goodness has nothing to do with it

lmao saying Sanvers isnt good representation cause of the actors private life  or more 1 since people think Chyler is an angel and never never ever does anything wrong EVER

Sorry but thinking this is COMPLETE BULLSHIT  , when you watch a tvshow you watch it cause of  the roles and the storyline and the chemistry but not who portrays them . Are you going to the movies too based on the private life of the actors? are you imdbing and wikipedia the shit out of all of them before seeing a film?


The private life has NOTHING to do with it, Nothign to do with the chemistry , with the storyline, with the acting talents these people have.

They are good representation  FOR A LESBIAN COUPLE. They get something almost every episode, yes the screentime could be more , but the make the best out of the little they get. Sanvers is supporting , Sanvers talks , Sanvers kisses , Sanvers does everything a couple can do. They are healthy and there is no useless drama. They behave like adults in a relationship and people LOVE them for it . And the have two actors who care about it SO FUCKING MUCH !

You should question yourself if you think that this is not good representation. cause you sit on your highhorse thinking you are somehow better and have to dictate other people what they like or support or ship, calling them racists or whatever new excuse  insult you find in your box of insults

Watch a tvshow for what it is ffs and dont try to find in every little shit things you can complain about.

Spring of Life | Oneshot

Summary: He was like the season of Spring: he brought life back into the dead wasteland left behind by your Winter. He was your equilibrium; he was made for you. 
Word Count: 7,163
Genre: angst, fluff if you look hard enough, android!au
Member: Lee “Woozi” Jihoon 
TW: none i can think of! tell me if i need anything tagged

A/N: i opened my playlist from better times while i was in middle school and found the song that made me the happiest. inspired by perfume’s spring of life music video. the song has nothing to do with this, but it’s still good. i’m slowly working on getting better, i really hope i’ll be back soon

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tips for someone who wants to start digital drawing, but doesn't know how?

1) Get a tablet. 

And not of the expensive ones, a cheap drawing tablet that can be bought for legit nothing in amazon and it is a great way to start up. You can get a tablet for 20 dollars, you do not need the most quality shit ever to start up with, just be sure it has pen pressure and you good. Pen pressure is SUPER important. 

2) Download a FREE art program

No need to buy programs just yet, try out free art programs that give you the basic tools you need to start with anything. 
Here is a good list of them.

3) Get to know your program, learn about how layers and layer options work. 

This one may come in in time too but it is gonna help you a lot. Digital art is rarely done in the same layer, layers save our lives constantly, use them. 
Watching Youtube videos showing how they work can be super helpful, or just ask someone that seems to know about it and they might give you useful tips!

4) Practice till your hand falls off. 

Self explicatory. 

On a note:

  [ Being that it’s early in the morning (9:14 AM to be more precises my time) I figure to go ahead and say it anyway before I forget to - I will be deleting some other RP blog’s I have, normally people archive them but.. I am not keen on doing stuff like that? So Present and Yuugi I believe will suffer my wrath, Future, Amy and Yuri will remain intact for the time being. Why? I have literally no muse.. and when I don’t there is no ‘return’ button. But I will talk to someone before I do so - because she kind of the reason I also inspire to make so.

Will see? Other things; I am not prone to share much of myself in this site, for good reasons. People take it either offensively or.. not. Even if it has nothing to do with them. But lately I don’t know.. i haven’t felt at ease with DB community, it’s not the same little place it was when I made Trunks blog prior close to two years ago. I don’t know if its because I am already outsider to it or.. what? But It’s not the same once “kind” community it was. People are welcome to disagree, and state their claims - but what they are not entitle is to bash another or send anon hate.  You are also welcome to not like someone but if you have no reason to back it up, then.. you are just a fool. No offense.

Anon feature is getting abuse again.. horribly wrong. The point of the option was for people too shy to interact with others to find a way to do so without feeling anxiety attack flaring. Not for others to send hateful messages. Have I gotten them? Yeah, I gotten my share. I even got one telling me to quote, “remove myself from tumblr.” But beside the point - It feels the community has also been split. Yes some folks will hate super, yes some folks will love it. I, myself don’t really have any love or hate, I am indifferent at this point for it. 

The way I see it now is.. Super is another “what if.” universe. It’s already stated in DB that there is multiple universe right..? So.. why not just work in the universe you want to work on.. and leave the others be? Not a hard concept yeah..? Aside that - characterization… some are even afraid to write certain characters because of it and it makes me sad due to it. Those who are bold enough to do so (Looking at you beloved Goku rpers!) they get swamped by anon sending them hate. That’s… not cool?? The mun behind the muse is not the same, nor is the muse aware of it either especially if their muse states its from another reality. You cannot just.. ASSUMED.

I don’t know, I had to get this off my chest.
Maybe people will agree, or not. Some might be anger but.. I am just done.

I really don’t want to lose my Trunks muse because of the negativity unless that’s the plan to rid of me so if it is, let me know yeah? I am mostly these days hiding in a nicer community - at least people genuinely seem to like me.


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Billy set it to private probably because ES are contacting him and begging him to get back together with MM. That's what they did to Abbie's ex. They are deranged, vicious and have no sense of decency, morality or boundaries whatsoever. I'll bet Billy is absolutely infuriated.

This man has nothing to do with anything related to the ship or shippers. Leave him alone. For goodness sake ES, stop looking for victims to drag into your fuckery.

Alice 🐇

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asian shitty corny movies 😂

Wow! how very dare you to call it ‘shit’ it’s not corny, people like you just don’t have anything to do with life huh? I would like to be honest with this, almost all of the animes that I’ve already watched were really good and meaningful, it’s not what you’re saying 'corny’ it has mostly the heart than fucking movies you like (probably), full of violence. You should get your fucking shit together and I guess you should watch one and feel some softness in your soul, I’m sure you will never gonna stop. And one thing, don’t fucking bring up any 'Asian’ with insult, like you wanna be honest but you’re obviously being a racist and you just ruined my mood right now and I can’t do nothing but to fucking tell you what you deserve. Don’t just call it shitty, because you are the shit, you are one of the poisons in this world. I’ve had enough with people like you. Maybe you can finally go to hell and I wish you to drive well.

Of course you want to be a good person and be helpful to people in need, but it’s impossible to give to others if you have been used-up. Being a good person has nothing to do with allowing people to destroy you. There are limits. You can best help others from a position of strength, not weakness. So, don’t forget to be good to yourself first. Don’t forget to take care of you! It is never cruel to want to save yourself from being swamped by fools. Remember, this is your life and you have the right and responsibility to make good decisions for yourself. — Bryant McGill

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Hola Grace ^_^ hellhound, jackalope, mothman, yeti, please?

hellhound: what do you expect to happen to you when you die?

I’m hoping I’ll wake up in Heaven, ask enough questions about everything in the universe to possibly annoy even Jesus, meet my dead family members, and pal around with some of my favorite authors (I think Heaven has a higher acceptance rate than a lot of people of my faith, haha). 

jackalope: do you have any conflicting characteristics? what?

Oh, my goodness, I have so many conflicting characteristics that I don’t know if I can name them all. I think the main one is that I’m naturally a very kind person, but I also have a bit of a vengeful side that I generally keep tamed. 

mothman: do you prefer being high up or close to the ground?

Close to the ground. I get spooked by escalators in the mall because there’s nothing under them! I’m fine with being high up in the mountain on cliffs and stuff, though, because I’m still connected to the ground. 

yeti: if you were a cryptid, where would you live?

In the forests. I love forests. 




And there’s more!


I believe she is now heading to Russia.



Before the first season, Kubo and Yamamoto traveled to Beijing, Barcelona and Moscow. They clearly weren’t just trips for fun.

Nothing has been officially announced in terms of a second season yet, but guys, it’s happening. Kubo wouldn’t be spending so much money just to go sightseeing.

So yeah, I think it’s fair to say that with this, season 2 of Yuri on Ice is as good as confirmed.

You can open those Champagne bottles. Because it’s happening, guys.

It’s definitely happening.




- Yurio,,,,,,doing whatever he does


- Viktor is happy but lowkey dying because he’s too far away from his gay life force (Yuuri)


- Mickey has no idea what he’s doing there ???



ALSO SINCE EVERYONE IS DOING THE PEACE SIGN ABSOLUTELY NOTHING is stopping me from believing that they’re all trying to bless us with hints for season 2 


one thing i like about King of the Hill is how the show always stayed rooted in reality, unlike other adult-oriented animated sitcoms 

like, anything that happened in King of the Hill could happen in real life and there was always a realistic justification for what was going on

like, ok, the Hills go to Japan on vacation. Why do they do that? Hank’s father, a WW2 veteran, was invited to a sort of post-war reconciliation event and Hank’s family was invited to join him. The episodes B-Plots are about Hank learning he has a Japanese half-brother and Bobby making friends with a Japanese girl by playing DDR with her. All of these things are grounded in reality, everything makes sense, nothing is outlandish about it.

Plus, the show was always super good-natured and respectful despite starring a conservative Texan white family.

like, yeah, the Hills were a bit ignorant, but they were always willing to learn and accept new things even if they were a bit reluctant at first. again, very grounded in reality. 

king of the hill was a really good natured show. i like it a lot. 

regarding this comment. here’s a public service announcement:

go back to germany in 1935 and tell paul klee, bertolt brecht and the other poets, musicians, painters and novelists that “politics” had nothing to do with their “real lives”.

“life stories…”?
“things about my child….”?

these ARE the stories of my life.

if i thought that donald trump was going to have no effect on my life story…the story of my child…the story of my 300 million american brothers and sisters…i’d shut up. really i would.

it’s a good time to drag this evergreen quote out:

“First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—Because I was not a Trade Unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”

-from Martin Niemöller, 1892–1984, who was a prominent Protestant pastor / outspoken public foe of Adolf Hitler and spent the last seven years of Nazi rule in concentration camps.

are you ready to speak?
are you ready to listen?

because it’s about to get very, VERY loud.

and it must, because if we don’t speak now, we will regret it.


(and to drive the point home….this was typed and cut and pasted while literally breastfeeding a baby.)

Fidel Castro: Dictator NOT a Revolutionary Leader

As a Cuban refugee I rejoice that the symbol is dead. But I still know that the ideology is very much alive. 

Fidel Castro has terrorized us for years. And now the day has come, he is dead. But nothing has changed my fellow Cubans who have remained will continue to endure the regime and swallow the renewed hope that has come with these news. 

And here I sit, watching people (Read: Non Cubans) mourn the death of a “monster” as stated by his own sister, Cuban exile Juana Castro. Castro was not a good man.

He ripped families apart. He took our liberties. He silenced our people. Do not let the media fool you into thinking he was a President or cared for anything but the success of his regime. 

Here is just a small list of what Castro has done:

Mass executions of counter-revolutionaries by Castro’s firing squads. An estimated 30,000 deaths solely from this since he came to power. 

He shut down all independent newspapers upon his rise to power. 

He held over 15,000 political prisoners. 

He created re-education camps for LGBT to correct ‘deviations’. Effeminate males were heavily prosecuted without trial or charge. as well as forced incarceration for anyone that tested HIV positive. 

One July morning in 1994 a group of 72 Cubans boarded a state-owned tugboat (named 13 de Marzo) with the intent to navigate it to freedom. Within minutes the vessel was under attack by other state-owned tugboats. By the time the incident was over 41 Cubans were dead. 10 of them were children.

Denied the right to vote against Castro and his party in ‘free elections’

Castro formed Committees for the Defense of the Revolution(CDR) which operate on almost every block in Cuba. Spying on neighbors and reporting back to the regime. Negative reports can land one in jail.

School children ‘pray’ to Castro. 

Ordered doctors to inject mercury into patients who criticized the poor quality of Cuba’s free medical services

All media is heavily censored and the spreading of “unauthorized news” a criminal offence, with internet access heavily limited by cost and restrictions. (To give you an idea my family members in Cuba could be sent to jail if they were caught corresponding with me via e-mail)

Prior to January 13, 2013, Cuban citizens could not travel abroad, leave or return to Cuba without first obtaining official permission along with applying for a government issued passport and travel visa, which was often denied.

Following the Cuban Revolution all activities of the catholic church were severely limited and in 1961 all property held by religious organizations was confiscated without compensation. 

Castro’s regime violates almost every single article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. 

His regime has led to an estimated 3 million Cuban’s (more than 25% of the current population) fleeing the country due to persecution since taking power. 

But enough of this.

Today I am grateful for the strength and bravery of my mimi and papi who refused to conform to living under a communist and totalitarian nation. I am thankful that though fear clung to their bones they left everything they had in the hopes of freedom, in the hopes of a better life for me.  Today, I am thankful to hear my mom’s voice break with the strengths of her sobs. Today, I am thankful to see videos of my fellow Cubans embracing each other, crying, waving our flag, dancing, and singing (Our beautiful La Bayamesa).

There is still much work to be done. But today, I leave you with the words of Willy Chirino:

“Hoy que mi pueblo vive ilusionado yo me siento inspirado y un son estoy cantando anunciándole a todos mis hermanos que nuestro día ya viene llegando…”


Election 2016

     What devastates me most about this election has nothing to do with my candidate not pulling through, I don’t care about that. It has nothing to do with voting Democrat and losing to a Republican; and nothing to do with leaning one way or the other party-wise. I’m not mad at the process. This has literally nothing to do with fiscal issues et al. While those are very important, and impact me as much as everyone else, that is not the issue that is causing me pain today.

     So the majority got what they wanted, and that technically sounds good. We live in a country where the masses get to decide where our country moves. That’s democracy, and I’m proud of it, but that’s not my issue. This time around, the majority signed up for, socially speaking, a platform built upon hate, sexism, exclusionary tactics, xenophobia and a myriad of other bigoted and prejudicial beliefs. That bothers me to my utmost core. I was raised to include everyone, to not judge people based on their skin color, their belief systems, or sexual orientation.

     Raised as a Jewish person, and knowing my history, it scares me that we elected a president that wants to register a religious group akin to Adolf Hitler registering Jews between 1933-1939. I fear for the Muslim people, who deserve nothing less than the freedom to live their lives, unhindered, as Americans. Treating them like scapegoats and criminals is incredibly reminiscent of an abhorrent historical landmark we should be learning from, not repeating.

     For all people of color, of non-heterosexual orientation and women: This must feel like another major disappointment in a long line of major disappointments that you’ve had to endure again and again. I can’t really begin to truly know how you all feel individually or as a whole, but to me this feels like a death. I feel like something I believed in, loved, cared about, and trusted has died overnight. And maybe that’s the necessary wake-up call many of us have always needed: people like me, white, heterosexual men who believe in true progression, but have never really known the full scope of the consistently disenfranchised, get woken up.

        Listen, I get it, eight years of a Democratic president normally gives way to Republican reign; that doesn’t bother me. But that isn’t the whole story in my eyes; This also has to do with a frightening majority reacting negatively to having eight years of an African-American president, who could not abide by a woman taking office, and longed for “the good ol’ times” when a white, heterosexual, “Red blooded American” male was sitting on the throne. It feels like we took 1 step forward, and then discovered a fun looking time machine, which we used to travel back in time 50-60 years to live in a time most of us never really experienced. And why the hell should we? Shouldn’t we be moving forward in time? Shouldn’t we be championing for more basic human liberties rather than repealing them?

     Thanks for reading, if you read the whole thing. I will not be responding on social media to this or anywhere else for that matter. I have nothing defend and no want/need to fight. I also don’t care if my grammar/punctuation isn’t exactly on point. You can get fully bent if that’s the issue you hang upon. Congratulations to those that feel victorious and I’m sorry to those that feel beyond deflated, I empathize. I will now take a cue from Stephen King and get the fuck off Twitter, and the like, for a sabbatical to collect my thoughts. Take care, everyone.

if i was a good child they wouldn’t have been beating me

if i didn’t deserve this it wouldn’t be happening to me

if i was stronger this wouldn’t hurt 

if I wasn’t a coward I wouldn’t be afraid

if they’re hurting me it’s to make me better

if I controlled myself properly I would get over this

if I was worth anything I would stop being a nuisance to everyone

if anyone found me important my feelings would matter

if it was possible to love me someone would have loved me by now.

these are the thoughts of abuse survivors.

if you felt this, you’ve been abused.

How Dan and Phil probably broke up #25
  • Dan: *wins another Dan vs. Phil*
  • Phil: all or nothing
little monster | (m)

Originally posted by gotjimin

pairing: park jimin x reader | feat. kim namjoon
genre/warnings: smut, voyeurism sort-of, auralism? masturbation, teasing, switch themes
words: 8,844
summary: you’ve been good friends with your roommate Jimin for a while, occasionally flirting with each other, especially when you’ve had a drink, but nothing has ever happened between the two of you…until that is, he secretly listens to you and Namjoon have sex one day…He thinks you don’t know, but he’s wrong…
note. based on a request.

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Been pulling my hair out over a particularly background-heavy project but…I think I’m off to a…pretty alright start?

What if...

Fenrys is the one who tries to keep Aelin sane while Rowan comes? He knows Rowan is coming, and he knows he will get Aelin out.

But what if Aelin is too broken? No, he thinks. The Queen endured too much, she risked so much, gave up everything. Fenrys knew there was no way in hell Rowan wasn’t coming for her, and he knew that there was nothing that would stand in the Prince’s way. 

Maybe it was Fenrys’ turn to do some good. So he works around every command, he looks for every possible loophole, to maybe take away a bit of Aelin’s pain, heal her wounds, talk to her, remind her that Rowan is coming, and that she has to hold on. And even when Maeve finds out, and she punishes him, he still tries. He can’t take away her pain anymore, so he gives her water. He can’t heal her, so he feeds her. 

So Fenrys prays to every God that’s listening that Rowan gets there before Maeve goes after Connall, because he knows who he’s going to choose.