goodmorning and goodnight texts

things that mean a lot to me but I will never mention:

• goodnight/ goodmorning texts
• I miss you’s
• I hope you’re okay’s
• thinking about you
• when someone goes out of their way to show you they care
• when someone shows a real interest in you
• feeling wanted
• feeling like what you feel is validated
•feeling important

Dating Stiles Stilinski would include:

• stealing his flannels all the time bc who the hell wouldn’t?

 • a lot of cuddling

 • bear hugs 

• “stiles, can you stop hogging the blanket?”

 • him literally forcing you to watch Star Wars 7372627272 times

 • good morning/goodnight texts

 • “no, i love YOU more”

 • smelling his cologne every time you hug him

 • hickeys • having dinner with the real mvp, mr. stilinski

 • arguing on who has to kill the spider

 • him throwing pens at you to get your attention in class

 • him waving with a goofy little smile when he walks past your class

 • prank wars 24/7

 • “babe, don’t forget the curly fries!” 

• stiles getting jealous when you side with scott

 • researching the supernatural with him

 • reassuring him that his nightmares are just nightmares, nothing more

 • shushing each other each time the other person moans too loudly when his father is in the house

 • hugs from behind

 • him coming through your bedroom window and almost breaking his neck.

 • him loving that his hoodies smell like you • going to every lacrosse game and trying to watch every practice

 • him running to you and kissing you when he scores a goal

 • double dates with scott and kira

 • “sorry, what did you say?”

 • passing notes in class and getting detention with him

 • being each other’s anchors

 • loving his little moles

 • trying to compete with his sarcasm

Dating Hoseok Would Include...
  • a lot of laughing 
  • jokes all the time 
  • telling you how much he loves you a hunred times a day
  • neck kisses 
  • back kisses 
  • calling you babe, baby or sweetheart everywhere 
  • invites you dance practice because he knows you love staring at his butt
  • “babe watch this” 
  • “babe look at me” 
  • “BABE!” 
  • “WHAT?!” 
  • “I love you.” 
  • smiles 
  • aegyo - all the time 
  • Gwiyomi - all the time 
  • “Hobi Hungry” 
  • “So kawaii” 
  • picking you up for hugs 
  • tears when he sees you for the first time in months 
  • goodmorning & goodnight texts 
  • after sex deep voice 

Yoongi // Taehyung // Jimin // Hoseok // Namjoon // Jungkook // Jin

Hellooooo everyonee! :D Hope you all are having an great daaay and I wrote you guys new part to the story! :)

Enjoy <3

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“Can’t let go” Jimin story - Part 2

For next few days Jimin and you only have been texting each other.
He would always say “Goodmorning or goodnight beautiful” and that would make you so happy..

Few times it happened that you two are in a same class.Jimin would always turn his head towards you and smile at you.
“Mister Jimin,please stop looking at miss Y/N and pay attention to the class” teacher would say to Jimin
You would smile and put your head down because you know people are looking at you and Jimin.
“Sorry sir..” Jimin would say and look back at you again and then pay attention to class

After class you picked up your books and walked out of the class,Jimin followed you from the behind.
“Y/N” he said and you stop to walk and tunr around towards him
“Yes?” you smiled
“Do you wanna grab some lunch later?” he looked at your eyes
“Don’t be shy Y/N…It’s just a friend lunch” he smiled getting closer to your face
“Fineee,I’ll goo” you smiled 
“Okay” he winks and walks away

You don’t usually do this,but you couldn’t stop looking at his ass.It was just an amazing ass..
“God what am I doing?” you laugh at yourself 
“Y/N!” Olivia shouts in your ear and you jump a little
“Whyyyyy do you have to do that?!” you look at her
“It’s just fun” she laughed
“What you doing later?” she added
“Why you ask?” you look at her
“Well I wanted us to go to the mall,since I need to buy some stuff” she explains
“I..Kind of like going to lunch with Jimin” you said
“You what?” you raised her eyebrows
“He just asked me to go after class to the lunch” you explain
“Ohhhhhhhh…..So it’s a date?” 
“What?! No It’s not” you laugh
“It’s a date okay”
“Olivia it’s not-”
“I can’t hear youuuuu” she said walking away
“I-” you roll your eyes and walk to the classroom

It happens that Jimin was in the same class as you,again.
“You in this class too?” he asked as you sat next to him
“Yup” you laugh 
“Wow,well I like that” he nodded his head
“I like it too” you looked at him and you two smiled at each other
“OKAY CLASS!” teacher walks in yelling 

Jimin and you look at each other again with serious faces.
“What’s up with him?” Jimin wispers to you
“I don’t know” you wisper back
“CLASS YOU WILL DO SOMETHING!” teacher again yelled sitting on a chair in front all of you
One guy raises his hand
“Yes you?” teacher points at him
“Why are you shouting?” 
“Because..I am excited for this project” teacher smiled
“Ahhhh okay” he added and stood up again

All of you laugh at him and his acting.
“You all will be separated in pairs…” he walks around the classroom
“It’s a thing where,one of you has to do a pose and another one has to draw them” he added

You got really nervous,but still felt excited about the project…YOu didn’t know who will you be paired up with.

“But why did you want us to do that?” one of the guys say
“Because I wanna see the art” he said
“I don’t get it” Jimin wispers to you and you laugh 
“It’s okay,I don’t get it that well either” you said
“OH LOOK AT THEM!” teacher comes up to you two 

Teacher gets closer and closer to Jimin,he almost fell off the chair,because he was trying to make some distance with the teacher.
“Okay,you two” he said pointing
“W-what?” you asked
“You guys are paired up” he smiled
“Good luck! NOW let’s see other pairs!” he walks away from you two

Jimin and you look at each other.
“I..” he started
“When does that needs to be finished?” you raised your hand
“Tomorrow” he smiled
“Oh Jesus Christ” Jimin shaked his head “No”
“You don’t want-” you started
“No! I wanna do it,It’s just we have to do that tomorrow” he looked at you
“Well it will be tiring,but still..We can do it!” you smiled and pushed him a little
“My place or yours?” 
“Jimin and Y/N,please talk after the class” 

After class Jimin and you decided that you will come to his place at 7pm.
“But you still going?” he asked
“Where?” you were confused
“To the lunch?” 
“Ohhhh about that…My friend has to-”
“It’s okay…Next time” Jimin licked his lips and nodded his head
“You’re not mad?” 
“No,why would I be?” 
“I don’t know…” 
“Y/N I am not mad,see you later” Jimin laughed and walked away
“Byee” you said

Something about Jimin made you nervous to be around him.You think of him only as friend,at least for now.But the way he looks at you and smiles,it makes you go crazy.

Jimin on other side can’t stop thinking about you.The way you smile at him too.
When you get confused and shy around him sometimes.
It makes him like you even more.

“Olivia just takeee it” you look at her while she’s trying out a dress
“I don’t know” she was looking herself in the mirror
“You are just..I can’t stand you anymore,I’ll be outside” you said and walked in front of the store.

You looked around then took your phone in your hands and check some stuff on it.
“Jimin you are so crazy man” Chris shouted on purpose 
You lifted your head up right away and look around..You spot Chris and Jimin together laughing.
You laughed
“What are you doing here?” you asked
“This is soo cute.Whenever you guys go,you see each other” Chris teases
Jimin gives him a serious look and he stops to laugh.
“This is Chris,my dumb friend” Jimin smiled
“Heeeey” Chris looked at him
“He needed to get something,so I went with him” Jimin explains why is he here
“Y/N you left-” Olivia smiled
“You are Jimin” she said pointing 
“Yeah I am” 
“That is the guy you’re-” you slap Olivia’s arm
“That she what?” Jimin smiled looking at Olivia then at you
“Nothing” you said instead of Olivia
“Okay this is weird” Chris was confused
“Yeah” Olivia nodded her head

You lick your lips and look at Jimin then look away.
“Let’s go home” you said
“B-bye” Jimin said as you two were walking away,you didn’t want to say anything because you were embarassed 
“Damn it,I should have teased you too about her!” Chris slaps his head

Jimin just shaked his head and looked at him.
“Let’s go Chris” 
“I kind of like that Olivia girl” 
“Good for you man,good for you” 
“What’s wrong with you now?”
“Nothing.I’m okay” Jimin smiled

Chris rolled his eyes and continued to walk with Jimin.
Jimin was just bothered with you just going off without saying anything.
“Jimin” Chris looked at him
“She’s just shy,don’t be bothered with a stuid thing” 
“How did you know?”
“Because..Umm you are my FRIEND obviously?!” Chris laughs
“She’s cute” Jimin bit his lip thinking about you
“She was so shy when you asked a question” 
“I like that…”Jimin smiled

His phone rings and It’s you.
“Hey” Jimin answers
“Hey,um..I wanna say sorry for the thing that happened before” you laughed a little
“Nah,It’s finee..I know you like me”Jimin teased you and smiled
You stayed speachless,you didn’t know what to say.
“Y/N you there?” Jimin added laughing a little
“I know you like me” you smiled biting your lip
“Hmmm..Maybe and maybe not” Jimin smiled
“I knooow youu” you laughed
“I know you too” 
“Okay,umm see you later,bye” you added and hang up
“Jesus Christ” you thought to yourself and put one hand on your chest:Your heart was beating so fast.
You were actually really hot right now,you couldn’t cool off.

“Okay” you said as you walked to Jimin’s room door.Yoou knock on it and he opens it.
“Hi..Come in” Jimin opens the door and you walk in.
“Okay we gotta do this quick and good” you laughed leaving your stuff on his bed
Jimin sits next to you,little bit closer.
“Who will be the model? I mean how will we do this” he laughed
“Umm..Well you be a model and I will draw you” you smiled looking at him
Your heart skipped a beat as you noticed he was sitting closer to you.You tried to stay cool.
“Okay” he nodded his head

You stood up to get everything prepared..He turns his head towards you and smiles at you.
“Why you o that?” you asked 
“DO what?”
“Smile at me?”
“Is there something wrong with that?”
“You don’t like it?” he stood up and camed towards you
“I like it” you smiled and tapped his chest
“I know you do” he smiled licking his lips
“HEY JIMIN! OH SHIT-” a guy walks in
“Did I interrupt something here or…?” he added
“Oh no,nothing..What’s up?” Jimin looked at him

While Jimin was talking to him.You were looking at his face,lips,neck..His hands,muscles..Everything.
All you wanted to do is hug Jimin for the first time to feel his embrace..Those strong arms to be wrapped around you and holding you tightly.
“Okay,see you then,bye” guy said and walked out
“Y/N?” Jimin noticed you looking at him
“Ah what now?” you look up at him
“We gonna do this thing or?” he laughed at you
“Yeah,just go there and look trough the window” you point

Jimin noodded his head and walked over to the window.
“No” you said
“I need something better,like maybeee…You can take off your T-shirt?” you smiled and felt nervous
“Okay,sure..” Jimin winks at you 

He starts to take off his T-Shirt,you bit your lip watching him.
He throws the T-Shirt on his bed and looks at you.
“Is it good now?” Jimin smiled
“Y-yeah” you couldn’t stop looking at his abs,his whole body.
“I know you like what you see” he winks
“Oh stop it!” you laugh rolling your eyes.

All that Jimin had on himself was torn jeans,a silver necklace over his neck and his beautiful body showing..You were almost out of breath how hot he looked.
He was standing,with his hands in his pockets..His vains showing from his arm muscles to his hands.
That was your weakness about a guy.Them vains showing.

You were looking at him and drawing him..He was in some deep thought while looking trough the window.
“God Y/N I can’t stay like this anymore,can we take a break” Jimin laughed
“Of course” you laughed 
“Oh thank you” Jimin relaxes his body and sits on the bed
“How you doing so far?” 
“Good” you smiled
“Daaamn I even look better when you draw me” he smiled looking at you while looking at the drawing
You laughed looking at him.
“You look nervous” Jimin said and sat back on the bed again
“Why would I be nervous?” you look at him
“Well I don’t know,but” Jimin said raising his shoulders
“I am not nervous at all” you smiled

You hear from the outside,how rain is falling hard.
”Why would..Oh God” you said
”You don’t like rain?”
”No..Not a all when it’s raining that hard”
”Well you’ll stay here with me,till it stops” he smiled
”I guess..I don’t know”
”I know you want to Y/N” 

You rolled your eyes and stood up.
Jimin and you got back to the drawing.When you finished it,the rain still hasn’t stopped.
“I guess I am staying” you said
“You will wait till the rain stops or?”

Jimin was sitting on a chair and you were laying on his bed.
Both of you were laughing and getting to know each ther more.
“And then I was like-” Jimin stopped to talk when he notices you’re asleep
He smiled and took a blanket and cover you up..
“I knew you can’t stay awake till it stops” he laughed and tok another pillow and layed on the floor next to the bed.

I want a boyfriend who:

- will text me goodmorning/goodnight

-will apologize after a fight, even if I’m wrong

- will kiss me, not make out

- will make me laugh

- will take silly/cute pictures with me

- will start the conversation

- will notice when I’m upset

- likes long hugs

- likes to cuddle

- hugs me from me behind

- respects me

- wont flirt with other girls

- wont rush things

- wont get clingy

- wont lie to me

- gives me compliments

The things that make me happy;

• the way snow makes everything look new and bright and beautiful

• the sound rain makes when it hits the roof of the car

• genuine laughter

• the way walking into quiet bookstores feels

• driving late at night with the windows down when it feels like the rest of the world is sleeping

• coffee mugs and the warmth that seeps through them into your hands in the morning

• candles

• freshly baked cookies that burn your fingers when you try to eat them too quickly

• hearing a familiar song in an unfamiliar or unexpected place

• sunset and sunrises and the beginnings of things

• the smell that lingers in your hair and clothes after a bonfire

• the sounds fallen leaves make in autumn when you step on them

• making other people smile

• the brief second of peace after diving into a cold pool

• late night conversations, soft whispers, shared secrets

• goodmorning and goodnight and how are you and I miss you terribly texts

• the nostalgia felt when looking at old photographs

• the way you can feel the music thrumming in your chest at concerts

• finding people you bond with immediately, seeing old friends

• hugs that put you back together and, for even the briefest moment, make everything okay

• looking up at the stars, full moons, and fireflies in the night sky

• stained glass windows

• kisses on the cheek, gentle touches, hands playing with your hair

• poetry and good books, chinese take out and bad movies

Things that mean a lot to me but I will never mention:

• goodnight/ goodmorning texts
• I miss you’s
• I hope you’re okay’s
• thinking about you
• when someone goes out of their way to show you they care
• when someone shows a real interest in you
• feeling wanted
• feeling like what you feel is validated
•feeling important

January was stolen glances
Febuary was little waves
March was small chocolate gifts
April was made up excuses to chat
May was sit next to me in class
June was whats your number?
July was maybe he doesn’t like me anyway
August was your birthday
September was we didn’t talk much today
October was goodmorning, goodafternoon, goodnight texts
November was I love you
December was I miss you
January was
—  all the months of the year and one
No I don’t miss you. I don’t miss the person that loves me more than i love myself. I don’t miss the person who take cares of me when I’m ill. I don’t miss the person who texts me goodmorning and goodnight. I don’t miss the person who said ‘I love you’ at 4am. I don’t miss the person who listens to every word that came out from my mouth. I don’t miss the person who holds my hand. I don’t miss the warmth of the body around mine. I don’t miss the person who calls me in the middle of the night because they had a bad dream. I don’t miss the persons voice. I don’t miss the laughter. I don’t miss her face or her smile at all. I don’t miss her, I miss her, I don’t know, she’s just in my mind every 1am and every 8pm. No, I don’t miss you.
—  I’m lying when I said I don’t, I thought of you while writing this. // f.p