goodnight see you later

What nct texts you at 3 Am
  • Taeil: Goodnight. *two minutes later* I mean good morning.
  • Taeyong: Did you see nct dream win?? Hello?? This is important
  • Johnny: you tryna smash?
  • Ten: fuck SM wheres my comeback.
  • Yuta: okay but listen, why is Pluto the only character that can't talk?-
  • Sicheng: You up?
  • Doyoung: Kbbq is half price rn omg
  • Jaehyun: no but what IF my name was Jeffrey?
  • Mark: ... lmao tf. This boy sleeping in my imagination yeet bye.
  • Haechan: get woke hoe.
  • Jeno: Wake me up, wake me up inside.
  • Jaemin: my back still fucking hurts.
  • Renjun: how do you do that 'tm' thingy?
  • Chenle: hello? I'm planning world domination. You there?
  • Jisung: *is asleep* lmao he's a baby after all.
  • Kun: you'll help me kill sm right?
  • Hansol: who's this???
Kissed By The Baddest Bidder- Soryu "Happy Birthday"

Hi guys! This is a random birthday one-shot for Soryu.
Thank you for reading!

“Then I’ll see you the day after tomorrow!” I smile as I press the cellphone against my ear.
“You sound happy.” Soryu says and I can totally picture his soft smilein my head. He’s been busy with work lately, so we haven’t been able to spend any alone time together for a while. So it makes me happy to hear that we’ll see each other soon.

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One more little peek…

“Mumma?” your littlest son piped up tiredly, head lolling onto your shoulder as he fought with his heavy eyes to keep them open.

“What’s that, baby?” You placed the finished nightly bedtime book on the nightstand and adjusted your arms so he could cuddle closer against your side. You kissed the top of his head and held him close against your side, feeling his soft breath wash over the base of your neck. You breathed in the scent of his freshly from the bath skin, reaching your fingers up to card softly through his hair.

“I know what I’d like for Christmas,” he explained in his drowsy voice that had gone lispy.

You smiled against his hair, with a soft laugh. “Do you, now? Already? You already decided?”

“Uh, huh.”

“Is it a secret?” You bumped your nose against his temple, lowering your voice to a whisper as if someone whose ears weren’t meant to hear might find out. “Or is it okay if you tell me?”

“No, it’s okay,” he explained, absentmindedly playing with your fingers as he spoke. “I want a baby sister.”