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domestic!misawa, yes??

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i keep losing sight of what i want. maybe that’s why when i look at you it feels like i’m look through. maybe that’s why when i speak at you it sounds as an apology. i keep losing light of what i love. maybe that’s why when the silence fills the room i wish you could hear my heartbeats. maybe that’s why when the sun comes i never kiss you goodmorning. i keep losing you.
—  k.m
Dating Swazz would involve:

“Goodmorning Beautiful”

Shoulder kisses

“No, the squad can’t come”

Going to the squad’s concerts together

Boys nights at your apartment 

Foot rubs

Cooking together

“Put a shirt on, my parents are coming”

Lots of laughing

Lazy days

Naked Cuddling

High Sex

Shower Sex

Sex in his car

Sneaking him into your snap chats

The squad having crushes on you

Swazz being low-key jealous


“Teddy bear”



This sweetie boy has become my kissing boy… and no treats needed. Gushing!! 😻🙏🏻💗💫
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