You found me dressed in black
Hiding way up at the back
Life had broken my heart into pieces
You took my hand in yours
You started breaking down my walls
And you covered my heart in kisses
I thought life passed me by
Missed my tears, ignored my cries
Life had broken my heart, my spirit
And then you crossed my path
You quelled my fears, you made me laugh
Then you covered my heart in kisses

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Please, keep going with that headcanon with trans Remus and genderfluid Sirius at the bar! Omg it's so good, I want to know what happends next so bad lol love your writing

Thank you!!!

Your wish is my command, here’s part 1 and part 2

  • After Lily and Remus finished eating with James and Sirius then sat in Dominos for another hour chatting about nothing and everything, Lily and Remus had to go home
  • After exchanging numbers of course
  • Sirius and James decided to walk them to the tube station
  • “Do you have to go now?” Sirius whined at Remus.
  • Truth was, Remus for the first time in his life actually didn’t want to go home.
  • He had enjoyed Sirius’ company.
  • He enjoyed being around someone smart and goodlooking, and almost as sharp-tongued as him, as much as he’d hate to admit it.
  • “I’m afraid so, last tube’s at 12:13,” Remus sighed.
  • “Will you be back tomorrow?” Sirius asked looking up at Remus.
  • “Clubbing two nights in a row?” Remus raised his eyebrow at Sirius.
  • “Well, I usually don’t but if you’re gonna be here…”
  • “You’d come back just for me?”
  • “Anything for you, Moony,” Sirius said with a smug look on his face.
  • “I was gonna ask you out tomorrow, I’ve changed my mind now though,” Remus shrugged.
  • Sirius stopped and held Remus back too. “Is that so?” Sirius asked stepping in front of Remus, Remus thought the height difference was adorable, Sirius stood just above his chin.
  • “Yep.”
  • “And what if I ask you out?” Sirius asked looking up at him.
  • Remus looked into Sirius’ grey eyes, who was he kidding.
  • “I might just say yes.”
  • After their goodbyes Remus and Lily go on the metro.
  • “So I see you did end up finding your Prince Charming, huh?” Lily nudged him with a smug look on her face.
  • Remus rolled his eyes. “You did too.”
  • Her pale cheeks flushed a light shade of red. “Is Sirius decent?”
  • “He’s respectful, I appreciate that,” Remus said truthfully.
  • “Did you tell him?”
  • Remus told Sirius about him being transgender once he told Remus about being genderqueer, and he had stuck around and Remus decided that was a good sign.
  • “Ah yeah, he’s part of the trans community himself so… it’s easier for him to understand I guess.”
  • Lily smiled, they gossiped about their night all the way home, and stayed up a little at home speaking about the night too.
  • “He said he’s asking me out tomorrow,” Remus said.
  • “Do you think he is?”
  • “I don’t know.” Remus bit his lip. “I’m hoping.”
  • They said goodnight to eachother and headed off to bed.
  • The next morning when Remus woke up, the first thing he done was check his phone, the images of the previous night flashing through his mind.
  • The green square with the white speechbubble showed he had a text from a foreign number.
  • Sorry if it’s too early, morning Moony.’
  • Remus grinned and got up to have coffee, he didn’t want to reply just yet, he needed the caffeine first.
  • Lily got up not long after.
  • “Has he texted you?”
  • “Oh good morning, Lily, I slept well thanks, you?”
  • She rolled her eyes. “Did he?”
  • “Yeah, did James text you?”
  • She noded and sipped some of the coffee Remus had poured out for her.
  • Remus took his phone out from his pocket. ’Morning to you, Pads.’
  • Their morning carried on swiftly, Sirius and James asked Lily and Remus out and seeing as it was a Saturday, they had nothing to do so they agreed.

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I finally got some evidence regarding this whole Alewya Demmise story and I hope you guys can reblog this post. I fucking hate bullies and unfortunately she is one. She seriously let her white friends bully a black girl over some white dude. Man I can’t. And she & her friends are playing victims & acting like they didn’t do shit. I first heard about this story like months ago & Alewya was trying to play the victim in my inbox talking about how the girl harassed her & her parents first blablabla like no boo. You’re actually a cruel person. I don’t understand why a BLACK girl is letting her WHITE friends bully another black girl. I don’t understand why a beautiful girl like her is so ugly on the inside. And I don’t understand why she’s bullying this chick over her damn not-goodlooking ex boyfriend or whatever he is. Such a damn shame all of this. Especially for someone who is all about ‘feminism” lol. How are you all about girl power but you’re bullying this girl over a GUY? What a joke. And unfortunately just because she’s a model and well-known she can lie & say anything she wants to make her look like the victim. I won’t be posting Alewya no more. I was so excited to see a new black model & see new work from her but it’s sad to know that this is how she is. Also thank you again to the person who took the time to send me the evidence.

Selfie Saturday

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Happy Birthday to Inspirits’ precious puppy and heart machine, Nam Woohyun!!!💓💕 Thank you for always loving us and making it easier for us to go through our tough times. Inspirits will always be here for you, supporting you no matter what! 2015 may not have been one of the best years, wishing 2016 to be an even better year for you! Our precious precious namu, always be happy because seeing you smile makes us smile too.

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- Please just shut the fuck up
- How about I just punch you in the face
- You were my FP yesterday but today I just hate you lol sorry bye
- Did.. that guy just stare at me?
- actually nvm how about we just marry tomorrow
- If this bitch touches me one more time I swear to god
- The son of a bitch didn’t even glance at me… YUP I HATE HIM NOW
- If there was an Olympics for being slutty, this bitch would win gold.
- Why the fuck are you looking at me I will poke your eyeballs out with my teeth
- .. She hates me
- Okay I hate her too then I guess
- I should’ve never told her about my BPD
- Is this a hallucination or real life?
- … Yeah that’s a hallucination
- I’m insane aren’t I
- Talking to myself again

- Can I listen to music now so I can return to my awesome badass fantasy life in my head