as he came out of his bottle.

  • The Biz

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    A British drama series that first aired from 1994 to 1996 and centred on a group of teenagers who attended Markov’s School of Dance and Drama.  The storylines often included romance, rivalry, ambition and mini disasters.  It had a very catchy theme song that included the lyric, “‘Cause they’re just dreams unless you know that nothing else will do!”

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Anyone else remember this ugly bastard!!
Gooey Gus was one son of a bitch!! I had nightmares for years as a child…here’s a tribute to that. Nostalgia!

I’m going to punch whoever wore the costume in the gut.

Nightmare Fuel: Things that scared me as a kid

When I was growing up pretty much everything scared the living crap out of me. Bees (still scared though) and my school janitor. But some movies honestly put the creepiest things in them. Somethings are from kid movies and others… well they are from things I probably shouldn’t have been introduced to as a kid. These aren’t in the top list because all of these scared the crap out of me some of these aren’t even characters just random songs or events in movies or shows that scared me….so here we go

1. Gooey Gus

For years I have not even remembered the show that this Bastard was from, all I remember was that he was a bubblegum monster and he was the scariest thing I had ever seen! Only this year did I learn the show was called Ghostwriter and this demon spawn was named Gooey Gus. 

2. Judge Doom

Honestly name one kid who watched Who Framed Rodger Rabbit who did not scream in pure fear when Judge Doom revealed his true colors  He was a crazed toon with a high pitch voice and I will always remember “yes!!! I killed you’re brother Eddie and I LOOKED JUST LIKE THIIIIISISISISISI!!!!” 

Christopher Lloyd you are the best but honest to god I couldn’t even watch this section of the movie 

3. The Wicked Witch of the West

Try as hard as you will Wicked for making her seem nice, the Wicked Witch of the West was my Satan. The only way I could watch the Wizard of Oz was to skip (or run away) from every single scene she was in. Even when shes that crabby old woman who wants to dog… nope get her away. And lets not forget these guys

4. The Are You Afraid of the Dark Opening

I remember nothing in this show was ever scary, the only thing that was is this god forsaken opening. The music, the Creepy clown doll and the swings that just moved for no reason with that weird creepy song

4. The Crypt Keeper 

When I was little I was introduced to the cartoon Tales from the Crypt Keeper, it was one of my favorite shows and the Crypt Keeper was a hero of mine (he is now to this day now that my fear is gone) I used to think he looked like a green dog… I was a kid don’t judge me. However my Step Father, whose goal was to watch me scream decided to show me the movie Demon Knight. Actually what father even shows their kid that movie! I only got through the traditional opening of the show. Right when the Crypt Keeper jumped out of that coffin I cried, screamed and ran

5. Dr. Jeykl and Mr Hyde in the Page Master

Honestly look at the guy, watching Dr Jekyll Transform into My Hyde was one of the many things that scared me about this movie. The second thing was the killer paint

6. The X-Files Opening

To this day I am scared of Aliens, and the opening to this how doesn’t help. I actually cant even watch the opening without getting scared.

7. Slappy the Doll 

I cant even say anything about him

8. When E.T is Dying

This is probably why to this day I am terrified of E.T I will never forget him in that bathtub just screaming to that kid. 

9. The Fly

The Whole movie actually. This is now my favorite horror movie of all time but this was one  of the many things good ol Step Dad said it was ok for me to watch… WHEN I Was 10!!!

10. When Stripe Dies

Just look at that and tell me it’s not creepy

11. I Bring you Love

Never thought the Simpons would ever scare me

12. When Jim Carrey first transforms into the Mask

13. Failed Ripley Clones

I had an AVP comic when I was 8 and my Step Dad (surprise) thought I should watch Alien Resurrection… but just the scene where they find the failed Ripley clones….

14. The Ghost Librarian in Ghost Busters

15. THat Troll from Ernest Scared Stupid

16. The movie The Witches

17. The talking toilet from look whose talking now

18. The Brave Little Toaster

(only these scenes)

19. First time you see an Alien in SIGNS 

So what creeped you out as a kid?


Anyone remember the show Ghostwriter? A bunch of kids in Brooklyn worked together to solve mysteries with the help of this “ghostwriter.” It used to air on The N back when it shared a channel with Noggin. This was one of my favorite shows. I used to have my own Ghostwriter Casebook! I think that my love for mysteries and writing came from watching this show.

Gooey Gus (that nasty purple blob of gum), one of the villains, used to give me nightmares, lol.


nightmares of the 90s