goodnight moon

She makes me see the world in color. It’s no longer a muddled gray, black and white mess. Her laughter has added pinks. Her smile a plethora of blues. Her warmth erupts with a million different shades of orange. Her protection shrouds me in every possible purple you could think of. Her softness gives birth to all that is red. The way she cares for me brings in bright yellowy hues. But her love…..her love is what makes all the colors mix and bleed and blend to the beautiful masterpiece which I see the world today. Her love has given me a technicolor view.
—  Me ( @porcelain-pixie about her ( @xsliceoflife

I fell in love with @actualbird ‘s bmc au where Micheal is a dragon and I just HAD to do something for it. So here’s Micheal lamely flirting and finally admitting just who his moon and ocean are. 

Thank you SO much @sinisterspooks for letting me use your design for Micheal. I hope I didn’t butcher it.

If you want to read an amazing fic here’s the link to Goodnight Moon: