Custom action figures for the “Kill Your Shelf” bootleg toy show presented by Streets of Beige. Opens in the flesh Saturday, April 25th, 2015, from booth #39 at the ToyConUK

E.T. Goes Pumping Iron & The Incredible Kirk Van Houten by Felix Altreus 

Spidermandem by Richt

ToyConUk Exclusive “Skull Hero” figure by Wolfmask and Goodleg Toys

Mr. Hell by Ramone Sketch

Remaining pieces will also be available online the same day from 8pm BST (3pm EST) from the SoB Store HERE


Goodleg Toys proudly presents another trash movie resin toy incarnation: The Defender of Bad Taste! A homage to Peter Jackson’s Lord Crumb, as seen in Jackson’s early cult movie “Bad Taste” from 1987. The figure is hand sculpted, hand casted, and hand painted, around 3.75" tall, and comes in hand pulled blister on hand made card. (Gun included!) The edition will be limited to 15 pieces only - 10 no-border (flesh), and 5 green-border (washed) pieces. Priced at $65 and $70 a piece plus $8 international shipping, the bastards will be landing on Thursday, June 16th, at Midnight GMT+1 Berlin time (the night from Wednesday to Thursday).


Jason Lei Howden’s Deathgasm was one of the most enjoyable films of last year, and now you can react the horror-comedy at home with action figures from Goodleg Toys.

Brodie (Milo Cawthorne), Medina (Kimberley Crossman), Zakk (James Blake), and Aeloth are available as 3.75" figures. They’re hand-sculpted, hand-casted, and hand-painted. They come with a weapon and a blister card with artwork by Ralph Niese.

Figures are available for $66.60 each or as a set of four for $240. The first edition is limited to 15 pieces each.