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paradox solved. Flug is gay in every form of the word.

“But what about the OTHER people who are gay and UNhappy!?”


Prompt: A small mountain town finds themselves welcoming a new resident and his daughter, but what effect will this have on the other residents? On you? Welcome to Crawford.
Word Count: 939
Warnings: None
Author’s Note: Remember Everwood? That’s kind of where I got the idea for this, but now from the adults point of view and with younger kids. This is a slow burn too so prepare for a long read.

Special shout out to @wonders-of-the-enterprise for the AMAZING header for this series!!


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Surprise! (Grant Gustin Imagine)

Request: Hii, i don’t know if your request are open but if they are, could you writte a Grant irmagine when you are his gf, and he’s is in Vancouver rn filming “The flash” and you don’t see each other like for more than three months, and one night doing a skype call, he asks your for coming to see him but you tell him that you can’t bc you are very busy in LA. but in reality you have a plain ticket to go and see and surprise him and when he sees you he is very happy? a lot of fluff. [this makes sense?]

I love doing Grant Gustin Imagines, even though I’ve only done a few. I hope you enjoy!


Many people assume dating a celebrity is full of luxury. The truth is that any relationship, including ones involving a celebrity, is based off of commitment and pure passion for one another. And true, strong love can overcome any obstacle that life may throw at you both. 

Long distance and not enough hours being with each other was yours and Grant’s difficulty. But the two of you made an equal amount of effort to speak to each other at least once every day. 

It was night time and you knew that Grant was probably asleep. This weekend was your year and a half anniversary and you’ve managed to get a plane ticket to surprise him. While you were packing, your laptop notified you that someone wanted to skype. You threw all your luggage and clothes out of the cameras view and answered. 

“Hey, baby.” Grant smiled, obviously sleepy. “Sorry that I didn’t answer your call this morning.” He yawned. “We kept having to film this one scene, Carlos wouldn’t stop laughing causing me to laugh and it was a disaster. A funny disaster.” 

“It’s alright.” You smiled, sweetly. You and Grant have always made sure that the two of you would never keep anything from each other. Although you wanted to tell him about the plane ticket, you kept it to yourself for you figured that showing up would truly surprise him. 

“Are you coming up here for the weekend?” Grant asked, hope in his eyes. You haven’t seen each other for months now and it drove the both of you crazy. 

You gave him a sad smile. “I can’t. They double scheduled me at work.” You let out a frustrated sigh. Dating an actor definitely helped improve your acting capabilities. “I wish I could be there with you for our year and a half.” You gave him a sad smile. “You should get to sleep, I can tell that you’re tired. I love you, Grant.” 

“I love you too, (Y/N).” Grant smiled back. You two dismissed the call with a goodnight and you continued packing. 


After your arrival, you went straight to the studios where the CW heroes filmed. You tried your best to be as stealthy as possible but since you were lugging around your bags, you definitely stood out. Candice was the first person you bumped into. 

“Oh my god (Y/N) hey!” She greeted and then you shushed her. “I thought you weren’t coming this weekend. Grant was so upset.” She whispered. 

“I wanted to surprise him.” You said a small smile creeping on your face. “Do you think he’ll be mad that I lied to him?” You asked. 

Candice shook her head, her eyes lighting up. “No, of course not. He loves you, girl. He’d be more happy to see you than anything else.” She sent you off to Carlos’s trailer as it was the last place she saw Grant at. 

You stalked over to the area and before you even came close to knocking on the door, Grant opened it. At first he let out a sorry, thinking that he blocked a stranger’s way until he looked at your eyes. “(Y/N)!” He yelled out excitedly and pulled you into a bear hug. 

You took in his scent. Oh how you’ve missed him and being in his embrace. “Surprise!” You smiled at him. 

“I thought you were busy?” He asked. 

You gave him a guilty look. “I wanted to come down as a surprise for our anniversary. I’m sorry I lied.” You quickly explained, covering your face with your hands and peeking through your fingers. 

Grant didn’t look upset at all. In fact, he was smiling so big that you knew his cheeks are going to hurt later. “I’m so happy you’re here.” He told you, pulling you close. “I love you so much!” 

“I love you too.” And with that, he closed the gap between you two. He gave you a kiss that you’ve been longing for months now. 


Pairing: Isaac x reader, Isaac x Allison

Word count: 617

Warnings: Cheating and angst (??)

Author’s note: This is my first time writing on here and it’s terrible so I apologise in advance. Oh, and Allison’s alive in this, guys, mainly because I refuse to believe she’s dead.

Everything reminded you of him. The way the wind blew autumn leaves over dried grass. The large scarves you once loved but now hated. God, even the colour yellow reminded you of him. You had tried your best the past few weeks to push aside every memory you created with him, yet everywhere you turned you were constantly reminded of the love you had once shared.

It had been three weeks since your relationship with Isaac had ended, once you found out about his plans to move to France with Allison, and for you, they had been a living hell. You were heartbroken, to say the least and at every corner you turned, you saw them, oblivious to your current situation, living in their own little bubble. Neither of them had apologised to you, but at this rate you didn’t expect them to. Over the course of the past three weeks, you had run in to them twice, together, of course, and not a word was spoken between the three of you. However, today was different. Today you were going to a pack meeting.

You and Lydia were getting ready to enter the McCall house when she stopped you.

“Y/N/N, are you sure you want to do this? They’re both be there you know, together.”

“Of course, Lyds. I’m here for the pack, and only the pack. Nobody else.”

So, you both entered, and all eyes were on you. You smiled at everyone and made you way to your seat, the furthest away from Isaac and Allison. Scott broke the awkward silence in the room and began the pack meeting, discussing the issue about Deucalion, with you and the others chipping in to share information. Before you knew it, the meeting had ended, and you were broken out of your daze by a hand resting on you shoulder, one that belonged to a certain someone. Everyone looked at you sympathetically and left, including Allison, giving you and Isaac some time to ˜work things out.’

“I’m sorry for not speaking earlier. And I’m sorry for not telling you about mine and Allison’s plans. We were just planning on moving, nothing else, and I wanted to invite you with me. But then one night I kissed her, and it escalated, but it wasn’t as special as me and you. It’s hard for me and Allison-”

You interrupted him. “Hard? It’s hard for you and Allison because you love each other? Were you the one who was left behind? Were you the one who was betrayed by your best friend and boyfriend? No, you weren’t, so don’t say it’s hard for you.”

“Look, I’m sorry, okay? If I could take it back, I would.”

You scoffed. “You know what Isaac? If I could, I wouldn’t take it back. Clearly, I was oblivious to the fact that this relationship meant nothing to you. Every memory we created was thrown out the window by one kiss Isaac, and you can’t fix it. You can’ fix this, and you certainly can’t fix us.”

By now, tears were streaming down you face and you were both shouting, hauling horrible insults at each other. Taken aback by the commotion in the other room, the pack ran in to be greeted by a clearly aggravated pair. The insults soon stopped upon their entrance, and Allison ran over to comfort Isaac, telling him it wasn’t his fault.

This enraged a fire in you. “You know what? You two deserve each other. The cheater and the liar. Don’t contact me again. Either of you.” You snapped.

And with that, you picked up your belongings, whispered a goodnight to the pack, and left, taking your broken heart with you.

*awards self Best Roommate award for supporting emergency all-nighter with trip to coffee at 10 followed by pizza bites and extra home-brewed coffee at 1*

Date Gone Wrong


Pairing: Theo x Reader

Summary: Can you an imagine where the reader and Theo are on a date and the pack (Scott’s or Theo’s) suspects something about her and so they sabotage the date and Theo gets pissed bc she says she never wants to see him again and he tries to get her back?? Lots of description sorry 😂😂

Finalizing the tiny details to your outfit you checked the time and it read 6:25, Theo was going to be here any minute ready to take you out on a date, which he spent months convincing you to take. You weren’t one to get nervous but for some reason you wanted this to go well.

“Sweetheart Theo’s here” your mum yelled from the hallway.

Grabbing the jacket closest to you and the purse that contained the house keys, your phone, lip balm and other essentials you closed the door and headed to the front door. Your mum was leaning against the wall, smiling at you. “Really?” you asked her.

“What, can’t a mother be happy that her daughter is going on a date?” she asked while smoothing out your jacket.

“Normally a mum would be curious as to who her daughter is going on a date with” you replied lightly smacking her hands away.

“Theo Raeken, see I know who your going on a date with” she said giving you a grin.

“Bye mum”.

She waved goodbye and you quickly opened the door before she had the chance to interrogate Theo.

“I’m guessing that I’m not going to meet your mum tonight?” he asked while pointing towards the door.

“No, trust me I’m saving all of us from the embarrassing conversation that it will turn out to be”.

“Right…shall we?” he asked stepping to the side to allow you to walk past first. It was a different side to him, because every gentleman thing you could think of Theo had done it.

Instead of doing the cliche restaurant date, Theo had organized a simple outdoor dinner with all the privacy one could need. Both of you were sitting opposite one another and your eyes kept on averting to him. There wasn’t an awkward silence or uncomfortable tension, the thing you liked about Theo was being with him you didn’t need to constantly speak. His eyes and yours said it all.

“Is there something on my face?” he smiled.

“Um, what?” you shook away the zoning out feeling and felt your cheeks going red.

“You just keep staring at me” he replied.

“Sorry” you mumbled.

He lightly laughed and reached across the table, you followed his action and your hand met his in the middle. Everything about this night was going perfectly, the conversation was steady and Theo managed to impress you with his behaviour.

The sky was getting a lot darker than when this date first started, and the one thing you disliked about Beacon Hills was when it got cold, it really got cold. Dinner was finished and you were just admiring the view, Beacon Hills was truly beautiful at night. Just then Theo’s jacket went around yours, and you hugged it tightly.

“Thanks” you said to him.

“Gotta keep my girl warm”.

Turning to him, “Your girl?”

“Did you just think this date was going to be a one time thing, that would lead to nowhere?” he asked.

“Honestly I don’t know what I was expecting from this date…or in the future regarding us”.

Theo laced his hand in yours, and the warmth from him radiated onto you, “This isn’t me just playing around Y/N. I don’t care what anyone else says, I want to be with you”.

Before you had the chance to respond Tracy, Corey and Josh all came interrupting the moment.

“I think you should step away from him” Tracy demanded.

Unlacing your hand from Theo’s, you looked at Theo’s pack with a confused expression. “Excuse me?” you asked.

“Don’t pretend like you didn’t hear me” she replied.

“Care to explain what you all are doing here, ruining this night?” Theo growled.

Both Corey and Josh had taken a step back from Tracy, and it seemed like both of them didn’t want to be apart of this…whatever this was.

“We think-” Tracy started talking but Corey and Josh both spoke, “You think” they said. Tracy turned around and gave them a look.

“Fine, I think that Y/N is on this date to get information and report back to Scott and the others”.

You rolled your eyes, “Wow that’s a bold assumption” you said.

Theo stepped in front of you and wasn’t holding back with the angry expression that he was showing his pack members, “Unless you have evidence to back it up I suggest all of you”

Corey and Josh didn’t need to be told twice and hurried away, Tracy stood her ground giving you the biggest death glare, before obeying Theo’s order.

“I’m so sorry about that, I have no idea what Tracy was thinking” he turned to you.

Taking off his jacket, you handed it back to him and begun walking back to the truck. “Y/N” he shouted jogging after you.

“I was just embarrassed by one of your pack members and accused of being some sort of spy…it’s safe to say that this date is over Theo”.

“Wait, are you really going to let them ruin this night?”.

“Just take me home” you pleaded with him.

Defeated and not wanting to fight with you, Theo started his truck and took you back home. Stopping the car in your driveway, you quickly got out followed by Theo.

“Can we at least talk about it?” he asked blocking your way from getting to the front door.

“No we can’t. I don’t know what Tracy’s problem is, but I’m not going to allow her to throw accusations around”.

“I’ll talk to her, trust me she won’t do something like that again” he said.

“I need some time, so until then I don’t want to see you Theo”.

“You can’t be serious!”.

“You want to blame anyone, blame your pack. Goodnight Theo” you pushed past him and made your way inside. Thanking the fact that your mother wasn’t waiting up for you to most likely get all the juicy details.

The screen on your phone lit up and you read the message that was from Theo:

I’m not okay with not seeing you, I’m going to fix this - Theo.

Shutting off the phone you changed into something more comfortable and shut our eyes, wanting to forget about the horrible outcome tonight turned out to be.

The next day and the following days after that, Theo did whatever he could to fix the situation. Anytime you saw Tracy she didn’t acknowledge you, and often stayed out of your way. It was clear that her actions on the date had put her in Theo’s bad books, and not even she could sweet talk her way out of it.

It was constant text messages, secret notes in your locker, voicemail’s and Josh as well as Corey being the middle men to get you to at least have a conversation with Theo. You wanted all of this to be a temporary thing, but how could you be with Theo when his pack and possibly yours were so against it.

Theo couldn’t understand how you could just give up, when things haven’t even started yet for the two of you. But the way you saw it, it was better to leave now before things became too deep and feelings became too strong.

Opening your locker another note fell out, picking it up it read:

Your being stubborn, and I understand why. But please meet me at our spot where we had our first date. - Theo

Sighing you knew that all this wanted stop, until you gave him what he wanted.

So looking at your timetable you had a spare period. Using that you got in your car and drove to the spot that shared both good and bad memories.

“I don’t have a lot of time. I need to be back at school, so whatever you want to say make it quick” you said.

“Your my girl Y/N, I don’t want anyone else-”

You shook your head, “That;s not the problem Theo”.

He sighed, “Would you just let me finish. I don’t want anyone else and who cares if both our packs have their opinion about us? Forget what Tracy, forget what everyone else thinks and just allow yourself to feel every emotion that you were feeling before it all got screwed up”.

He stepped closer to you, breathing in his scent you placed your hand on his chest. “It won’t stop there Theo. Imagine how much chaos will come from us being together?”

“I don’t give a damn and neither should you”.

Lifting your chin, you admired the way Theo was handling all of this. It was certainly much better than you. “It’s easy for you Theo, it’s easy for you to just shake all the opinions away and not let them affect you”.

Theo’s response wasn’t words, but instead it was a kiss. “That feeling right there, that you just felt is the only thing that should matter Y/N”.

He was right, you knew he was. “Just go on another date with me, and I promise nothing will get in the way this time.”

“One more chance Theo…”

“That’s all I need” he said to you.

Trying to relax.

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Summary: For @queen-of-ravenclaw - Reader x Bucky - From the moment you woke up this morning, all you could think about was having a relaxing bath. Now you are stuck in the middle of Serbia with no chance of relaxing. Especially when you know someone else is occupying your bed tonight. 

Warnings: Fluff.
Bucky x Reader
Too many words.

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Hi do you know any good whitening cream? I really want to wear skirts but my knee is darker and rougher than my skin . I love your blog btw!! Please keep it up!! ^^

i’ve tried using the secret key snow white cream before, which is like a mask which you have to leave on for a while… it’s a temporary effect though! there’s also an armpit brightener by a’pieu that might work for knees too! 

if you want to lighten your knees without damaging the skin though, and you want permanent effects, i would highly recommend using some products with niacinamide or vitamin c in them, which both help with lightening pigmentation. i’ve been using mizon’s goodnight white pack on my elbows since i don’t like it that much for my face, but it’s been helping lighten my elbows. i’ve heard that lei lani’s body whitening cream is good.

wedding || liam dunbar

pairing: liam dunbar x reader

warnings: lowercase intended!!! too much fluff on here istg

prompt: x

a/n; so i changed it up a lil bc in this, they’re 16 and this is going to hold a really special place in my heart bc this is just so cute and fluff filled, it makes my insides go boom

Originally posted by hidden-in-a-dreams-gifs

“happy anniversary!” was the first thing you heard when you opened your eyes. you sat up slowly, careful not wake the sleeping werewolf beta next to you.

at the door of your room stood stiles and scott, countless plastic bags in their hands and balloons hanging in the air. you squinted your eyes at the boys, shielding your eyes from the sun shining in from the window.

“it’s 8 in the morning, what the hell are you guys doing here?”

you soon regretted asking the question when stiles’s smile turned into a frown and scott immediately stopped bouncing in his spot. the drop the plastic bags with a loud thud and let the balloons fly towards your ceiling.

stiles slip his shoes off in the process of walking towards your bed and hops on it, bouncing vigorously. “what do you mean what the hell are we doing here? it’s your anniversary!”

liam groaned from beside you, nuzzling his face deeper into your sides. you grabbed a pillow from behind you and hurled it towards the 18 year old boy. “it’s 8 in the morning!”

despite your pleads to go back to bed, as you had slept at 3 in the morning doing god knows what with liam, the best friends don’t think twice about pulling you both out of bed to get ready for the day they had planned for the both of you.

as they pushed you out of your room, you were greeted by lydia, kira and malia who dragged you down the hall and into your parents’ bathroom.

today marked the first year when you and liam started going out on dates. the pack immediately liked you the moment liam introduced you. in fact, liam even felt like they liked you more than they liked him. 

your endless puns had grown on stiles, your ingenuity had scott go heart eyes, your never ending knowledge about the supernatural had lydia declare you her new best friend, the ability to fight had kira tripping over having someone to combat with, and your adaptability to malia’s murderous thoughts had her immediately pushing suspicions about you away.

the morning of your anniversary with the boy in the room next to your parents’ consisted of being literally spoon fed by malia with food, lydia patting numerous products of make up on your face, and kira tugging on your hair.

on the other hand, liam had stiles sitting on his waist, refusing to let liam see you which results in him being slammed down onto the bed and charging towards the door. and this ends up with the little beta being tied down onto your princess chair so that scott and stiles could help him get ready.

knowing how much you loved the chair, liam sits still and tries to be gentle as he doesn’t want to upset you by breaking it.

by the time noon came around, lydia was praying as she sat on your parents bed that the dress they picked up for you fitted as you made your way into the bathroom. kira and malia were sprawled on the floor, having a game of chess with your parents’ board, that only consisted of malia cussing as she watched her pawns slowly decrease while kira’s stayed intact.

scott and stiles finally had liam shut up. that was, when stiles had threatened that he would have him drink water from a dog bowl with you around, that sparked up a couple of memories then ended up in a fight that liam had to break up.

“why can’t i see my boyfriend on our anniversary?” you whined as lydia tugged you down the stairs despite you trying to run towards your bedroom to see liam. you hadn’t even greeted him ‘happy anniversary’ yet and these girls were already pulling you out of the door.

“because we have something planned for you guys,” malia laughed, pushing her out of the door. kira closes the door behind them and walked towards lydia’s car. 

“how would you guys know that liam didn’t have anything planned for today?”

the girls stopped walking and stared down at her. “it’s liam dunbar. he can’t even plan a simple pack gathering in the library, and you think he can plan something as big as an anniversary?”

“that’s just insulting on so many levels,” you muttered as you reluctantly got into the backseat of lydia’s car with malia.

“i haven’t even told her i love her today!” liam growled, chasing the pale boy around the bedroom who had his phone in his hands. “just let me hear her voice, at least!”

“you’ll hear that later!” scott laughed as he watched lydia’s car drive out of the garage. 

liam sighed in defeat, catching the jacket that stiles hurled towards him. they managed to get him in a white polo shirt and a pair of black jeans that hugged his legs a little too tight past his comfort zone. 

“will you at least let me drink water off a cup now?”

the girls had stalled as much as they can. they’d asked theo, mason, and hayden to set up the venue as fast as possible with the help of melissa, sheriff, and the rest of the chimera pack. but to no avail, they still took hours to finish.

“why do i have to stand here?” liam growled at theo, who pushed him at the end of the look out point of beacon hills. the sun was finally setting and he still hadn’t heard a word from you at all.

“put on the jacket,” stiles demanded for the fifth time as he watched lydia’s car hike up the cliff slowly. 

“it’s 65 degrees!” liam argued, but slid the jacket down his arms anyway. he couldn’t risk drinking water out of dog bowl again.

the trees were decorated with little christmas lights and they had little paper hearts mixed up the dead leaves on the ground. he stood at by the end, that looked almost like an altar.

“liam!” he stopped looking around, and snapped his head towards the sound of your voice. he could’ve sworn he felt his heart skip a beat when he saw you running towards him in a white dress.

you had your fringe clipped back, a flower crown resting on the top of your head and your long white dress flowing behind you as you ran. you looked, with the lack of better word, beautiful.

he reached a hand out towards you, pulling you into his arms the moment you took his hand.

“god, i missed you,” liam mumbled as he nuzzled his face into your neck. “i missed your face, your scent, your voice, your everything.”

“don’t be such a sap,” you teased, pulling away. you grabbed his face, pulling him in for the long awaited kiss since morning. “happy anniversary.”

“happy anniversary,” he repeated as he detached his lips from yours.

“we got you something!” malia cheered, hopping over towards you and liam with a small box. she stops next to both of you, lifting the lid to reveal two ring pops lying on the bottom of the box.

just as reached for the strawberry flavoured one, malia smacked your hand away. “that’s for liam to take. you take the green apple one!”

“but i hate green apple,” you scowled, but willingly listening to the werecoyote’s orders.

“you’re supposed to give it to one another?” stiles said hesitantly, annoyed at the fact that you and liam haven’t gotten the idea of their surprise yet. “we spent money on this little fake wedding of yours, the least you could do is act like it’s real.”

“say your vows. come on, don’t be shy,” lydia teased, pouting her lips out at the sight.

liam raised an eyebrow the same time you did. you turned to your best friend who’s leaning up against the tree, who only shrugged at your expression.

“they bribed me into this, don’t look at me like that!” theo chuckled. “now, hurry up, i have to pick this girl up in a half hour and i have just about no idea where she lives.”

you decided that you were going to ask him about that tomorrow when it isn’t much of a special day anymore. you turned back to liam, mirroring the same stupid grin that he had on his face.

“i love you, liam,” you chuckle, twirling the candy between your fingers. liam lifts your chin, forcing you to look up at him. “and i will be here every step of the way. i promise.”

“and i promise to always be here to protect you,” liam laughed, holding the ring pop in his hands. “i’ll love you to the day scott stops being a true alpha.”

stiles’s eyebrow furrowed. he just couldn’t stop himself. “wow, liam must really like you, kid. because i don’t think scott will ever stop being an alpha. unless you plan on killing him-”

“stiles!” malia warned from her spot on the rocks. “shut up!”

“i now pronounce you husband and wife, girlfriend and boyfriend, whatever!” theo pushes himself off the tree, relieved that you cut to the act. this meant, that he could bolt off to wherever he was heading to. he runs towards you, pressing a chaste kiss on your cheeks, then patting liam on the back. he turns away, walking towards his truck. “congratulations, mr. and mrs. dunbar! goodnight, pack!”

he gets onto the driver’s seat, and within a matter of seconds, his truck was driving down the hill.

liam laughed, brushing the stray baby hairs off her face. “that’s your best friend.”

she scoffed as liam leaned down to rest his forehead against hers. he finds her hand almost expertly, slipping the ring pop onto her ring finger. she does the same, a smile creeping up to her face. “and you’re my boyfriend.”

they had each other. and at the moment, it was enough.