“15 years ago I was in business, became bankrupt, and couldn’t make a comeback. It was really difficult. If I had been younger I might have had more willpower. But since I was older and had this sort of thing happen, I thought I had lived my life in vain and felt frustrated. However, watching my grandchildren grow up gave me strength. As I looked at pictures of them sitting on my lap when they were young, I thought that instead of being frustrated, I should try having some hope. My grandchildren shouldn’t grow up under my bad influence.”

“한 15년전에 사업을 하다가 부도가 나서 재기를 하지 못할 때 정말 힘들었어. 나이가 적었으면은 그런대로 하면 된다는 의지를 가지고 모든걸 했을텐데 나이가 들어서 그런 일이 생기니까 내가 참 인생을 헛살았구나 하는 좌절감이 들더라구. 그런데 손주들 자라는 걸 보면서 그걸 이길 수 있는 힘이 생겼어. 애들 어렸을 적에 무릎팍에 올려놓고 찍었던 사진들 보면서 내가 좌절만 하지 말고 그래도 어떤 희망을 가져봐야겠구나 하는 생각을 하게 되었지. 얘네들이 이 다음에 커서 이런 모습의 할아버지 영향은 받지 말아야 하잖아.”

Small Addition 2 Switchfam

So there’s this cute 1st grader on our bus (probs younger idk) who has been rly stirr crazy lately and gets in trouble on the bus. So one day i let him put on my earbuds and i played specific switchfoot greats to me, like Stars, Dare You to Move, Hello Hurricane and several others and now he,s the 2nd quietest kid on the bus

unless of course Stars is playing, he sings along and even headbangs to that

just imagine the cutest little kid randomly shouting “sttaaahhhuuurzz” at sequential intervals