‘Park Run’ is my first contribution for 'Good People Run’ a New Zealand based,
running inspired collective of photographers, illustrators, designers and artists.

GPR mission statement: Good People Run gives back to community through running & its culture, while connecting people & organisations with the same vision. Providing a creative platform & opportunities for running events, fund raising, volunteering & acts of kindness.

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The meaning of (a trail runner’s) life

Et si tout commençait là...

Dear Runners, Friends, Dear GoodPeople,

Long time ago, I ran my first XC race. It was a cold rainy day of winter, I was scared. At the first turn after the starting line another kid stepped on my shoe. I lost it, fell on the rocky muddy ground and cut my knee open. I managed to finish the race with one shoe undone and a bleeding knee, I was 7 years old.
Against all expectations, this still remains one of the best memories I have about racing. Despite the fall, injury and position, my parents, close friends, coach and fellow runners were all there to cheer me up and teach me how to get back on my feet, literally, and stay motivated for the next races to come.

Firsts rarely go as planned in life, but as long as you are supported by the right people, your motivation and passion for the right things will never vanish, and you’ll get better and better along the way.

Two years ago, I took this insane bet that I could gather all the Good People of the world around one passion: RUNNING. I have thrown myself into it full swing, leaving everything behind. I have made mistakes, fell hard, been slapped in the face, taken countless “no"s, yet I learned from all of them. This hasn’t been fun everyday, but deep inside I still have a strong faith in the success of that project, because once again I am well surrounded by three dedicated and qualified friends.

In this quest to make GoodPeopleRun come true, I got the chance to meet you all. And for those encounters only, I am grateful already. You have been running partners, colleagues, advisors, friends and competitors who have all positively contributed to make this project, a better one.

Today, tuesday August 2nd, we publicly release GoodPeopleRun. I must admit I am anxious and scared like I was in the starting area of my first XC race. Only one thing has changed and gives me hope that this first time won’t be as painful. You, you all who stand by my side to help me give the ultimate push that will allow GoodPeopleRun to grow successfully.

If you didn’t get an Email, you can start registering here and become part of the GoodPeople.

We have given our best and put our hearts in it, and with your help and comments, we’ll keep improving it so we can all do what Good People do best. Run together.

Humbly yours,


Dear all,

After a lot of people have asked us, here is a preview of what you will be able to access on GoodPeopleRun.

The first page is the view of the search page that displays runners groups and events around your current location.

The second page is the view of a running group (still under construction), seen from the profile of “Martin GAFFURI”.

We hope that will raise your interest even more and hope to see you soon online

– Martin


Very cool and thrilling video recap about last weekend skyrace Cavalls del Vent.

New Year's resolutions, whatever...

In 2012, just like the years before and the ones to come,

most will watch while a few will act,
some will judge while others will listen,
believers will pray and non believers will have faith in themselves
dreamers will hope for good while doers will make it happen,
some people will lie to protect and other will tell the truth to hurt

Bottom line is people are people, haters will hate and lovers will love.

One sure thing is that runners are Good People, and in 2012 again, they will run!

So all I know is that like many of you I can already say that in 2012, I am a runner. For the rest, regardless of resolutions, only time will tell us…

All smiles


French athletes like to have fun… and look good naked!

La Silicon Valley, ou le Rêve Américain 2.0

Je reviens de 3 mois en Silicon Valley. Le but premier de ce trip était de comprendre et m'imprégner de cet éco-système où les limites de l'entrepeneuriat n'existent pas, vraiment pas.
Au gré de mes rencontres j'ai pu échanger avec des personnes brillantes et terriblement travailleuses. Tom, 19 ans, venait de lever 3 millions de dollars pour financer sa 9ème société. Les premières n'ont pas marché mais preuve que la persévérence paye, cette fois c'était la bonne. Situation aux allures de compte de fée pour un entrepreneur français comme moi, et pourtant loin d'être un cas isolé dans la Valley.

Alors pourquoi ce déphasage avec la France?
La triste réalité la voilà. Les mentalités en France sont frileuses et pointent du doigts l'échec d'un jour, que vous trainerez comme une étape négative de votre carrière.

La France abordera un entrepreneur avec la question “Es-tu certain que tu ne va pas te planter?’ là où la Silicon Valley l'abordera avec un "show me what you’ve got and let’s give it a try”. (montre moi ce sur quoi tu as travaillé et tentons le coup!)

Pour répondre à la France, si nous étions certain que cela marcherait, nous ne serions pas entrepreneurs… Ne nous voilons pas la face, il y a et il y aura toujours du risque lorsque l'on se lance dans quelque chose de nouveau. Mais le risque calculé est également ce qui génère l'activité économique et les emplois de demain.

J'aime mon pays plus que tout et j'en suis fier, mais cette entrevue des possibles dans un environnement effectivement favorable à le création de valeur me fait réaliser qu'on est vraiment en retard. Je le vois comme une opportunité, tout reste à faire.

Si vous êtes un entrepreneur français qui souhaitez aller en Silicon Valley, n'hésitez pas à me contacter et je serais heureux de vous donner des contacts et les quelques adresses incontournables.

– Martin