goodnight and happy new year!

hello friends!!!! ok so i’m gna try something new here and start taking requests if there’s any!! since i have a lot of time and i just finished a gfx for seventeen’s 2nd year lol bUT YES if y'all want some mediocre gfx from yours truly, send me an ask and i’ll get right to it :’)

i just wanted to say i’m thankful and happy that we’re all here together and that you guys made this year a little less awful and a lot more bearable. im proud of u for not giving up and still bring here to see the year end. im glad we’re all friends and hopefully 2017 treats u better than 2016. and if not i’ll personally fight the whole year for u bc u deserve nothing but endless happiness after surviving through this year. i love u.

Three Is More Fun - Josh Dun & Tyler Joseph

*WARNING!: Smut ahead!*

Josh roughly pulled me aside into an extra bedroom and flipped the light switch. “Whoa, slow down-” was all I could say before the sight of the room cut me off. The lighting in the room was dim, but I could see the shape of a familiar man sitting on a bed with red velvet sheets.

“Tyler? What are you doing here?” I asked. Josh sighed in a frustrated manner, and grabbed my face, making me look at him. Before I knew it, his lips were on mine and I was in shock for a few moments before I began to kiss him back. We’re only friends and it’s been months since he last kissed me and it ended horribly. This felt so weird, but so good. His hands snaked around my waist and grabbed my hips roughly, and for a little while, I forgot about Tyler. That was until I felt another set of hands on my waist. Josh pulled away just as Tyler turned me around gently and pressed his lips against mine, kissing me softly. I felt so confused, but it wasn’t like I didn’t know what was happening. As Tyler and I kissed, Josh’s hand snaked up my skirt and his crotch was pressed against my ass. Tyler’s gentle hands traveled up my shirt to my breasts as we made out. I couldn’t fight a moan as Josh massaged my clit through my panties, and as his lips made contact with my neck, biting me softly. I felt Tyler’s growing bulge through his jeans against my thigh, and Josh’s hard-on through his jeans against my ass. They led me towards the bed, where I soon fell on my back, staring up at both of them. I’m not going to protest, this is really hot, but I don’t quite understand. I sat up and Tyler sat down next to me, grabbing my face and pressing his lips to mine once again. Josh fumbled with the buttons on my shirt, but once he got them all unbuttoned, he pushed my shirt off of my shoulders. His hands reached behind my back and in the next second, my bra was on the floor. His calloused hands cupped my breasts and massaged them. I once again moaned against Tyler’s lips, and he made an exasperated sigh in return as I heard him undoing his belt quickly. Josh’s hands then fell to the hem of my skirt, and he swiftly pulled it off of me. Tyler pulled away from my lips and I turned and looked up at Josh, breathing heavily. He growled softly, making my stomach churn, and he leaned down, his lips meeting mine into a rough makeout session. He bit my bottom lip hard and pulled it, and I whined so seductively. Once again he growled lowly and he pulled away. I watched him as he quickly took his jeans off. I glanced over at Tyler, whose shirt was now on the floor, Josh’s soon to follow. I let my shirt fall off of my arms and I tossed it aside. Josh stared down at me, lust clouding his golden brown eyes. I couldn’t keep from biting my lip at his undeniable sexiness. Josh roughly grabbed my arms and pulled me off of the bed, making me fall onto my knees in front of him. I looked up at him with innocent eyes and he gave me a look that told me what to do. I grabbed the hem of his boxers, pulling them down slowly, while placing soft kisses on his lower waist. His rock hard dick sprang free from his boxers and I dropped them, letting them fall down his legs. He stepped out of them and took my head in his hands. His fingers tangled in my hair as I ran my tongue along the side of his cock, making my way to the tip. As I took him in my mouth, I felt kind of awkward, until I felt Tyler’s hand making their way into my panties. As he began to rub my clit, I moaned while sucking Josh’s dick, which earned a moan from Josh. The sound of his moans were so hot, and made me even wetter as Tyler fingered me.

After a few minutes, Josh pushed me back and I looked up at him, giving him a seductive look. Tyler stood up and grabbed my hand, pulling me up from the floor softly. Every wish of theirs was my command, and I loved it. Suddenly, Josh pushed me, making me stand where I was leaning on the bed. He grabbed my hips then pulled my panties down, leaving them to fall at my ankles. I clutched the sheets in my hands and looked back at Josh. He slapped my ass hard, making me gasp and squeal. He grabbed me by my hair and pulled my body back towards him, pulling me up from the bed. He bit my neck, then my earlobe, and kissed my jaw line. I moved my ass towards his crotch, grinding against him.

“Beg for it,” he growled.

“Oh, Josh, baby please give it to me, I want your cock inside me,” I whined for him. He smacked my ass again, leaving me gasping and moaning again. Finally, he positioned the tip of his dick at my entrance and pushed into me slowly. I sighed, moaning softly. I screamed out when he pulled out then slammed into me, bringing me so much pleasure. His hold on my hair stayed tight until Tyler sat on the bed in front of me. Josh began to thrust into me faster and I grasped the sheets in my hands, leaning forward towards Tyler. He grabbed my face gently, his lips meeting mine. I moaned on his lips as we made out, while Josh fucked me harder. Tyler pulled back after a minute of making out and my moaning, and he mumbled, “Please me with your mouth, sweetheart.” I smirked, but it went away quickly as I gasped, Josh hitting my g-spot with each thrust. I quickly took Tyler’s hard cock into my mouth, sucking and trying to soften my moans. Tyler’s moans on top of Josh thrusting into me deeper made my head spin.

“Oh, fuck, yes.” I moaned after pulling back from Tyler’s dick, and continuing to stroke him in my hand. He moaned softly and bit his lip, and it was so sexy. Once again, Josh grabbed me by my hair and pulled me up, his chest pressing to my back. I whined in return as he made slow, deep thrusts. I pulled my hand from Tyler and grasped the bed to stabilize myself. Josh placed kisses on my shoulder, and I moaned when he bit my neck, knowing he’d be leaving marks. His thrusts slowed to a stop and then he let go of me and pushed me on the bed. I crawled onto the bed, then placed my hand on Tyler’s chest. He looked up at me with wide eyes as I straddled him, then began to roll my hips and grind against his hard dick. He gently placed his hands on my hips, watching me so intently. He bit his lip, then looked up into my eyes longingly, like he was begging. “Fuck me, Tyler,” I said in a seductive manner, biting my lip and smiling at him. I reached back and grabbed his dick, positioning myself over it, then slid down slowly. I threw my head back and moaned, then rolled my hips, riding him. His hands gripped slightly tighter on my hips and I leaned forward, placing my hands on his chest. He began to slowly thrust into me, and at the angle, he hit my g-spot perfectly, making me gasp and dig my nails into his skin. He moaned at it, and thrusted into me harder and faster. I moved my hands to his shoulders and held onto them tightly, my nails digging into his skin once again as he fucked me harder and I rolled my hips, timing them with his thrusts. I whined, and bit his neck to leave a mark. He made a small whimper and it sent me over the edge as I felt the pleasure rising in my stomach. “Oh, god, yes!” I screamed out as my orgasm hit me hard.  “Oh, don’t stop,” I gasped, riding Tyler when his thrusts slowed. He wrapped his arms around my back and sat up. I wrapped my legs around his waist and he sat on his knees. The position felt even better than the last, and he thrust into to me slow, but deep. He moved faster and fucked me harder, and I noticed his thrusts getting sloppier. He whined, then moaned, “Fuck, (Y/N),” as I rode him and as he came. Just after he did, Josh’s hands snaked around my waist then cupped my breasts. “I’m not finished with you yet.” He said lowly in my ear. The tone of his voice gave me goosebumps, and I lifted myself from Tyler. Right then, Josh picked me up and I wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist. He carried me to the nearest wall and pressed my back against it. His hand held tightly around my back to my hip, and he entered me slow. Both of his hands then held my hips as he began to thrust into me slowly. Josh’s lips soon met my neck, kissing it softly and nipping my skin. “I’ve always wanted to fuck you like this,” he whispered so seductively in my ear as I moaned, “to see you beg, in euphoria, watching your breasts bounce, feeling your hands grip me and your nails scratch my skin,” his voice ran shivers down my spine, and I whined out as he fucked me harder, hitting my g-spot. Just as he wanted, in a type of high because of the pleasure, I dragged my nails down his back, moaning. He groaned in return, then whispered, “Just like that, baby.” His thrusts slowed slightly, but they were harder and deeper, and he made me feel such intense pleasure. “Oh, Josh, yes, don’t stop, just like that,” I gasped and whined. I was getting close and I needed more, “faster,” I gasped, grasping his shoulders. He did as I asked, and hit my g-spot every time. I dug my nails into his skin and threw my head back, tightening my legs around his waist as they began to shake. Josh moaned as I screamed out, my orgasm making my head spin and my tummy churn. Seconds after I came, Josh’s thrusts became sloppy and he moaned my name as he came, and I watched how sexy he looked when his eyes fluttered closed and he bit his lip.

He pulled out, our breaths heavy, and he softly let me down. As soon as my feet hit the floor, my legs felt as if they’d give way and I’d fall. Josh saw that and chuckled, then lead me to the bed. I noticed that Tyler had already picked up his clothes and left. I laid on the bed to try to calm down, exhausted, and Josh picked his clothes up from the floor. “Goodnight, (Y/N),” he said with a wink.

(A/N): Happy New Year guys! I hope you guys like this, because I love it! Eeek, my first threesome.

Christmas Surprise

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Beat the Clock

Rucas one shot because I’m still pissed about the Christmas episode. Lucas tries to make it home before midnight on New Years so he can give Riley her present. 

Lucas had been fidgeting on the plane. He had no idea if Riley had gotten or even read his letter to her. He felt horrible about missing secret santa. Zay had called and told him everything about all of the really awesome gifts everyone had gotten each other. Lucas had two very special gifts set aside for Riley that he was dying to give her. He did a bad thing. He didn’t tell her he would be gone. This was the first time he had gone back to Texas in two years for the Holidays. His parents thought it would be fun to surprise him and his sister at the last minute. He barely had time to tell anyone.

It was around 11pm when they landed in New York. His family was exhausted from the flight. Lucas gave the man driving the cab Riley’s address, and then his house’s address. 

“This isn’t the way home. Lucas we told you, you can see Riley tomorrow.” His mother said.

“Mom I’m sorry, I have to go see her.”

“I’ll go with him, I’m meeting some friends tonight anyways. You old farts go home, I’ll make sure he gets back fine.” Said his sister Jenna.

They got to Riley’s and Lucas raced upstairs and his sister followed. No one was inside the apartment anymore.

“Where is everyone?”

“What time is it?”

“Five of.”

“I bet they’re all on the roof! Come on!”

Lucas burst through the roof top door and saw everyone mingling and waiting for the countdown to start. Maya was standing near him.

“Ranger rick, you made it. Real difference from last year right?”

“No time, where is she?”

“Over there, looks like she saved a spot next to her for you.”

Lucas walked with a purpose over to Riley. 10. He turned her around. 9. She seemed shocked. 8. She went to say his name, but he took her face in his hands. 7. He kissed her. 6. Everyone was staring at them. He would not let go of this kiss until after the ball dropped. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Happy New Year!

He let go of her and smiled innocently. She just looked at him, still in shock that he made it there in time.

“Lucas, why-”

“Sorry, I just wanted to end and start the year in a good way.”

“By kissing me in front of everyone? Like that?”

“Aren’t you a little happy to see me?”

“I’m a lot happy to see you.” She hugs him. “Come on, we need to talk.”

“You wanna do this now?”

“No time like the present. We can go to my room.”

“Will your parents appreciate that, it being so late?”

“My parents won’t be home until after 1am. Come on.”

They sat in the bay window in silence for a few minutes.

“Maya sent me her secret Santa gift in the mail.”

“Oh yeah? What was it?”

“A painting of you. I’m going to hang it up once I’m home.”

“You haven’t been home yet?”

“No, I wanted to get here before midnight to be with you…look Riley, I didn’t go to Texas to get out of secret Santa, Zay told me that’s what he said, but he only said that because-”

“I know why he said it. What I still can’t wrap my head around is the fact that you didn’t tell me you were going. I mean you explained it a little in your letter, but-”

“So you did get it, and you read it.”

“Of course I did, it was very sweet. But you hurt me Lucas. This was our first holiday together as a couple. I wanted it to be special.”

“So did I, and I’ve been sick over what I did. I should have manned up told you. Can I give you your gifts?”

“Gifts, as in plural?”

“Yeah. Here, open this one first.”

Lucas handed her a box, and she unwrapped it. She gazed at the object inside and took it out. She looked at Lucas who seemed to start having tears in his eyes.

“It’s a photo album of just us. It’s pictures we’ve taken, and I asked some friends if they had any of us, you know real candid ones. Open it, see this one Maya took when you fell into my lap, and oh remember, the librarian took this one of us on her Polaroid. That’s my favorite one. Yogi took this one of us when the sprinklers went off. We took this one together when we were on top of the horse. These are from Texas…” A couple tears dropped onto the pictures. Riley closed the book.

“Why are you getting so emotional?” She asked concerned, putting her hand on his.

“Because I know I screwed up, and I realized that you could have gotten so mad at me and told me it was over, and then we wouldn’t have anymore memories like these, and it made me sad.”

“Why is the library picture one of your favorites?”

“Because that was when I knew I always wanted you around. Then like the next day Missy asked me to the movies and you got so annoyed. I knew we liked each other but it felt like we were playing a game.”

“I wasn’t ready to be alone with you yet, but I knew I didn’t want you alone with anyone else. Why did you put pictures of Texas in here? That wasn’t exactly a great time.”

“I put those in there because that was when I knew I wanted to quit playing games and I wanted you to be my girlfriend, and then you broke my heart when you told me you wanted to be like brother and sister.”

“Again, why are those in here?”

“Because the ones of us dancing were cute, and someone snapped a picture of you by my side after I fell off the bull. It’s important to remember these times too. Open it back up, see these are more recent. We took this selfie on the bus ride home from the lodge, and then you fell asleep on me so I had to take a picture of that. Oh we took this during culture week, you looked really pretty at the fair. We took this that day we went out for pizza at that new place and you kissed me on the cheek with all that sauce on your mouth, and then this one we took when that director came, and we took this one on Thanksgiving, your sweater was adorable.”

“Lucas, this is such a thoughtful gift.”

“I’ve been putting it together for months. Kind of like a scrapbook.”

“I didn’t even know about some of these pictures.”

“Here, I got you something else too.”

“This is a much smaller box.”

Riley opened up the little box and saw a rose gold bracelet. There was a few little charms on it. Some cats, a couple hearts, the word joy. He turned it over in her hands. He got it engraved. She read it out loud.

“To my one and only princess, love Lucas. Huh, you’ve been putting that word on a lot of things lately. The letter you sent me said you loved me on it too.”

“Because that’s how I feel Riley, I love you. Do you like the bracelet?”

“Like it, I’m never taking it off.” He clasps it onto her wrist. “These are the most amazing things anyone has ever gotten me. Did you really think I was going to break up with you because you didn’t tell me you left?”

“We hadn’t talked, which isn’t like us, so yeah I was worried.”

“Lucas, you may have hurt me, but I love you too much to let you go that easily.”

“You love me too?”

“Of course I do. Thank you for these things.”

“You’re welcome.”

They start kissing. She wipes a few of tears away, and looks at him.

“I turned you into a true romantic.”

“I think I was always this way, but you definitely brought it out in me.”

He kissed her again. Everything felt right again. He could stay there with her forever.

“Riley Matthews!” Cory entered the room.

“Look who made it home dad, Lucas!”

“It is almost 1:30 in the morning. I think it’s time to call it a night, don’t you agree Mr. Friar?”

“Totally, sir, uh goodnight, happy new year.” Cory leaves. “Happy new year princess.” He kisses her and leaves.

Riley flipped through more of the photo album that Lucas put together for her. There were so many good memories in there. She couldn’t wait to keep making more with him.

literally everything i say about cloud’s gender here is a joke it’s not actual discourse like. it’s not. it’s funny to make people think it is because people who actually care so much about it and get angered about it are hilarious. goodnight n happy new year.

#1 (Imagine)- Mcdonalds

#1 from my au list ;  it’s 3am and I want mc Donald’s can you come with me ? 



REQUESTS ARE ALWAYS OPEN BABES (be sure to message me a #!!!)


Originally posted by tahia03

I was tossing and turning in bed , not being able to find aa comfortable position in bed. I checked the time on the clock , 2:59, before groaning .

I grabbed my phone from my bedside and unlocked it , looking for Justins number before typing in a message .

“You awake?” I type , before hitting send and waiting for an answer.

“Yeah ,whats up?” He replys after a minute , and I smile .

“McDonalds trip?” I text back , crossing my fingers .

“Its 3am Y/N” He replys , and I purse my lips.

“I know its 3am but I want McDonalds so can you come with me?” I send .

“Ill buy you food” I add

“You’re lucky youre my bestfriend” He replys , and I grin . Score .



“Hey!” I snap playfully when he grabs one of my fries .

He grins at me before popping it in his mouth , making me glare at him .

Justin and I were currently in his driveway , eating our food and talking .

“I love French fries” He says , grabbing a few more from me and I slap his hand away .

“Then you should’ve gotten your own you fart” I say , biting into my burger .

Justin looked at me for a moment , before bursting out laughing .

“What” I say , mouth full of food .

“Did you just call me a fart?” He  chuckle , shaking his head .

I nod proudly , taking a sip of my drink .

“Do you want to stay the night?” He asks as he finishes his shake , and I nod again .

We both get out of the car, up the driveway to his house and I enter first , turning on the light.

“Im stuffed” I say , rubbing my stomach and walking into the kitchen , grabbing a water bottle from the fridge .

“Im tired so can we go to bed now?” He asks , standing at the door of the kitchen , and I shake my head yes , taking a sip of the water and grabbing his hand , leading him up the stairs .

“I call your side!” I say , jumping onto his side of the bed and breathing in his scent.

“Might as well be your side since you always sleep there” He jokes , and I stick my tongue out at him.

“You smell good that’s why” I admit , before sliding out of my track shorts , folding them and throwing them in his hamper .

I watched as he removed his shirt and shorts , only in his boxers before sliding in bed next to me , turning off the light on the table .

I snuggle closer to him , wrapping my arm around his waist and my head on his chest and my eyes flutter close .

“Goodnight best friend” I murmur , feeling myself get drowsier as he rubs my back .

“Goodnight Y/N”


happy new years eve!! REQUESTS ARE OPEN :))