New York City: Protest against drone war corporation Technion, April 20, 2013.

“New York City is giving $400 million in real estate and direct contributions to the Technion-Israeli Institute of Technology, a corporation that does military research for the Israeli government. They design drones that kill Palestinian children. Mayor Bloomberg is turning Roosevelt Island into a tech hub where Cornell University will work with Technion on military research. Coler-Goldwater hospital will be closed down and thousands of people with disabilities will be displaced. Red Youth organized a march to Technion/Google to say no to drones - healthcare not warfare.”

Photos and report by Brenda Sandburg

{Media News} The Cloud...The Cloud!...THE CLOUD!!


        Since we’re quickly heading into what the past considers the future - and what we consider the present - everything is virtually moving into/onto the internet. You won’t longer need a USB drive or an iPod for your music, just your phone, or a laptop with reliable internet service. iTunes released a cloud service, amazon released a cloud service, and Google - and who’s really surprised here, no one that’s who, because it’s fucking Google, they need to keep their game up - released a cloud service. If you have never heard of this so called cloud, then you don’t really know much about the whole cloud theory.

          Imagine this invisible cloud floating around near your phone carrying all your music (photos & videos; iTunes only) wherever you go with limited amount of GB storage. If you really think about it, it’s as if the cloud provider is handing out free 5 GB micro SD cards for your phone as a sample. I think that fits a good amount of your favorite songs.

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   They say “You’ll never lose your files again” but you know the saying “never say never."  What if their buildings catch on fire, or Will, the new guys accidentally but stupidly presses the big red delete all files button or there might be a gas leak in a random room, then Bob from the mail room, after just coming out of a frustrating lecture from his boss about not being able to smoke anywhere else other than the designated break area. Tries to spite his boss and goes into the room where the leak is and lights up the cigarette and blows the whole company out into space. But aside from that it’s great. The services allow for a limited amount of free storage space or until you need more storage that goes anywhere you go!

 Google: is free for the moment with limitations

iTunes: 5 GB free not including the music you already purchased (this servce is ideal for existing iTunes customers) and then $24.99 a year

Amazon: same as iTunes but instead of the iTunes download it’s Amazon mp3 purchases and it’s $20 a year.

             The digital age is revealing more and more great projects, which compel more and more companies to invent cooler shit just to stay on top of their game. I mean look we already have That seems to be real popular now. Basically it’s a program just like iTunes, looks just like iTunes and it’s better than iTunes. Why? Because it’s exclusive - invitation only - and because once you have it, you basically have every song in the world on your computer and wherever you have internet access. The free version gets your limited time for play. While the $4.99 version gets you unlimited listens of every song in the world and play it anywhere while being offline - so you can take the party anywhere you go!

- Byron Gonzalez


Facebook + Skype..

Kaya pala nagbago ang Facebook ko kasi may bagong release feature na naman ang Facebook. Pwede na pala lahat mag video chat ang group video chat pareho sa Skype.

Sa ngayon ay tinatamad akong mag facebook nabadtrip ako sa bagong chatbox wh. Nakakabobo. Andaming trip sa buhay nitong facebook.