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@poulerslashes​‘s fic sore must be the storm did things to me

Through his shock, a cold thought occurred to Midoriya, tamping down any other reaction he might’ve had to such a confession. “Todoroki,” he said firmly. “Don’t give up. We’re getting out of here.”

“I’m not giving up,” Todoroki said. “I’m only considering all possible outcomes.” His tone grew quiet again. “And I just…I wanted to know that I told you. At least once.”

For every new comment I see about how Bakugou’s horrible and doesn’t deserve love and generally isn’t allowed any room to grow and improve himself my vocalizing of how proud I am of him and how much I appreciate all the work he’s putting in becoming a better person increases tenfold just in the hope that all my love will somehow reach him and let him know that all the effort he’s putting in bettering himself isn’t actually a waste of time

I see you and I appreciate you and I’m so so so so proud of you you slightly-less-angry-and-way-more-caring-than-in-the-beginning dandelion

have you ever got attacked by the suga mood like you dont know what that mood is but your mind just go suga suga suga suga suga SUgA sUga SuGa sUGa suga sugA SUGA
Corona - Part 1 (Kai)

(A hacker meets a spy…things have gotten interesting.)

The average person can type between 38 to 40 words per minute. According to Google, that translates to about 200 characters per minute. Professionals can type twice as fast, ranging from 325 to 335 CPM. While that may be an impressive speed, you don’t necessarily consider yourself a ‘professional’ in comparison.

If anything, you’re more of a prodigy.

And this is neither a bluff nor an exaggeration.

While the pros are doubling the standard typing speed, you’ve got triple on the pros themselves. For the record, you’ve never actually counted out all the words you’ve typed out in a day (because that’s what newbies do), but Jongdae claims to have done so one rare day he wasn’t busy annoying the heck out of you through your earpiece.

You supposedly hold the world record by a landslide, but besides you and Jongdae, the rest of the world has no idea.

Not even Junmyeon is aware of your true potential.

And no one else can ever find out because naturally, they’re probably going to kill you. But the idea of showing off your skills and achievements has always been distasteful for you anyway, so you’d rather stick with hacking things for a living than becoming part of the president’s trophy display case.  

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the entire shipping thomas's sides with each other weirds me out but somehow u make it work and i love ur fics, but like i cant get the weirdness out of my head but its so cute! and so good!ahhggg

i thought this was going to be hate when i first started reading it but what a pleasant surprise! tbh it used to weird me out too, but idk i kind of started viewing them as separate fractions of the same personality rather than one person and then it got okay. plus, it works perfectly in shipping because the dynamics fit so easily together because they’re all opposites! anyway thank you so much and i hope it doesn’t stay too weird for you haha.

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I h/c that Brook before he was resurrected by his devil fruit that he had a reputation with the ladies. And not in the asking them for their panties, but ladies actually flocked to him.

Dude, this may not be a popular opinion but I LOVE how he looked when he was alive. I love his smale, his scar(such mystery) and just his tall slim physique. I really like it.

I totally approve this HC because, I would go up to him all shy and just… fangirl.

I am sure girls would also love his music skills and just dance, have fun. With all the crew too of course! But Brook, with his energy, would captivate the ladies and stuff.(more panties to him yohohoh)

what i say: “im fine”

what i mean: “Night In The Woods is such an unappreciated game now a days. When it first came out it grabbed attention of people but why isn’t it well loved as say Undertale. The only lets player I remember playing the game was Jacksepticeye. The characters are so simple yet complex they feel so real and lovable. The motivations of each character and their struggles are so relatable and understanding when it comes to coming of age stories. There is a since of comfort in the environment and with most of the characters you interact with. There are open topics about things like mental illnesses and coping with struggles like abuse or even family death. There are also openly gay characters as they even talk about how it feels to be the only gay couple in town it seems. There is also an open trans character who wants to make her friend happy and wants the best for her. The soundtrack in the game is gorgeous. The style is wonderful and a joy to look at. The dialogue is brilliant with great humor along with emotional moments. Im glad NITW isn’t as bad as a fandom like Undertale or other franchises but I wish it was still greatly talked about and well loved when the game first came out.”

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I haven't been around much, what is the consensus in the Richonne fandom on why they keep Andy and Danai separated? PTB? His wife? Actors not liking each other much? (never that!) what's going on? Why they neglect us so?

I don’t know if there is a consensus. I don’t think I’d want to join in a fandom conversation about that tbh, lol. But I doubt it has anything to do with the actors. They talked to each other from 7 seats away, so they obviously like one another. And I think they were supposed to be next to each other last year, but Andy asked Danai to switch so he could do that glitter nonsense. Then this year, for whatever reason, they even put Nicotero between Andy and Norman, so I have no idea what the rhyme or reason is behind any of this. But the past two Comic Cons have had weird shit hanging over them, so it’s just hard to say.