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I’m not always the best person and I have a lot of work to do, but a lot of the changes I’ve made in recent years are because of Harry. I never used to try so hard to give love to others; it wasn’t something I ever thought about. I never worried much about how my actions affected the world as a whole. But since becoming his fan I’ve really tried to be nicer and to be more loving and to show more gratitude and the quality of my life has increased so much. I truly do believe it’s because of the positivity I’ve tried to put out there. I still need to keep trying but I’m so glad that Harry is out here preaching love and kindness and acceptance because it makes a big difference. It really does.

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This was actually a lot of fun! I think I might actually make a schedule for certain asks certain days of the week. 

i.e - MUNday for Mondays, with questions about the mun, Tuesday can be like, “Terrible Tuesday” where NSFW prompts/asks are sent, Wednesday can be “Writing Wednesday” For headcanons and fic requests/prompts, Thursday can be “Thirsty Thursday” Where I answer NSFW Headcanons and fic prompts, and then Friday can be a “Free” day, for casual interactions of all kind. 

Weekends I’ll figure out later, since I work most Saturdays and don’t have my new work schedule for the summer, yet. 

Anyway, goodnight for now, Tumblr! If you are sending me any asks tonight, I’ll keep them safe in my ask box along with the SFW asks I received earlier and answer them another time. Tomorrow I work, so I might be busy OR limited to mobile responses for a while. 

Love you all! Nini and thanks for the interesting questions! <3