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[House Starters s01e17 ]

  • Are you okay? Do you need some water?
  • They don’t care about moral this, moral that.
  • You’re being childish 
  • You’re mad at me
  • That’s quite a scar
  • Fight harder, speak for those who can't 
  • You find sincerity annoying?
  • Care to bet your job on that?
  • That was clearly an annoyed face 
  • You’re not pregnant 
  • It’s my call
  • You’re clever, you’re witty and you are a coward. You’re scared of taking chances 
  • I take chances all the time. It’s one of my worst qualities 
  • Why do you have to make everything so dramatic?
  • I hate sports metaphors
  • You’re in trouble
  • I just followed the scent of arrogance 
  • You don’t have a choice!
  • Am I gonna be okay?
  • I am selling my soul.
  • Only you can feel like crap, doing something good
  • Size isn’t everything 
  • Don’t you hate doing this?
  • You like me. Why?
  • What do you want to hear?