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tagged by radiantdean:

  • Sam or Dean? If you want to read my whole explanation, just message me and I’ll send you my document on why I love them both equally :)
  • Favorite angel in the garrison other than Cas? I really really love Lucifer, and the whole dynamic he has with Michael :)
  • Favorite book of all time?My number one book is The Book Thief by Markus Zusack, but it’s followed closely by The Catcher in the Rye, and A Clockwork Orange
  • Describe a funny or happy moment in your life. Ummm. I was so unbelievably stoke when I got a letter from Stanford (my dream college)(and no, not because of SPN) about a summer program. I couldnt stop crying tears of joy for like a week. :)
  • Favorite Song(s)? Go check out my Audio Player on my blog :)))) 
  • Go-to movie to cheer you up? Well I don’t know if it would cheer me up, but my favorite movie is Stand by Me and I can literally watch it like six times in a row.
  • Favorite thing to eat that I can make myself.I make super great banana bread and I am in love with it anyway, so sometimes I like to make it just because I can :)
  • Favorite celebrity? Well, I think J2M is kind of obvious, so idk if this counts, but I am very much obsessed with John Lennon. And Tom Hiddleston is a doll and he makes me very happy. However, Hugh Dancy is adorable as well. I don’t knooooow :(((
  • Favorite ice cream flavor?I am a sucker for anything with pieces in it. Like how cookie dough has little cookie dough bits in it. MmmmMmmmMMmm
  • Favorite hobby? I love reading for fun, anything that is assigned I tend to not enjoy. I also love my piano, and would play it all day if I could :)


my questions:

  • Favorite episode of Supernatural? (This is very important.)

  • Favorite band(s)?
  • Favorite thing to drink?
  • The greatest movie you have ever seen?
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  • Favorite store?
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