goodnight :*

please know that every moment is an opportunity for change and growth and renewal and even if you spend every night in bed promising urself you’ll do better the next day, and you don’t, it’s okay!! you get unlimited chances! you’re a star for always trying, and i am so proud of you, and i hope you have the sweetest of dreams


Well, fine then, Academy, if you’re not going to honor Robert Francis Vaughn, then I will–proudly.

His was a face I’d seen many times before I realized who he was–and when I did finally realize who he was, I fell in love.  It was his portrayal of Napoleon Solo that made me fall for him, but it soon became clear to me that any character he brought to life was wonderful and memorable–not just the brave, loyal international agent, but the skittish Old West gunfighter, the wealthy private eye, the authoritative General who could command anyone in the world except his former partner, the most adorable con artist in human history, and so many more.

But he was so much more than just a really good actor.  He was a true Renaissance Man–a man of the stage, the screen, the spoken word, and the printed word.  He was the biggest fan of Hamlet.  And he was an activist–speaking up for what he believed in, ready to take whatever consequences that resulted.

He was an actor.  An activist.  A writer.  An inspiration.

But, most of all, he was a wonderful, kind, and caring human being.

i honestly need a girl best friend so if u find urself also needing a girl best friend pls consider this:

- we can get lit (smoking or drinking, whatever’s your poison)
- i throw the best slumber parties
- will take cute pics of u
- will do your hair + makeup
- will also let you practice makeup on me
- will share my stuffies and my snacks
- i’m very dumb and smol + don’t have much to offer but i do know how to make rice crispy treats and diy face masks so pls i need a best friend thank u

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Melon is weird in the UK. Like with watermelon, it's either a hit or a miss - it'll either be nice and sweet and juicy or dry as a bone and a disappointment to melons everywhere. But then honeydew melon is almost always good? Then there's the one with the weird wrinkly skin that just tastes weird

one last ask because i gotta finish off this fruit conversation :’-)
interesting to hear about fruit inconsistencies in different countries, must be the type of crop they have or where they import it from!!

also this is a callout post for inconsistent fruit so comment down below if you wanna complain too!!