goodnight mr.tom

Goodnight, Mr Tom || Cora Pax Billings

After missing out weeks on his English class, Darryl was bummed out when he forgotten to finish off an English paper he was assigned to do before heading to his little vacation. Shockingly, Darryl’s a bright student. He doesn’t find it hard to ace his exams, though he often does things the last minute. There’s no doubt that Darryl’s smart, seeing as he could pass a test without revising within a week but just over night; the only thing that would let him down is his attitude towards studying. Darryl’s lazy, and couldn’t be bothered about studying. He find it pointless and would rather be out partying then staying in his dorm revising - unless he had a test the next day, then you’d find him up the whole night revising last minute and passing the test the next day with flying colors. Before the day of passing in his assignment, Darryl wasn’t in the mood to write up an original essay about the book they had been focusing on “Goodnight, Mr Tom”. To be honest, Darryl didn’t know what the story was about and havent even touched the book unless he was told to do so. Typing out google out on the url bar, he decided to get the easy way out, reading the plot of the book and highlighting, copying and pasting the whole summary.

The next day, early in the morning, Darryl placed his paper on his English teacher’s desk allowing his teacher to mark it before class has even started. In the 4th period, Darryl walking into his English class with his usual smirk on his face. Sitting down, his English teacher began to pass out their essays back to the students. Once he had received his essay, Darryl’s face frowned. “I see you’re a fan of google” His English teacher sarcastically commented once he handed his essay back to Darryl. Looking at the alphabet ‘F’ circled with a red pen, Darryl threw his paper infront of him. “I see you’re one too” he mumbled, leaning back onto his chair, sinking down. Darryl couldn’t see how this essay would help him in the future; turning his head side to side wondering who might got a good mark. He turned his body sideways, looking behind him spotting someone he wasn’t that quite familiar though he remembered meeting her earlier. “Damn…Cora..” Darryl whispered looking at the grade she received and up at the blonde. “I guess there is an advantage being a Rose” Darryl scoffed. “Not being social and ending up in your dorm studying for this stupid essay”