It was a mini road trip of absolutes down highway 11 if you catch my drift. Our souls merged with creative force and for the afternoon I honestly felt as if nothing could stop us.   

Check out Hope’s blog.( Link Below) She is all you could ever wish to know of a woman. 

Vintage Attire provided by Atomic Warehouse.

Styling: Hope @

Photography*Post Production: Tifani Ennis( a.k.a. Me~)

My sister messing around on the side of the road as I photograph the last set for my show in February entitled Transcending the Veil: A photographic marriage to the self

I am so glad my sister is going to be in the show. The set I just photographed might be one of my favorites as they possess something that inspires me to make more like them.

I am excited about where I am going photographically right now and about what I have to share.