here’s a silly poem I wrote abt spring and learning how to cope w mental illness and life and shit

The chaotic neutral of a spring storm blows through my window

And it feels like the first breath i’ve taken maybe this year maybe ever

Maybe just like this

The scrape on my knee from rollerblading feels like the world’s goriest award.

I’m doing it! I’m doing it! Look at me gasping for air and trying not to fall in the best way ever!

The places that once were hellscapes are clearing and I can exist more presently in them

Remove some layers of protection

Take deep humid warm breaths that don’t feel like drowning

Stand up


Maybe my life isn’t such a mess

I listen less and less to the hellphone through my fear-buds

I listened to a new song by my favourite band and I felt good

Soon it’ll be summer

Warm enough to go swimming

I was always good at treading water

okay, but think about this

fanfic writer Lexa and fanart artist Clarke

  • Lexa has written a ton of fanfics that were modestly popular until Clarke started drawing fanart based on her fics
  • Clarke is a super blog in the fandom and everyone in the fandom loves her art, and once Clarke starts to draw fanart based on Lexa’s fics, they become insanely popular.  Which they deserved to be, they’re quite good
  • Soon, everyone starts shipping Clarke and Lexa together, but the only communication they’ve had is when Lexa thanks Clarke for the fanart in the footnotes of her fics and Clarke credits Lexa on her art
  • After a few months, Lexa and Clarke have heard enough of people shipping them and Clarke reaches out and messages Lexa
  • They find out they actually live in the same city and after much debate, decide to meet up at a local coffee shop
  • They post a selfie and their followers go crazy