goodness get him to a shower asap


Okay so @flyoffthehandle sent me a prompt about a jealous Owen and this is what it came out of that. I kind of changed it a little, because I don’t believe he would be the only one possesive in their relationship. Espero que te guste!

The invitation was pretty clear. Finish your shift, go to Joe’s’. It was Maggie’s birthday, and she got to decide how she wanted to celebrate it. Apparently, her idea of a party included all of her friends and family hanging out in a bar as if they were twenty years old.

And it would have been so fun; really it would –if only she and Owen hadn’t been at odds all day long.

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Let’s get together

I’m feeling a bit lonely so I finished off this fic that I had in the wip folder when I made Nearly Indestructible, the two are completely unrelated and I tried to give them different feelings. ‘Tried’ being the keyword. 

The beginning of this fic was inspired by this fic which I’m sure like everyone who has read any cisco x reader fics has read. It’s a good fic so go read it if you haven’t or reread it if you had!!

You sighed as you walked into S.T.A.R. labs, it was early and you were tired but this was the only time you could use the workout equipment specifically designed to not break with your super strength. Since you were here to work out, you wore your [f/c] and black tight pants with a bright [f/c] sports bra under a dark pokemon tank top that said “Time to get JigglyBUFF” with a few cute jigglypuffs on it. The weights were of course made by Cisco, the mad genius he was, but were perfected thanks to Harry and his daughter.  

Getting used to having the new duo around was a little strange but you could handle it. You stretched and did your warm ups before putting your music on the speakers and starting on weights. Working out was an escape for you, you could think about new moves or you could reminisce on nice memories, or even fantasize about…things. You got lost in thought and ended up working out longer than you normally did and were surprised to see Cisco in the doorway watching you.

“Hey Cis, what’s up?” You reached over and turned off the tunes and smiled as he looked you up in down, a little distracted.

“I uhm. Oh yeah, well you see there’s a metahuman alert, my app got pinged. Barry is busy with family stuff so I thought [m/n] could go out solo this time.” He finally looked away from you and checked his phone.

“Sure, I’ll just get changed then, pass me my bag,” you nodded and slipped off your tank top motioning for your bag. It held your suit, also designed by the lovable engineer.

“You’re going to change right here?” Cisco’s eyes widened and he tossed you the bag. You only nodded as you turned away from him and began to strip. You snorted a bit when you heard him stuttering and making an excuse to leave. You turned back to face him only when you were done.

“Cisco…the address? I’ll need it so I can drive there.” He licked his lips and looked you up and down only just now realizing how skintight he made the suit. He managed to tell you where to go and you patted his shoulder as you left.


When you finally got done fighting the Meta, letting CCPD take him in with their “boot”, you went back to S.T.A.R. labs for an overdue shower, especially since you could only describe the meta as literally slimy. Cisco was a lot of help on the field, once he stopped being in the same room as you he could function again. It was a little cute.

You waved at Caitlin as you walked through The Cortex, leaving a trail of slime. Honestly, you were just looking for you famous duffle bag of holding and you would get that shower ASAP. You laughed a bit at her face and stopped laughing when Cisco showed up.

“You! Why didn’t you tell me this guy was gross? Look at this! I’m going to need to shower like 5 times now.” You flicked some of the slime you got on yourself at Cisco and he ducked behind Cait to keep himself clean. You continued to flick slime, miraculously missing the human shield and getting some on the mechanical engineer. Serves him right.

“Hey watch the ‘do! It’s not my fault I didn’t get a good video or description of him a’ight?” Cisco kept using Dr. Snow as a shield and you rolled your eyes.

“I should just give you a slimey noogie for that, you brat.” You ignored his exclaims of ‘How dare you?!’ to go shower. The sooner the better in your opinion. Unluckily, you were forgetting something very important.

You didn’t emerge from the shower for hours it felt like and once you did you came to a very obvious problem. You left your bag in The Cortex. You sighed and reached for one of the emergency towels stashed in the shower room, it was a bit too small for you in all sorts of ways but your wrapped it around yourself as you ventured into the hall for the intercom.

“Hey, can anyone bring me my duffle bag? It’s in The Cortex, it’s [f/c] and has my change of clothes in it.” You vaguely remember something about Harry testing out some tech that can change his face appearance and taking his daughter out to explore a bit.

You could only hope that not everyone left. You really didn’t want to trudge up there naked and wet. You waited and decided maybe you would have to before you heard a buzz and Cisco’s voice.

“Yeah, yeah, I’ll bring it right down. Caitlin went with Harry so I’m the only one around if that’s cool.”

“Yeah bring it down,” you grumbled. You were hoping for Caitlin or Jesse the most but beggars can’t be choosers. You readjusted your towel and waited for him. It didn’t take him long, S.T.A.R. labs isn’t that big.

“That towel doesn’t leave much to the imagination,” Cisco quickly covered his eyes with one of his hands and offered you your bag with the other. You snorted, you weren’t really embarrassed if he got a peek of anything. You grabbed your other towel and began to dry out your [h/l] hair.

“That’s why it’s only used for emergencies. Thanks for bringing down my bag,” You kiss him on the cheek and wander back into the shower room to get changed, since the two of you were alone you could talk to him about something that’s been bothering you. “Cisco, ever since you went to Earth-2 you’ve been watching me a bit more, why is that?”

“Wh-what makes you say that?” Cisco fidgeted but stood by the door as you got dressed. “I haven’t been watching you, that’s be so weird. Ha ha haa.’

“Cisco, I’m super strong not blind or an idiot.” You slip on the last of your clothes, another tank top that had a geeky reference on it and your favorite pants. You walk out and stare him down.

“I really shouldn’t say anything….” He looked away from you and kind of tried to shuffle away. Before he can get far you push him against the wall and look at him, while trapping him between your arms. He blushed and looked at your toned arms and then at you.

“Cisco…”you raised an eyebrow and waited, you knew he would crack. He never went without spilling his ‘secrets’.

“Okay well, on Earth-2 my doppelgänger was evil… like working with Zoom evil, and yours was also evil and….”

“And? Cisco you know I’m not evil.”

“Well, the evil part lost it’s shock value after i found out the more interesting part was that they were sort of… together.” Cisco vaguely makes a motion with his hands and you tilt your head.

“Okay well, if that makes you uncomfortable, you know we’re not them right?” You look down at him, “unless…you like me?” You smirk a bit at him.

“Well, seeing them made me think maybe you liked me.” Cisco looked up at you, as if you were going to tease him about it.

“I do,” you shrugged and gt a bit closer to him.

“What?” Cisco’s eyes widened. “What do you mean you like me? How come you haven’t said anything?”

“Well, between Lisa and the constant flirt-talk about other girls I didn’t think you had any interest in me, loverboy.” You smiled a bit, “do you have some interest in me?”

“I have a lot of interest. So much interest, have you even looked in a mirror why wouldn’t I be interested in that or you?”

You let him babble for a bit before leaning in and kissing him, he was caught off guard but quickly reciprocated. You chuckle a bit in the kiss and move one of your hands to his hip, sliding it a bit under his shirt.

“Maybe something good did come from seeing our doppelgängers, hm?”

“Mhmm very good.” He gasped as you kissed his neck and continued to run your hand up under his shirt.

“How long until Caitlin and them are back?” You asked and kissed him again.

“Long enough I think.” He whimpered out as you pulled him into the shower area.


Turning Saints

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Killers for Hire AU.  What starts as a great night turns into a not so great morning. Things are said.  Hearts are broken.  And who’s going to pay the deposit on the bathroom?  SkyeWard.

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