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anonymous asked:

Do you approve homosexuality?

This is certainly a topic of discussion tonight isn’t it? I really need to go to bed, but I’m going to answer this. This goes for the other anon as well! :)

Of course I do. 100%. Funny this has come up tonight, there’s going to be a referendum on gay marriage here in Ireland in 2015. I can’t convince most of my family to think in favour of it. But again, since I’m the baby of the family my opinion somehow isn’t valid. It wasn’t for the abortion referendum either. But that went in favour of the way I wanted it to go so I’m hoping this one will follow suit.

I totally approve of homosexuality, I see nothing wrong with it. Love is love, that’s that. You can’t help who you fall in love with. The fact homosexuality was a crime once, makes me sick, quite frankly. It doesn’t majorly affect anyone other than the two people involved.

I’m not against anyone who doesn’t approve of it, most of my family don’t. They do have their reasons and that is okay, it saddens me though. It just upsets me how people don’t classify love between two people of the same gender as valid for marriage.

To summarise this, I think love is a pure, beautiful thing that should be celebrated, regardless of the genders of the couple involved.