goodnight sugarpop

the signs as mal blum lyrics

aries: “don’t get me wrong i mean i know you’re an aries and you’ve got commitment issues and you get kinda scary off your meds”

taurus: “i don’t mind i’ll be your earthworm / i will wait here in the dirt / for you to come and find me and determine what I’m worth”

gemini: “has my face gotten older? has my voice gotten lower? i feel the same but the world keeps getting slower”

cancer: “you moved to the city and cut off your hair / then your confidence was like a hat you could wear / and you wore it even when nobody was there”

leo: “the teller told me that i would be young and i would fall / but i didn’t think he meant so soon / no not so soon at all”

virgo: “and so i spent the winter bundled up / pretending i was sane / and giving up the things i love the most / because they felt like pain”

libra: “your hair is green, your hair is pink / my head is young / my heart can’t think / i drive my car, i ride the bus / i stay too long / i ask too much”

scorpio: “you are discombobulated / when you show up at my door / leaving glitter on my floor / but I don’t like you anymore”

sagittarius: “winter is listless and i’m a little bit like it / i can’t seem to sit still but i can’t seem to move”

capricorn: “because i shoot for the impossible knowing that it won’t come / and you’d think i would know better now that i am twenty one”

aquarius: “oh my god, look at all the stuff you’ve got does it make your loneliness more bearable?”

pisces:hold on up, we’ve got a bleeder on our hands / i don’t think you understand / you better do the best you can”