too much social media for tonight grabe di ko na kaya mga nababasa ko sigi na goodnight sana bukas maayos na pilipinas at buong mundo bawal na ba ‘yun huhu sigi dasal lang frenz dasal lang talaga 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Kung mahal mo ipaglaban mo

Ikaw rin baka iba na yung sinesendan nyan ng good morning and goodnight, iba na yung nakakausap nya pag sad sya, iba na yung nagpapasaya sa kanya. Iba na yung tinatawagan nya, iba na yung bubuo ng araw nya. Kung mahal mo sabihin mo, kung di ka mahal atleast nasabi mo part mo.

Yan tayo eh. Pa-crush crush lang. Nothing serious. Parang hayskul lang. Tangina paging all my crush like me back naman po cooperate chong babastos nyo naman. 2017 na oh. Ano baaaa. Anyway ang kyot ni crushie like taob lahat ng crush ko (except song joong ki pre) sa kanya. ANG CUTE NG PISNGI NYA SARAP INAT INATIN HANGGANG KAMATAYAN. Ge. Goodnight. Tulog na yun, tulog na din watashi.

Bakit ganun? Dati-rati kapag may sakit ako sobra ka mag-alala, ino orasan mo pa yung pag inom ko ng gamot para di ko ma skip. Tapos nagagalit ka kapag nagpupuyat akong may sakit. Bakit ngayon? Isang text nalang “PAGALING KA.” tapos wala na, ni goodnight man lang wala na. Bakit ganun? Alam mo bang sayo lang ako humuhugot ng lakas, minsan nagpapanggap pa akong magaling na para di ka mag-alala. Pero ngayon ata kahit ma ospital at mamatay ako wala ka ng pakialam.

Sarap na siguro ng tulog mo ngayon no? Samantalang ako Naghintay, nagbaba sakali na Ma-alala mo. Kaso wala e Bigo ako.

2 minutes and 37 seconds na call. Puro tawa lang ginawa ko! Hahahahahaha bwisit kasi kausap ko, joker amp charot Hahahahahaha cute talaga ng boses nun e. Boses nya lang crush ko HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Atleast narinig ko na both singing and speaking voice nya 😂 Goodnight tulugan na daw 😂

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What do you think the STARISH boys would say to their S/O while they were almost asleep/ asleep. I always see guys saying cute things once their s/o is a asleep so I wondered what you thought *u*



“Goodnight… Na…tsu… ki…..” they murmured softly before falling asleep.

 Natsuki ran his fingers through their hair looking at them endearingly. “You’re the cutest when sleeping ___-chan. So cute, I can’t help myself…” he whispered softly while wrapping his arms around them.


Tokiya looked over his shoulder to find them in deep slumber He gently smiled as he found himself mesmerized by their sleeping face. Unable to resist, he leaned in to lightly kiss their forehead. “You never cease to reveal sides of me, that even I wasn’t aware of _____…” he said under his breath as his eyelids dropped into unconsciousness.


After he was done singing his song, he found his beloved in deep slumber, with their head resting on his lap. Cecile lightly caressed their cheek and drifted in for a quick kiss on the lips. “It’s no surprise that both the muses, and I alike, find you absolutely beautiful, my princess.” He whispered, sweeping in for one more kiss before he took a nap himself.


Ren wrapped his arms around them in a tight hug, giving them one last kiss before they nodded off to sleep. “Looks like my little lamb has surrendered to the big bad wolf”, he mused, with a small flirtatious smirk on his face. “Just kidding…. Rest well, lady.” His eyes softened as he too nodded into the unconscious.


As soon as they returned home from their long date, Otoya softly chuckled as he noticed them dozing off on the couch. “So cute!” He said under his breath looking for a blanket to place over them. “Nothing makes me happier than your smile” He said in a hushed tone before kissing their nose. He then placed the blanket over their curled up figure as a deep scarlet hue spread from their cheek to their ears.  “Goodnight ____.”


Syo left the couch to get more snacks and returns to seeing them fast asleep in front of a recorded episode of “The Prince of Fighting”, where the protagonist rescues the damsel in distress once again. Inspired by his hero, Syo lifted them up bridal style and carefully set them down on the bed.

“I’m here to rescue you princess; for I am your knight who is to protect you.”Syo’s face glistened with confidence as he recited one of his favorite lines, until he heard slight shuffling on the bed.

“Syo-kun… I’m awake enough to hear you.” They mumbled before they passed out again. Syo zoomed out of the room with his face bright red in embarrassment.

“You heard nothing!”


He knelt down on the floor to admire his love, peacefully resting on the futon. A tender smile formed on his lips as he held their hand, softly rubbing their thumb. “Being in your presence makes my heart overflow with emotions. You’re so beautiful _____.” He lifted their hand to warmly kiss their hand. “I love you.”

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