goodnight (snores)


Please Stay pt 1

Pairing: Archie Andrews x Reader

Warnings: Fighting, Angst, possibly cussing, Bad writing <3

Word Count:771

The chill of autumn was taken off my tan skin as I entered Pop’s with my newest fling. Honestly I couldn’t even tell you his name but he was a varsity… something. A wrestler maybe. It doesn’t matter as long as I had someone to drag my attention away from Archie and his girlfriend.

“Hey Arch, mind if I sit with you guys?” I asked calmly, trying to keep the emptiness and anxiety that was crawling up my spine from showing on my face.

“Y-Yeah Y/N” Archie responded. His eyebrows were raised and his lips slightly parted in surprise at the new face that took its seat next to me.

“Christian right?” Archie began conversation as his girlfriend shot daggers at me. Her dark eyes didn’t leave me as I tried to casually tried to join in on the conversation.

“ Y/N don’t speak unless spoken to ok?” Christian said with a smile before continuing on with his story to a now unpleasant Archie. I put my head in my hand and sighed before Pop came over with two menus for Christian and I.

“What are you thinking about getting?” Archie said with a goofy smile.


“A burger and chocolate shake” Archie finishes causing us both to erupt in giggles.

“Yeah no… I don’t think so… Maybe a salad because you look like a cow Y/N. Time to start slimming down ” Christian laughed, causing my smile to drop clean off my face. Archie’s face also dropped but to a different expression. Anger. His eyes darkened and his brow furrowed as his fist clenched the table.

“Christian, you need to stop ok?” Archie said, his voice trembling with anger.

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Cuddling with Jimin
  • a little snuggle bunny
  • squeezes your entire body
  • hides his face in your chest
  • pulls you close against him
  • would wrap a teddy bear-patterned blanket over your bodies
  • plants wet kisses all over your face while cuddling
  • hella clingy
  • screams when he has a nightmare
  • you’d wake up and ask him what’s wrong
  • “i had a dream that some asshole took you away from me” jimin whines
  • still a cheesy bum when he’s sleeping oh wow
  • when you’re cold, he would wrap you in his arms and hold you close against his chest
  • intertwines your fingers underneath the blanket
  • kisses you goodnight
  • sings you to sleep
  • you would play with his hair while sleeping
  • “goodnight princess”
  • probably snores a lot ngl
  • when it’s the morning time, you would try to get out of bed, but jimin pulls you back
  • “no, stay with me~” jimin whines, pulling you close against him
  • his hair would be messy af in the morning
  • gdi that would be so cute
  • good morning kisses

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light snore

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Ethan never told you how badly Grayson snored, he also didn’t tell you that he was extremely loud, all the times you two have taken a nap together he wasn’t fully asleep and you knew that because of the amount of times you tried to escape his grip. Tonight you were staying the night with the twins only because the three of you were going camping for the weekend. “Babe, you do have everything packed right?” Grayson asked as he came up behind you wrapping his arms around your waist “And by everything do you mean you and Ethan’s bags, then yes.” He smiled and kissed your cheek “Well let’s get some sleep we have a long day ahead of us.” You smiled and crawled in bed beside Grayson, you thought it would be funny and interesting if you got Grayson to tell you a bedtime story. As he began the story you couldn’t help but become intrigued with what he was saying pretty soon he started to slur his words and before you knew it, he was asleep. You smiled and kissed his cheek “Goodnight baby” You cuddle closer to his side, resting your head on his chest slowly falling asleep when suddenly you were jolted awake by a loud snort, followed by a deep breath you looked around thinking it was something outside or Ethan trying to play a prank you closed your eyes once again, falling back into your slumber. When you heard the noise once again you looked at your sleeping boyfriend wondering if he heard it also when you noticed he was the cause of that noise you turned over putting your head under your pillow trying to drown out the noise but you couldn’t handle it anymore, you got out of bed and went to Ethan’s room you ripped the blankets off of him causing him to jump up “What is going on? Y/N? Its 3 in the morning what are you doing?” You stood there fuming and obviously tired he smirked as he saw the tired look on your face “So, you experience Gray snoring?” You nodded and pouted “Ethan, please just for tonight can you sleep with him?” Ethan raised an eyebrow “Where are you gonna sleep?” You smiled and wrapped his blanket around your neck like a cape “In here” He sighed and stood up “You’re lucky I can sleep through his snoring. Goodnight Y/N” You smiled and crawled into Ethan’s bed finally falling asleep. The next morning arrived and you were cranky, not only from barely getting enough sleep the previous night but both Ethan and Grayson came in jumping up and down on the bed you groaned covering your head with the blanket “Go away!!” Grayson laughed straddling your waist “Come on baby, its time to leave” You pushed Grayson off of you pointing at him “You! You’re the reason Im cranky, you sound like a damn train and I swear Gray if you snore while we’re camping you’re sleeping outside the tent.” Grayson chucked and kissed your cheek wrapping his arms around your waist from behind “Im sorry baby, but I can’t help it you’re gonna have to get used to it like Ethan” You nodded and got dressed soon you and the boys were on the road Grayson was driving and Ethan was in the back because he lost a game of rock paper scissor but he got aux privileges the entire ride was good the three of you jammed in the car, what could be more perfect than spending the weekend with your two best friends.

A/N: sorry its a little short but i hope you like it.

Pancakes and Kids?

Request: Could you do a imagine of being Izzy’s best friend since childhood so Max has grown up around you and one early morning he comes into your and Alec’s shared room (you’ve been dating for over a year) demanding pancakes which you agree to not but not before telling Alec that you’re kids better not try to pull this crap which makes him get all fluffy and sentimental thinking about your future???

Pairing: ReaderXAlec

Word count: 1.1k

Authors Note: Hi, thank you so much for this request it was so fun to write! I absolutely adore Max he is the cutest!

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Y/n’s POV

You had lived in the institute for little over 4 years, so you knew every single hiding place. Where on earth was Max you thought to yourself. He had gone to hide about half an hour ago and you were starting to worry.

Then suddenly out of nowhere a little Shadowhunter jumped out in front of you, in the cutest dinosaur pajamas.

“ Boo!!” Max’s little scream made you laugh.

“Oh! No! You scared me!” You say dramatically putting you hand over your heart before scooping Max up into your arms. He was light as a feather but according to your boyfriend of 2 years, Alec, Max was the heaviest thing in the world.

“ Its time for bed Mr” you say as you carry him to his room. When you arrive to his door, your turn the light on with your elbow and walk to his bed. You pull his duvet from the bed and gently lay Max down, he had fallen asleep as you were carrying him. He must of been tired from hide and seek all day, you knew you were.

You turn his night light on and just as you are about to leave and turn his main light off you hear a small sleepy voice.

“ Nanite Y/N ” followed by soft snores.

“ Goodnight Max” you whisper, afraid to wake him.

It was only 9 pm so you decided that you would go see your best friend Izzy. She had asked you to come along when you had finished hide and seek.

You finally made it to her door, and you knocked whilst walking in.

“Hey Izzy” you say softly. Walking over to her bed.

“Hey Y/N” she smiled as she saw you.

“ You said to visit” You giggle at how strange that sounded.

“ I did indeed” she laughs “ I just wanted to know if you wanted to baby sit Max with Alec tomorrow because me, mother and father are going to Idris for something” she says looking at her hands.

“ Of course anything for you Izzy your my Parabati, I love you” you give her a reassuring smile holding her hand.

“ Thank you Y/N” she grins pulling you into a hug.

“ I better get going you know how grumpy Alec gets when he’s tired” i sigh pulling away.

“ Yeah go deal with Mr No Fun” she laughs. You giggle whilst heading to the door.

“ Goodnight Izzy” You say turning at her doorway, she smiled back in return. Then you head back to yours and Alec’s room.

You push the heavy oak door open to be greeted with a freshly out the shower Alec towel drying his hair, it was still wet. He had gray sweat pants and a plain navy blue t-shirt on. His face lit up as you entered the room.

“Hey” He says softly as you close the door, still facing him as you do so.

“Hey” you smile back, you hadn’t seen him all day because he and Jace had gone out on a mission with Clary.

“ How have you been?” He asks walking towards you. Finally reaching you and pulling you into a hug. He smelt like soap and his aftershave which made you snuggle deeper into his chest.

“Okay, I played hide and seek all day with Max” You mutter into his arm. Alec’s head was resting on top of yours and he moved to kiss it.

“ You know, you spend more time with Max than you do with me” he chuckled, the sound was comforting, he rarely laughed since Clary had got here.

You pull your head away to look up at your gigantic boyfriend, he had a goofy, boyish smile plastered on his which made you melt a little inside.

“I like Max more, that’s why” you say as serious as you could whist pulling away, only to be grabbed by Alec’s huge hands. He had picked you up and thrown you over his shoulder. He began to walk over to the bed and you were kicking and squealing for him to put you down.

Suddenly you were flopped on to your bed and Alec was hovering over you.

“ We both know I’m your favorite” he grinned, before pressing his lips to yours, you kiss back slowly, savoring the moment.

He then pulls away, and heads over to the bathroom.

“ where are you going?” You say quickly.

“ To brush my teeth” Alec smirks through your en suite bathroom’s doorway.

“ ugh!” You whine, flopping back on the bed. But then decide to put your pajamas on.

As Alec left the bathroom you bumped his shoulder giving him a playful smile. Then you went to brush your teeth.

After, you headed straight to bed. Alec was already snoring under the covers, you just roll your eyes.

After slipping under the duvet and turning the lights off, you laid down. You were suddenly pulled across the bed, so that your back was to Alec’s front and you had two strong arms around you.

“ I love you Y/N” he whispers and kisses your neck, which made you blush.

“ I love you too Alec” you whisper, a smile spread across your face. Then you drift off into a deep slumber.

Suddenly something jumps on top of you. You spring to life only to find Max spread across you and Alec, the light seeping in through the curtains indicated it was morning.

“ Max?” You say groggily, still half asleep.

“ Y/N! You’re awake!” Max says jumping off of you poking Alec in the face, making him groan.

“What” Alec whines, stretching his arms.

“ Can Y/N make me pancakes for breakfast?” He asks with puppy eyes. I couldn’t refuse, he still had his dinosaur pajamas on.

“ Of course, you go get dressed then wait for us in the kitchen” you yawn out.

“ Yeyy!!” Max yells jumping of the bed and running out of the room.

“ I’m telling you now our kids better not wake me up this early for pancakes because I’m not doing it” you sigh, closing your eyes again. Suddenly you felt Alec straddle you and pull your eyelid open.

“ What?!” You sigh.

“ So we are having kids then?” He says with the cutest smile on his face.

“ Well, I would like to have kids, don’t you?” You question with a worried expression.

“ Our kids would be so brave, It would be a pleasure to have kids with you Y/N” he grins. Bending down to peck you lips. After pulling away he just stared at your face whilst rubbing his thumb against your cheek bone. 

“Your so beautiful” he states making you blush like mad.

“Your even more beautiful when your embarrassed” he chuckles.

“I hope our children look like you, they would be the most angelic people on this earth” he says softly, whilst kissing your neck.

“That’s so sweet, but do you not realize how hot you are?” I question. He looks up and grins. For the second time this morning he pressed his lips to yours, you kissed back instantly, after a few minuets Alec pulls away, catching your breath as he pressed his forehead against yours.

“ Y/N?” He whispers after a couple of seconds.

“ Alec?” You whisper back.

“ Would you like to get married one day?” He says softly, looking you in the eye.

“ Yes. One day” you say back just loud enough for him to hear.

“ To me?” He questions, frowning.

“ Of course to you, you idiot” you say pushing him off you, what a way to ruin the moment Alec. You quickly peck his lips and head to the kitchen to make them damn pancakes.

Imagine exo otps if they can use their powers #Hunhan
  • [typical morning routine]
  • Luhan: Rise and shine beauty!It's time to wake up
  • Sehun: ugh babe do I have to
  • Luhan: I don't want you to be late /put's forefingers and index fingers on his forehead while using telekinetic powers to move sehun out of the bed and into the bathroom/
  • --
  • [getting ready]
  • Luhan: Sehun can you blow dry my hair?
  • Sehun: sure baby *wind blows from his mouth to Luhan's hair*
  • Luhan: thanks
  • --
  • [having food]
  • Luhan: the food is too hot!!!!
  • Sehun: let me cool it
  • Xiumin: Did someone say cooling?
  • Sehun: Get lost I can handle this
  • Luhan: Sehun respect your elders
  • --
  • [movie night]
  • Sehun: Hyung, can you pass me the remote
  • Luhan: go get it yourself I'm busy
  • Sehun: *extreme irresistible aegyo*
  • Luhan: fine/closes his eyes and uses telekinetic powers to shove the remote on sehun's face/
  • Sehun: oww
  • Luhan: haha
  • --
  • [bed time]
  • Sehun: Good night baby
  • Luhan: sweet dreams Hunnie /the moment he closes his eyes all the lights in the bedroom turns off and the night lamps turn on/
  • Sehun: you know that's still creepy
  • Luhan: what?*innocently smiles*/the moment he opens his eyes to say,all the lights turn on and the night lamps turn off/
  • Sehun: that!controlling the whole lights thing,I Thought only Baekhyun hyung could do it
  • Luhan: well you gotta admit,I'm the most powerful out of our group, basically I can control-
  • >>before Luhan could finish his sentence Sehun uses his wind power to bring Luhan into his arms<<
  • Sehun: sleep well Lu /tightens his arms around Luhan/
  • Luhan: everything with my mind...that means you too Sehun
  • Luhan: Hey stop pretending to be asleep...
  • Sehun: /snores/
  • Luhan: goodnight.
No Nonsense

Based on this imagine over at imaginexhobbit

Warnings: Involves drunkenness.

Word Count: 876


“Who is that at this hour?” you say, marking your place in your book. Pulling the front of your housecoat closed, you rise from the chair, wary and ready to defend yourself when you flinch.


Well, perhaps not entirely ready to defend yourself. You remedy that, however, when you take up one of your husband’s axes, holding it just like he had showed you years ago.

“Identify yourself,” you command evenly.

“It’s Dwalin, Y/N,” says a gruff voice from the other side. “I have something of yours.”

Ruffling your brow, you wonder what of yours he could possibly have as you open the door. His eyes immediately fall to the axe in your hand and yours fall to the Dwarf whose arm is draped around his neck.

“Fili?” you say.

“Who’s zat?” he slurs, lifting his head to study you; the squinting certainly isn’t helping given how dark it is.

You giggle as Dwalin rolls his eyes; he looks down at Fili and says, “She’s your wife, dimwit.”

“How did this happen?” you ask, looking back up at Dwalin. “I thought he was with Kili tonight. Last I knew they were meeting for a drink. As in singular.”

“Well, you know how they can get. I’ve already dropped Kili off and, now, I drop this idiot here. You might want to put the axe down, lass. You’ll need both hands for this one.”

Leaning the axe against the door frame, you take Fili’s free arm and loop it around your shoulders, easily taking his weight from Dwalin. A waft of alcohol hits you as his head rolls away from his escort.

“Who’re you?” he says, stumbling a little as he moves forward.

“Are you good on your own?” Dwalin asks.

“Nothing I can’t handle,” you smile. “Thank you, Dwalin. Though, could you please get the door behind me?”

“Can do, lass. Can do,” he smiles back. “Good luck with him.”

“Goodnight, Dwalin,” you say before the door closes behind you.

You look over at your inebriated husband, hitching him up before he slides to the floor.

“What are we going to do with you, love?” you whisper, unable to keep the gentle smile from your face.

“I dun even know who y’are,” he giggles.

Oh, he’s adorable even when he’s off his face, you think, and you pull him along. His weight yanks you down every once in a while, causing you to misstep once or twice as you make your way to your bedroom.

“Hey,” he says as you set him in a chair on one side of the room. “This’s my room. And m’wife’s room, too.”

“That it is, Fili,” you laugh, crossing the floor toward the chest of drawers and plucking out some of his pajamas. “Now, we must get you ready for bed. You want to go to sleep, don’t you?”

He shrugs and wobbles a little, his eyes wandering lazily about the room.

“Fair enough,” you say, dropping his pajamas on the bed as you approach him again. “Come on, dear. Let’s get you to the bed.”

“Naughty,” he says, shaking his head and pointing his finger in your general direction. He lets you pick him up anyway and deposit him, with a grunt, on the bed.

You bend low and take off his boots, letting them thud to the floor behind you. Next, you reach for his belt, but you hardly grip your fingers around it before Fili pulls them off.

“I’m married,” he says seriously. “I’ll’ve no nonsense here t’night.”

Shaking with laughter, you place your hand on his cheek.

“Married to me, you beautiful idiot, and the only nonsense being committed here is you not letting me take care of you,” you say, reaching for the belt once again.

“No,” he replies. “Y/N is my wife, and I love her. I love her so much.”

You watch as he flops to the bed, fully dressed, and shoves his face into his pillow, mumbling incoherently. Stepping closer doesn’t help distinguish any of his words, but you lift his feet onto the bed so that he’s lying down.

“What was that, dear?” you say, reaching for a blanket to pull over him.

He turns his head so that he’s staring at the bedside table.

“D’you think she’ll be cross with me? I told her one drink.”

There is no stopping your cheeks plumping up with a smile as you answer, “No, I don’t think she will be cross. I’m willing to bet she loves you as much as you love her, and a little time out with your brother isn’t going to change that.”

He simply hums a few notes before the room goes silent for a moment.

“Is there anything else you need?” you ask.

“Yes,” he says softly and you wait for him to elaborate; he doesn’t.

“And that is?”

“Go away. This looks bad.”

Sputtering a laugh, you back away, making sure he can see you leaving. Perhaps you can trick him into thinking this stranger has left.

“If y’see Y/N, send ‘er up, please.”

“As you wish, dear,” you say, and by the time you reach the door, you can hear his faint snoring. “Goodnight, my love.”

Thorin living a quiet domestic life with Bilbo is my favourite thing in the world I don’t even care what he does. Thorin cooking, gardening, doing the laundry, sitting by the fire reading and wearing ridiculously fluffy slippers, Thorin making furniture and toys for tiny Frodo, picking flowers and holding still while Frodo puts them in his hair and beard, kissing his hobbit husband goodnight and snoring into his soft hair I love all of it so much

072. Fixed.


Ron is in the middle of fixing himself a midnight snack when Hermione bursts out of the fireplace into their living room.

She’d been out for drinks with Lavender and Parvati, so her late return is no surprise to him. What is surprising are the four sideways steps she has to take to keep herself upright and the dopey grin she gets when she finally regains her balance.

“Are you drunk?” he says in astonishment, peering closer. “You are! Who did this to you? Did someone spike your juice?!”

"No,” she says and rolls her eyes, a movement which nearly causes her to tip over. “I mean, Parvati kept ordering us these blue drinks and they were delicious but they didn’t have much alcohol in them - ”


“ - and anyway we just had a wonderful time. I’m so glad that we all got to catch up. Parvati has a new job and Lavender has a new boyfriend and we just laughed and laughed. We got to talking about how silly we all were in school. Did you know what they used to call me? Hairmione!”

She bends over laughing, tears in her eyes, and slaps her knees. Ron keeps a straight face because he may have heard that name once or twice but he’s not got to cop to it, drunk or not.

“Isn’t that brilliant?” she says, wiping her face. “God, I missed you,” she adds.

She pushes him down onto the couch and flops into his lap. She tugs hard on his hair and kisses him aggressively, tasting of whatever delicious blue drink she’s been consuming. Being drunk makes her sloppy but he can still feel himself responding to her, even in this state.

“Bedroom?” he says.

“Brilliant,” she replies. “But are you ready, Ron Weasley? Because I am going to rock. your. world.” She punctuates each word with a sharp finger to his sternum.

"Okay,” he says, wincing.

It takes her a few seconds to untangle herself from his lap, then she gives him an exaggerated wink and drifts off in the direction of the bedroom, scraping lightly against the wall as she goes.

Once he’s sure she’s made it to the bedroom, he finishes making his snack, then sits down to eat it. When he’s done, he brushes his teeth and then tucks himself into bed beside his girlfriend, already snoring softly.

“Goodnight, Hairmione,” he says, but he whispers it very quietly.

Just in case.

Sickness (A TinLamp Story)

Larry hazily opened his eyes at the sensation of a hand flipping his light switch. He sat up, and blinked a few times, before noticing the little spinach can next to him, one hand on his switch, the other on her forehead. She looked extremely pale, as beads of sweat slid down her face.
“Spinach, what’s the…” He yawned. “Matter…?”
Spinach Can opened her mouth, and then turned away instantly as she began to throw a very violent coughing fit. Larry’s eyes widened at the witness. He wrapped one arm around her and used his other arm to rub her back comfortingly.
“Spinach! Spinach, breathe!”
Spinach Can let out a final cough, before looking at him with her eyes, which had dark circles around them.
“L-Larry, I-I feel h-hot…”
He looked at her with worry filled in his eyes as he felt her forehead. His hand sprang back as he felt a hot burn.
“Spinach! Your burning up!” He mumbled. He quickly got out of his sleeping spot, which was a table in the living room of the house the teachers lived in.
“Stay here, I-I’m gonna check if we have any medicine for you..”
Larry rubbed her forehead before quietly slipping out of the room. He looked around at the doors in the long hall. He passed a room where one of the teachers, Colin The Computer, was charging. A low him filled his room, as well as a dim green glow from his screen. A couple of doors down, he saw Tony fast asleep, drool dangling from his mouth onto the pillow below his head. He let out a few soft snores every now and then. You might be thinking that he should be sleeping on the wall, like a…clock, but to Tony, it was highly uncomfortable to hide his legs overnight. He’d prefer his bed than the wall. He let out a soft snore.
Larry then Looked across the room, where a small bed laid. Sketchbook laid on there, buried with blankets. She let out a snore. Larry chuckled and continue down the hall. In one room, he saw Shrignold, laying on a bed made of pillows, sleeping silently, his wings fluttering from his sighs. He quickly tiptoed by the room where Steak Guy was snoring, and where Fridge was near his bed, in his upright position, fast asleep. Bread Boy was asleep on top of him.
He made it inside the kitchen, and began to search for a bottle of NyQuil. He fumbled around with the bottles, until he pulled out the blue bottle. He gently closed the cabinet and turned around. As he began to walk back, he heard a door behind him slowly open.
Steak Guy.
Larry began to speed walk down the halls. He knew what would happen if he got caught. When he heard a footstep, Larry dashed to the room and slammed the door shut.
The slam startled poor Spinach Can, making her jump out of bed, trembling and even more pale than before.
“S-Sorry Spinach..” Larry stuttered. He took out the medicine and began pouring it into a little plastic cup.
“ Oy! N*cough*No Larry!”
Larry looked up to face Spinach Can, who had her shaking arms crossed.
“T-Too much of that w-will make my teeth g-go grey! Give me a little!”
Larry read the label on the back of the bottle.
“Hm, from what it says here, you have to take 30 mL every 6 hours.”
Spinach let out a gasp, which then turned into a cough.
“Th-That’s too much Larry! Please, give me less!!”
Larry shook his head.
Larry looked up at the sudden exclamation. Spinach Can covered her mouth, her bloodshot eyes widened and filled with shock.
“L-Larry! I-I’m so sorry! I-I never meant to say that! C-Crud! What is wrong with me? I’m so, so sorry Larry!”
Larry began pouring out some of the medicine, hurt at what Spinach yelled at him.
Drunken Mind.
He tried his hardest to stop drinking, but no matter what, he continues to.
Larry looked down to see Spinach Can gently holding his arm, tears spilling down her face.
“A-Are you still M-mad…?”
Larry wiped the tears off her face and gave her a little kiss on the forehead.
“No, love, I’m not..”
Spinach Can felt herself blush.
“Okay, here Spinach, you can have half of the cup.”
Larry helped pour the medicine into her mouth, using one hand and using the other to rub her forehead.
Spinach Can gagged at the taste, but managed to swallow the medicine.
“Now love, get some sleep. You need sleep.”
Larry whispered as he began to tuck her in.
Spinach Can tugged at his arm.
“I-If I sleep, y-you’re sleepin’ with me.”
Larry chuckled and laid next to her.
“Alright love.”
He felt her tin head gently lay on his chest as she let out a soft snore.
“Goodnight, love~”
He flicked his light switch off.
Here it is!
I’m sorry if it is pretty bad, it’s kind of my first time writing something like this.
Well, I hope you enjoy!
And I recommend you read the tags tbh..

Characters don’t belong to me!

No Nonsense: Imagine helping drunk Fili change clothes then he says "No, stop, I'm married to Y/N"


Warnings: Involves drunkenness.


“Who is that at this hour?” you say, marking your place in your book. Pulling the front of your housecoat closed, you rise from the chair, wary and ready to defend yourself when you flinch.


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I always thought of Dean as more than just a friend. But I’m sure he may not feel the same, so I try to push my feelings aside and pretend not to like him. I was doing great too. We were like best friends. Always hanging out right after hunts, bonded while drinking beers. It was our thing. Until tonight, he brought a girl back to the room that happened to be next to mine. I know I shouldn’t have such strong feelings for him, but I couldn’t help myself.
“You ok?” Sam asked.
“I’m great. Let’s go to the bar.” I replied.
Sam took a deep breath and looked at me with a ‘I’m sorry’ face.
“Do you want to leave because of Dean?”
“What?! No. I just want to hang out with you. I feel like we don’t get to that much.”
“Sure, let’s go.” He said with a crooked smile. Sam went into the room where Dean was, to get the keys for the impala. And through the crack, I could see her, sitting on his lap, sucking on his neck. His eyes met mine for a moment and winked at me. That was it, my heart felt like it was ripped out of my chest and stomped on. I turned away before he could see how much he hurt me, before he could see the tears stream down my face. I grabbed my purse and started walking off to the bar by myself.

“Y/N!” Sam screamed as he was running after you.
I turned to face him and tried to smile without making it look forced. “Sorry, I couldn’t wait.” I said, holding back me tears.
“You sure you’re ok?”
“I’m great.” I lied. Sam gave me those puppy dog eyes and tilted his head to the side staring at me for a moment.
“Let’s go before it starts raining”
He nodded.


The bar was pretty busy tonight which was bizarre. Sam and I sat on the end away from all the drunks.
“What can I get the lovely couple?” The waitress asked. We looked at one an other and started to laugh.
“We would just like some beers. Thanks” Sam said, trying not to smile.
“So we are a couple now? Well thanks for bringing me to a bar for our first date! So classy!” I laughed.
“Hey it wasn’t my choice, now was it?”

Sam and I drank for hours and couldn’t stop laughing. Felt like my nights with dean. The only difference was, Sam is like a big brother to me.
“Why does Dean have to bring girls back to the motel? Can’t he like go to their place or something?!” I mumbled.
“Dean doesn’t understand. To him he just thinks of it as getting laid, he doesn’t know how it will affect you. And he doesn’t even know you like him.”
“Wait what? I don’t like him.” I lied.
“Y/N” he looked at me with those damn puppy dog eyes again. “From the way you reacted tonight, it’s obvious. Just talk to him.” He grabbed my hand and pulled me up. His cold hands were pressed against my cheeks and he lifted my face up to him. “You’re beautiful, stop thinking otherwise.” He kissed my forehead and let me go. Little winchester must’ve been pretty drunk.


Sam and I got back to the motel, and since we didn’t want to disturb Dean and his little ‘friend’ I had Sam stay in my room. He took off his shirt and pants and sprawled across my bed. Before I locked the door, He was snoring. “Well goodnight to you too.” I laughed to myself. I pushed him over to one side and laid right next to him. His arm creeped over me and pulled me in closer to him. It was nice actually. To have someone cuddle you after feeling so alone for so long. I felt safe.


“What the hell?” Dean asked, standing over our bed. Sam and I shot up, startled.
“Did I miss something?” Dean asked staring at us with his arms crossing over his chest. Sam and I looked at each other and laughed. Just like at the bar.
“Nothing happened dean. We went out, had some beers and fell asleep.” Sam chuckled.
“Chill. Even if something did happen, why would you care? You had your girlfriend with you the whole night.” I said. I was still pissed off at him for that.
“One, she is not my girl. And two, I thought we” he paused for a moment. “I don’t care ok. I’m just confused about it all.” He scratched the back of his head and left the room. I have never seen him so angry at me. Or maybe even jealous? It was something different from dean. And what did he mean by ‘we?’
Sam cleared his throat which caught my attention.
“Well that was awkward.” He laughed. The little winchester got up and put on his clothes. “Thanks for letting me vent to you last night. You’re truly such an amazing friend.” I said. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me in for a gentle hug.

Dean walked in once Sam left. He stood by the door with his hands in his pockets.
“So are we ok?” He asked.
“Yeah.” I said, trying not to look at him.
“Good ‘cuz I want to tell you about my night! This babe was ju-”
“I don’t care!” Those words just slipped out of my mouth. I wasn’t able to control it. Dean stared at me, confused. “What’s wrong?” He asked.
“Nothing. Look I have to go to Charlie’s place for a while, she uh needs help with something.” I lied.
“When are you leaving?”
“Right now.” Dean slowly walked towards me. “You didn’t let me finish my story.” He said.
I looked up at him with tears streaming down my face. “I don’t want to hear it Dean, please.” I begged.
“Y/N. She was beautiful and everything I would’ve wanted a year ago. But.” He paused. I didn’t realize how close he was. His hand slid under my chin and pulled my face up. He wiped a tear a way and gently kissed my cheek. But I couldn’t stop thinking about you.” I could feel a lump in my throat and my heart started to race.
“I tried to stop, until I saw you outside and all I wanted to do was go out there and kiss you.”
“But you winked at me. You seemed pretty happy where you were.” I said with a stern voice.
“She bit my ear and it hurt. But once you and Sam left, I asked her to leave. Because I have never had a relationship with anyone like the one I have with you. You’re my best friend. I can’t even see my life without you. There ain’t no me if there ain’t no you. I love you, y/N” before I could open my mouth, dean grabbed my face and pressed his lips against mine. Our lips were moving in sync, his tongue slowly danced along my teeth and lips. It was perfect.
“I love you too Dean.” I whispered.
He smiled at me for a moment and pulled my face back to his. His lips grazed my lip, then to my cheek, and to my ear. “Please don’t leave me.” He begged. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed my lips once more.

The man of my dreams, loves me back and begged me not to leave him. I have never felt so happy, so full, in my life.

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Is it possible to ask for Hiccstrid fluff after all this angst? In desperate need of something so cute and fluffy I want to punch a wall to feel manly.

So I’m still not taking requests, because stress and I’m a wuss and a whole lot of reasons, but I needed some fluff too, so I’ll share.  


Hiccup doesn’t know what he’s supposed to do with his

arm.  His hand is tingling, sensations

lost to it as Astrid snores in the nook of his body, her head heavy on his

bicep, his face full of her hair.  His

other arm is over her waist, his fingers brushing up against the bottom of her

bare breast and it’s wonderful and comfortable and he doesn’t understand why

the other one just has to be difficult.  

 He’s never before wished to be missing another limb.

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Camping With Harry part one

Hiiiii it’s been awhile, but here’s a new imagine, and I think that I’m going to split it into two parts so it’s not extremely long. 

Here’s my other Harry imagine: x

I’m open to doing requests if you have any!


“Harry, I swear to God, if you unpack everything one more time I’m going to shave your hair off,” You threaten as you watch your boyfriend stare at the stuffed Volkswagen Beetle. He has unpacked the car three times because he’s worried he forgot to pack something.

“You wouldn’t do that,” he says quietly, only half paying attention to your words. He’s holding his chin and glares at the car. “I feel like we’ve forgotten—”

“We definitely haven’t forgotten anything. Just relax,” You say as you wrap your arms around his waist. “It’s going to be fun, and even if we do end up leaving something behind, we’ll be near a small town,” You add as you kiss his bicep.

“I know,” he sighs. “I just want this trip to be perfect,” he adds, turning his head to kiss your temple. 

“It’ll be fine,” You assure him. “Now, let’s get in the car and go on an adventure.” Harry smiles at your words and a few minutes later, the two of you are driving towards the forest. The two of you have been planning this for nearly three months, and you couldn’t be more excited that this was finally happening. 

It took a long time to convince your parents to let you go, but they eventually said yes when Harry’s mom and dad talked to them. They were still a little hesitant, but relaxed when you told them you were bringing bear spray, your phone, a portable charger and a few other precautions. 

“Are you excited?” Harry asks as he puts his hand on the gear shift. You immediately put our hand on top of his and his thumb slowly rubs against your fingers. 

“Of course I am,” You reply with a small smile. “I’ll get to be camping in the forest and be away from my parents for a week,” you continue. Your eyes flicker out to the passing scenery and your pulse quickens ever so slightly. “And I get to spend a week with you,” you add as an afterthought. 

“Don’t sound so enthusiastic,” Harry teases. The two of you chuckle quietly before falling into a comfortable silence. Your eyes go to the window and you watch as you begin to go through the forests. There’s still a little while to go until you get to your destination, and you take in the passing scenery. After a while, your eyelids begin to grow heavy and before you know it, you’re falling asleep. 

It feels like only seconds pass before you’re being shaken awake by Harry. He’s smiling wide and your eyes widen slightly when you see that he’s already set up the tent. He even took out all of the things in the car, and you’re amazed that he was able to do it without waking up. 

“How long have we been here?” You ask, rubbing your eyes. 

“Well hello to you too, sleeping beauty,” Harry says, smiling slightly. “And little over an hour and a half,” he adds, answering your question. 

“Why didn’t you wake me?” You groan as you slowly get out of the car. You sway on the spot and Harry immediately wraps his arms around your waist. “I would have helped you unpack.” 

“It was no problem, love,” Harry says as he kisses your cheek. “And anyways, we both know that if you had been awake, you’d have done everything while I supervise,” he adds, chuckling quietly. 

“True,” You say, laughing. “I guess this means that I’m on dish duty for the week?” 

“Only for breakfast. I’ll do lunch and dinner,” he replies as the two of you go over to the tent. He unzips the entrance and the two of you take off your shoes before walking inside. It’s surprisingly spacious inside and you see that Harry has made it so the two sleeping bags are zipped together to form one large blanket. The mattress pad that you brought is in the middle of the tent and your bags of clothes and food are off to the side. 

“This is nice,” You say after you finish looking around. 

“I set up some wood too, so we can start a fire if we want,” Harry says as he begins to leave the tent. “Yeah it’s only five but we can have a campfire early,” he adds. 

“Well, I’ll start a fire and you can make dinner. Where’d you put the camping stove?” You ask. 

“Right there,” Harry says, pointing to the stove that’s a few feet away from the campfire. “And are you sure you want to trust me with the food? We both know that I can’t can’t cook,” he adds with a sheepish smile. 

“I trust you to make noodles. It’s really hard to burn those,” You reply, giggling quietly at the look he gives you. 

“There’s a first time for everything,” he mumbles quietly. 


“Be careful,” You say sternly as you watch Harry stick his hand into the fire pit to adjust the logs. It’s dark out now and he had successfully made noodles. They were a little too tough though because he had taken them out too early. You didn’t mind though and now Harry is moving the logs around so the coals are exposed for S’mores. 

“Don’t worry, I’m a professional. Just call me Mr. Professional,” he says confidently. Almost immediately, he winces as he accidentally grabs a coal. “You didn’t see that,” he says quickly as he withdraws his hand. He uses his foot instead and you refrain from saying that the bottom of his shoes could melt. 

“Well Mr. Professional, your shoe lace is on fire,” You say, raising your eyebrow. Harry’s eyes widen as he looks down at his shoe. He lets out a loud squeal and grabs his cup of water and dumps it on his feet. 

“Stop laughing,” he whines as you burst into laughter. 

“I’m sorry, but you’re such a dumbass,” You say, still laughing. “But you’re my dumbass,” you add as you stand. Harry grumbles under his breath and you immediately cup his face with your hands. He bends down slightly so he’s eye level with you and you pull his face close to yours. 

“I don’t like it when you laugh at me,” he pouts, pretending to be offended. 

“Suck it up, buttercup,” you tease. He scoffs at you and when you lean forward to kiss him, he doesn’t respond at first. With one hand, you reach down and pinch his sides. 

“Love, you know I hate that,” he says, pulling away for a moment. 

“And you know I hate it when you don’t kiss me back,” You reply. He grins widely at you before leaning forward. 

“Well, now I’ve got to take my shoes off so they can dry,” Harry says after you pull away. “Mind handing me one of the S’more sticks?” he asks as he sits down in his chair. You hand him the requested item and for the next half hour, the two of you make some S’mores. Since Harry is allergic to marshmallows, he grabs the bag of starbursts that he packed and puts three on the end of the stick. 

“How are your warmed up starbursts?” You ask as you shove a roasted marshmallow in your mouth. 

“Fucking delicious,” Harry says, somewhat defiantly. On other camping trips that he’s gone on with his other friends, they’ve always teased him about not being able to eat marshmallows. It had been your idea to bring the Starburst because you remember putting them over the fire one time when you had gone on a trip with your parents. This also worked with tootsie rolls and almost any other semi gooey candy. 

“Easy there, tiger,” You say. 

“Hand me the chocolate, will you?” Harry replies, rolling his eyes at you. When you toss him the chocolate bars, and he breaks one of them in half and begins to eat it. “So I was thinking that tomorrow we could go swimming or maybe go to that rope swing,” he says after a few minutes of silence. 

“I’d love that,” You say as you make a S’more. “Then tomorrow night, we should go to the top of the butte and look at the stars,” You continue. Harry perks up at this idea and for the rest of the night, the two of you discuss what you’re going to do for the rest of the week. 

It’s about nine when you decide to go into the tent, and you blush slightly as you watch Harry take his shirt off and promptly laugh when he struggles to take his jeans off. He sticks his tongue out at you before putting some pajama bottoms on and getting underneath the sleeping bag blanket. 

“You know, I have a feeling that we’re going to have a lot of fun this week,” Harry says as wraps his arm around your waist to pull you towards him. “And I promise that I’ll try not to get us killed,” he adds. 

“That’s reassuring,” You say, smiling as you close your eyes. “Now, quiet down so I can get some sleep before you start snoring.” 

“Goodnight, (y/n),” he says, as he kisses your cheek. 


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translation: [#goodnightelle] 🙈🙊 elle special editor key’s goodnight message #goodnight and #snore 😉😘 #shinee #key #elle #cutie #ellekorea #elletv @bumkeyk

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A/N: I’m going to try and alternate evenly between Dan and Phil, mmmmk?

“Gosh, it’s getting really late.” You stretched a bit before settling back against Dans chest. 

“One more episode?” Dan pleaded, brushing the hair from your cheek so he could kiss it. 

“Okay.” You smiled and he queued up another episode of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. “I really ought to get going home after that…” You yawned, knowing the offer that would follow. 

“Just stay here.” Turning to face him, you gave him a quick kiss.

“If you insist.” Once the episode was over, you decided to move from the lounge to Dans bed, the routine actually starting to feel familiar. Lying down in his loaned t-shirt, snuggling down into the plush comforter, you felt completely content. Three months ago, you hadn’t even known the man who lie beside you. And now? His flat felt like a second home. Seeing his name light up your phone brought a smile to your face. Your heart fluttered when he pulled you close for a hug.

“You okay?” Dan glanced at you while typing on his phone, catching you staring at him.

I love you.

“Yeah, fine.” You smiled, then turned to grab your own phone, setting your alarm. 

You loved him. It was so obvious now. You loved him and wanted to be with him and stay with him. You felt yourself smiling, giddy with the feeling of being in love. 

“Do you want to come to the museum with me on Saturday?” He asked.

“Um…Probably? Let me double check my schedule.” The conversation went from museums to aquariums to pet fish to puppies, all the while you felt the words at the tip of your tongue. I love you. 

“I don’t know, I guess I’m just scared that I’ll just run out of ideas one day.”

“That’s exactly how I feel.”

The conversation grew deeper, as your hands and legs twined together. Your voices grew heavier and you felt a tiny bit sad, thinking you wouldn’t be able to tell him tonight. 

“I suppose we’ll…just have to….” Dans voice slurred and stopped, and his breath rasped in his throat. Smiling, you placed a kiss to his forehead and pulled the blanket further up your chest. Dan muttered something, and you thought he had woken up, but he just flopped over and resumed his almost-snoring. 

“Goodnight, sweet prince.” You whispered, trailing a finger idly down his back, playing connect-the-dots with the few freckles there. Then, having an idea, you began tracing an I. Then an L. O. V-E-Y-O-U. I-L-O-V-E-Y-O-U. I-L-O-V-E-Y-O-U. I-L-O-V-E-Y-O-U. You had nearly lulled yourself to sleep when you heard Dans voice, clear and true, “I love you, too.”