Was pretty excited to visit one of the houses I wrote about in my thesis finally. Here’s an excerpt from the 10 pages I wrote on just this one photo:

“So Ossipoff’s sentence that talks about the engawa, doesn’t just say ‘engawa.’ It talks about the Japanese reference in the engawa - it take about the Mission architecture in Hawaii through the brick tile - it says Modern with the sliding glass doors - it talks about the connection between indoors and outdoors - it also talks about the circulation space of the house - and it talks about the nature of the site, as it helps enclose the interior garden. One space talks about all of those different things.” 193

The Goodsill House, Vladimir Ossipoff, 1953

#ossipoff #engawa #tropicalmodern #midcentury #midcenturymodern #hawaiimodern #docomomohi (at Diamond Head, Hawaii)

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