goodnight and happy new year!

i just wanted to say i’m thankful and happy that we’re all here together and that you guys made this year a little less awful and a lot more bearable. im proud of u for not giving up and still bring here to see the year end. im glad we’re all friends and hopefully 2017 treats u better than 2016. and if not i’ll personally fight the whole year for u bc u deserve nothing but endless happiness after surviving through this year. i love u.

literally everything i say about cloud’s gender here is a joke it’s not actual discourse like. it’s not. it’s funny to make people think it is because people who actually care so much about it and get angered about it are hilarious. goodnight n happy new year.

I named each of my bones after
oceans and rivers and still bodies
of water until I convinced
myself that I could not sink. I became
pliable and blue and alive.
I let the sun carry me to the sky and fell with the purpose of
running down hill. There is no place left
where I can break.
Swim in me. Swim in me until your
limbs are chattering and your teeth are sore. Only then, I will gather salt
from a blue so cold that it is clear.
Only then will I become a body of buoyancy.

[Trans] SHINee Official Site Board Update 150101 - From Taemin (1P) Happy New Year ~ Good Night ~
‘2014년 너무 감사했어요 ^^
새해 복 많이 받으시고 굿밤~♡’
Thank you so much everyone in Year 2014~
I wish everyone, Happy New Year with lots of blessing