goodmorning handsome

It Looks Better On You

You and Shawn just had a sleepover and the two of you were just waking up. You were sleeping over at his house because it got a little late last night and Shawn didn’t want you to drive that late since the road has been a bit slippery the last few days because of the cold.

When you woke up Shawn wasn’t at your side anymore so you knew he probably already went downstairs. So you grabbed one of his T-Shirts from the ground and pulled it over your head. His shirts always fit you much better and they were also much more comfortable, especially in the morning.

The two of you were alone for the weekend. His parents were having a getaway and Aaliyah was sleeping over at her friends’ place.

When you came downstairs you already heard the TV on a low volume and you saw Shawn standing in the kitchen with nothing but his boxers on.

“Goodmorning handsome.” you said and hugged him from behind.

“Goodmorning baby.” Shawn said with his low raspy voice which he always gets in the morning. He turned around and gave you a proper hug with a kiss on your forehead.

“How long have you been awake already?” you asked him. You were always worrying about his sleeping schedule because everytime he was on the road he would barely sleep so that’s why you wanted him to take advantage of being home and to sleep in a lot.

“I actually slept pretty great I woke up like 30 minutes ago not so long before you.” he said. You nodded slowly and got distracted by the TV.

Suddenly you felt Shawn his hands go under the shirt you were wearing and he placed them on your waist pulling you closer.

“Mmm I like what you’re wearing.” he said seductively.

“That’s because it’s your shirt babe.” you answered cheekily.

“I know but you can keep it. It looks much more better on you.” he said kissing your neck slowly but passionate.

“I…Oh Shawn.” you moaned a bit and you felt him smile on your skin.

“Let’s bring this to the bedroom, shall we?” Shawn asked and he lifted you up over his shoulder already taking you upstairs.

Let’s say that he made you wear that shirt a lot of times, but you didn’t complain.

Words I Couldn’t Say

Words I Couldn’t Say

A/N: Ok guys, another repost here. I apologize again! I may have to do a few more, so of my older posts weren’t tagged properly and are super hard to find. Also, I have a few more parts planned out for this one!

Pairing: Dean X Reader

Warnings: ANGST, character death, violence, language

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“Dean, I…. Please…. Love you.”
“No… Y/N stay with me. Please!” Dean begged, you could see the tears began to fall from his gorgeous green eyes before everything around you faded to black. 

Two Days Earlier

“Goodmorning handsome!” You said before plopping yourself down onto Dean’s lap and nuzzling your face into his neck. 

Waking up to Dean Winchester would never get old. 

“Good morning princess,” he whispered into your hair, “someone’s in a good mood this morning.” He said before wrapping his strong arms around you and pulling you in closer. 

“Sam found a hunt.” He said, knowing it would excite you. 

You and the boys had taken a few days off to try and deal with the whole apocalypse knocking at the door thing, but it was driving you mad. You couldn’t stand being cooped up for long periods of time. 

“Where is Sam?” I questioned cocking my head slightly.  

“He’s in the library, researching. Waiting on you to get up since you enjoy sleeping all day!” He chuckled before pinching my side slightly.

“Hey! How else do you think I end up this pretty?” I winked. 

Sam had stumbled onto a lead on a pretty nasty demon the three of you had been tracking for months.

“Well what are we waiting for?” I exclaimed before jumping up, “Let’s get going!” 

Dean turned a five hour drive into three, flying down the back roads like a bat out of hell. His driving would most likely terrify anyone else, but to me it was kind of fun, watching him control the gorgeous black impala with ease. 

The small town you arrived in was quiet, homey seeming even. After checking into the small motel, the three of you began running through the motions, questioning vics, researching and scoping out the town. 

After arriving back to the room, things seemed normal. Dean went to shower, Sam went to his own room, leaving you alone to do some research. Until a plume of black smoke swirled in front of you, forming into a big burly man. 

“Hiya y/n, miss me? His eerie voice spat out. 

You tried to scream out for Dean, but upon opening your mouth you realized your voice had left you. That’s when the pain hit. Like a million burning hot knives tearing away your insides. You crumpled to the floor as the pain intensified. You could feel the life slowly draining from your body as the demon towered over you with a twisted grin plastered across his hideous face. You knew this was it for you, The end of the line. But you weren’t scared for yourself. You feared for Dean, for what he would do. The deals he would try to make. 

The demon vanished as the bathroom door creaked open, you were holding desperately onto the little bit of life you had left. Dean had to know. You had to tell him. 

Once Dean laid eyes on your almost lifeless body on the floor panic set in. He rushed to your side. He gently lifted your head into his lap as you tried to mutter out your last words. “Dean, I…. Please…. Love you.” 

“No… Y/N stay with me. Please!” Dean begged, you could see the tears began to fall from his gorgeous green eyes before everything around you faded to black.

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“Goodmorning, babydoll.” Brendon pressed his stubbly chin into the crook of your neck, planting a small kiss on your soft skin. 

“Goodmorning, handsome.” You groaned, turning over to face him. 

Somehow Brendon always look absolutely flawless in the mornings, while you always woke looking like an ogre. 

“How ‘bout I go downstairs and make us some breakfast, hm?” He questioned, pulling you in closer.

“That sounds delightful.” 

“I thought you’d say that.” He smiled that handsome smile at you, pressed a kiss against your lips and then jumped out of bed to make the food.  


A/N: Aaaayyyyeeee, I was requested by @chaos-in-pink to do a little imagine so here you go! Go check them out. REQUESTS ARE OPEN. :D

Imagine waking up next to Dean <3

“Morning beautiful” Dean says, his voice still tired. “Goodmorning handsome” you say laying your hand on his chest. He gives you a small smile and wraps his arms around you. “This is a really nice way to wake up” he says and kisses the top of your head. “Yeah I know…” you say and close your eyes. You don’t ever want to forget this. It’s not so often you get to wake up together like a normal couple on a sunday morning. 
He starts to pull away and you make a groan. “Where are you going?” he smiles at you. God I am one lucky man. “I’m coming back. Go back to sleep” and with that he went out of his room.

After he was gone a while you fall back to sleep. Last night you finished a hunt and this was not one of the easy ones. Dean never likes it when you come with him and Sam on hunts, but he isn’t the boss of you. You want to come. You know that he doesn’t want you to come because he cares about you, but you want to come because you care about him too. 
Dean comes in with a tray in his arms and puts it down carefully. He wakes you up and ones again you groan. “What are… mhm… Pancakes” you notice the pancakes on the tray and your whole face lights up. He chuckles. He made them just for you. He knows the hunt was hard on you, and he knows pancakes is your favorite. “Deeeean. Thank you so much. I love you” you put your hand on his cheek and give him a kiss. “You’re welcome” he says and you spent the rest of the morning in bed eating pancakes. 


💕 Good morning!😄💕

Imagine Dean Surprising You With A Puppy

Imagine Dean Surprising You With A Puppy

A/N: So I’ve been hitting road blocks on all of my current “works in progress”. So I decided to put this little fluffy piece together for your reading pleasure! It is unedited, so it’s probably shit, but regardless I hope you guys enjoy!

Pairing: Dean X Reader

Warnings: Fluff, and puppy love. If you want to count those as warnings?

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“Good morning gorgeous.” His gruff voice whispered, waking you from your slumber.

You rolled over to face him, giving him your best sleepy smile. “Goodmorning to you too, handsome.”

“Time to get up sweetheart, I have a surprise planned for you today.” He winked at you, with a childlike sparkle in his emerald eyes.

Dean was waiting in the kitchen for you once you finished preparing yourself for the day. A tumbler full of coffee waiting for you on the counter.

“You ready babe? We gotta get moving if we’re going to make it on time.” He smirked at you.

“Where are we going?” You grumbled, he knew you hated surprises.

“You’ll see, and trust me, you’ll love it.” He was so excited, it actually made you a little nervous.

After driving for a while, he pulled up to a large white building with a fenced in back area. He led you inside, the huge grin he had plastered on his gorgeous face never disappearing,

As soon as you entered through the glass doors, you were greeted by rows of dogs and puppys. Tears began forming in your eyes, threatening to spill over.

“Really Dean, you’re finally letting me get a puppy?” You squeaked out, looking up to him so he could see the love and appreciation in your eyes.

“Pick one!” He was beaming with pride.

You browsed all of the sweet dogs, wishing you could take them all home before your eyes locked on the most adorable little ball of fluff. You looked up at Dean, love struck, He knew this was the one,

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You followed the shelter attendant back to her office where you impatiently filled out the adoption paperwork.

You couldn’t control you excitement  as she led the two of you back out to meet your new furball.

After a trip to the pet store for supplies, you arrived home.

“So, what do you want to name him?” Dean asked giddily. “I was thinking maybe Zepplin, We could call him Zep for short “ He shot you a sheepish grin.

“That’s actually perfect Dean!” You beamed with happiness. “I love it, and I love you!” You shouted before jumping up into his arms and attacking his lips with a loving kiss.

He carried you over to the couch and sat down with you still in your lap, Zep jumped up on the couch to join the two of you.

“Our perfect little family.” You whispered into his neck.

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