Things I learned this week in PHRM 114:

-British people call diapers napkins.

-One of my professors was talking about depression, and he said that it’s estimated that 21% of women and 13% of men suffer from depression. He explained that one possibility for why there’s such a large gap between genders is that the women have to deal with the men.

bahahaha Dr. Wagner’s class is the best.

Ps. Note to self. Apparently flu shots don’t protect you from viruses/colds. :( poop.. At least I have a reason to sleep all day now.. heh heh heh >:]

pps. Women, bless your souls…. I would rather get kicked in the balls twenty times than have to carry a freaking baby in my belly for 9 months, then be in labor for 12 hours STRAIGHT, and finally have a baby squeeze out of a tiny hole in my body. Birthing video… please get out of my mindddd. I hope I don’t dream about it tonight… T.T

During my night shift, one of my patients was playing Christian music from her phone. I later asked - “what song were you playing earlier?”

She replied, “Oh I don’t know - I was on the CCM (Christian contemporary music) playlist on Pandora.”

I casually asked, “Oh, are you Christian?”

“Yes, I am”

“Me too”

She looked at me as I was grabbing her blood pressure, smiled and said, “we have something in common then.. something big in common.”

I have something big in common with an old lady who was in the hospital for chemo treatment. And that made my 12 hours during night shift a little more bearable..

danielaruah:End of day checklist:
Face clean & hydrated ✅
Snuggly #hubby sweater ✅
Camomile tea ✅
Favorite honey from @blueashfarm ✅
—#goodnightworld #boanoitemundo
Lista do fim do dia:
Cara lavada e hidratada✅
Camisola do #maridão ✅
Cházinho de camomila✅
Mel favorito de @blueashfarm ✅


Note: Blue Ash Farm is COD’s brother Bill’s farm.

These are possibly the most unsexy pjs I have ever owned, but the most comfiest and cosiest all set for Winter. I love them ❤☃🌟❄

#supersoft #pjs #nightwear #loungewear #snowwhite #natural #nomakeup #niteynite #goodnightworld #cosy #snug #snugasabug #comfy #winter #hibernation #hibernate #love #womenswear #selfietime #inbed #blondie #blondehair #longhair #model #femalemodel

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