goodnight taetae


Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Word Count : 2342

Genre: Fluffffff

Summary: Yoongi is away on tour missing you while wishing he could’ve brought you with him. So you take it upon yourself to surprise him at one of his concerts with some help from the boys.

Warnings: None

A/N: This is our first story and post, don’t be too harsh. :) We hope you enjoy!

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“Hey babyyyy~” I coo. Yoongi chuckled at the face I was making when he answered the video call.

“Jagi, why are you under a blanket?” He asked. I took my hands off my cheeks and pout.

Min Yoongi and I have been dating for almost two years now, and we hardly argue. He is part of a very well known Kpop band called BTS, I’m sure you’ve heard of it before. How I ended up dating my bias, and for two years straight, I’ll never know, but I absolutely adore and love him. Yoongi is currently on a six month tour with the group, and they’re a bit more than halfway done, and I miss him so much.

“What? I haven’t seen you in person for over four months and the first thing you say when I video call you is ‘why are you under a blanket?’ I’m hurt, Yoongi..” I say as I over exaggerate my pout. Yoongi simply sighs with a smile.

“Hey there, baby girl. How was your day today?” He coos. I blush slightly at the nickname, but I smile anyway.

“Long and lonely. I miss you, Oppa.” I say in a sad tone.

“I know. I really miss you too, (Y/n). Don’t worry though, there’s only two months left in the tour and I’ll be home to you.” He promises with a soft smile. I smile back and we sit in silence for a bit, just staring at each other through the screens of our laptops. “What I’d give to hold you in my arms right now…” Yoongi whispers with a sigh. His sweet words make my heart start to beat faster and I’m thankful that I can hide my blush with the blanket draped over me.

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6 AM in the morning when Kim Taehyung stumbled onto something from the floor and landed on the bed next to you. 

You jumped out of unconsciousness to see your boyfriend eyes bloodshot, hair messy but despite that he grinned at you, the rectangular grin you fell in love with. “Hi baby” he propped himself on his elbow. “I’m sorry for coming home late” he said placing an arm on your waist. 

“You just came home?” you managed to utter. He smiled that reached his eyes and nodded cutely but you frowned, “You look exhausted Taehyung” he shook his head "I missed you" he mumbled

“I missed you too Tae” and he grinned again “How was your day hmm?” he asked his voice groggy tugging something on your heart, 

“You need to sleep Taetae" 

"I need to spend time with you~” he pouted 

“You can when you get some rest" 

He squirmed cutely making you giggle, "Come on just tell me about your day, jagi~~” he begged 

“Taehyung” you sighed 

“Then I’ll sleep~" 

You rolled your eyes before shifting to face him properly. He looked at you intently before he pulled you closer and you began to tell him about your day. You started from waking up next to an empty bed to going to school and you rant about the amount of work you had to be done by Monday. Then you told him about your part time after school and you waiting for him the night before til you finally fell asleep waiting for him. "I had such a boring day Tae… how about you–" 

You looked up at him only to see him trying to keep his eyes open but you could hear his silent snores and you could only smile. "Aish.. this guy…” you mumbled before poking his forehead and he automatically collapsed on the mattress. By the time his head hit the pillow he was already fast asleep. 

“Goodnight Taetae” you whispered and pecked his cheeks. As you were about to get up Taehyung only tugged you back down and enveloped you in his arms. “Stay with me” he grumbled half asleep