Some ships I ship that deserve more love imho

So its no secret I love Roman Torchwick. But I never really talk about the ships I like that involve him.

Like, I like him with a lot of people.

I’ll list them in order! (Sorta this is subject to change in terms of which I like more)

1) Roman x Cinder. Yeah it seems sorta stereotypical to ship the two baddies, but I like this one a lot! I mean, they’re both gorgeous in their own rights. Why not let them be gorgeous together?

2) Roman x Neo (gelato!) whats there to say? Its like a super cute Bonnie and Clyde! :3

3) Roman x Ironwood. My trash/crack Roman ship. Its just…kinda pleasing to me lol.

4) Roman x Glynda. This is a really random one. I don’t even really ship it, but sometimes can see the appeal.

But yeah Roman x Cinder is a guilty fave of mine tbh. I’m not certain what its name is, if it has one. (Chances are it does lol)

So there you have it! Ships I actually like a good bit, that I never talk about, featuring my favorite, dashing red-headed baddie!


RWBY Volume Two → Teams 

In Order of Appearance:



Team Assholes 

Team Male Eye Candy

Team Little Bunny Fufu

Team Lonely Android Girl

Team We Have Tenure

Team Evil

Team Evil, Extended


RWBY x PASWG Part II! Made in a rush but I liked how these turned out ( ◎▽◎)