communication is key!!!

Last week my Dom and I had a very lengthy discussion about our relationship dynamic it got a little heated and a little emotional at times but it was what we needed. He came to stay for the weekend as it was his birthday and our relationship has honestly never been better, there was so much support, praise, and genuine positivity this weekend so please don’t bottle things in because you’re afraid of the outcome. Communication is key to a healthy relationship!

goodlittlekitten answered to your post “I’m writing a story and I’m really stupid and can’t figure out a nice…”

It depends on the tone you want for the story, do you want it to be playful? Suspenseful? Lots of twists and turns?

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What rae the assignments about? Perhaps they are her recipe to true happiness or something. (god, I am so corny)

Ah thanks for replying ;) Well I want it to be more mysterious.. The girl who wrote the diary is obviously dead and she is a lot like the main character, which freaks her out a bit (becasue reading about a girl the same age who likes the same things only a hundred years ago is pretty freaky) 
But the problem for me is, what happened to the girl in the diary, why does she write the diary, and what does she write in the diary. The assignments in the diary take the main character to places and people, I have a few idead, but just any little thing might help me develop the story more :)

goodlittlekitten answered your questionhelp pls?

Could you be putting it into slow motion? That’s the only real thing I could think of, other than just bugs

Hm.. No, I don’t think the slow motion thing is it, because I don’t remember basically ever using it after the tutorial and besides, it doesn’t even feel like the slow motion thing, it’s just.. laggy, idk obviouslyending answered your questionhelp pls?

I have the same problem… but it could be your pc. What are it’s specs?

Specs? *sweats nervously* Uhh I really don’t know but when I went on systemrequirementslab then everything seemed to be fine except for the fact that I have Windows 8… could that really be the problem?