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As a beginner in witchcraft who still lives with hir parents, I've grown worried about attracting the attention of spirits or other potential interlopers, who may go after my youngest sibling first because of how little she is. Could I make use of a set of legos to create a ward to keep in her room to ward off any wicked motherfuckers from entering our house, or at least her room?





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For the character ask thing, jasper?

  • First impression: she’s big and scary i dont like her :S
  • Impression now: she’s easily one of the most difficult character to make an opinion on for a variety of reasons. on the one hand i like her and i find her interesting, on the other hand, the shit the writers make her do makes it hard for me to relate and/or sympathize with her.
  • Favorite moment: when she started yelling about pink diamond. kimberly brooks is too good
  • Idea for a story: jasper and amethyst bond. i really dont care about jasper and lapis confronting each other again i want amethyst to get some closure
  • Unpopular opinion:  this isn’t really @ her but the mindset people have abt her. i feel like jasper stans and jasper haters really dont want to properly address the problems within the show that make jasper like this. the people who hate jasper tend to ignore that she is clearly a victim of abuse no matter how the show spins it. she had no control over lapis, and lapis’s way of confronting the shit she did to her was tacky. on the other hand, jasper stans act like jasper is a misunderstood woobie when she still did some sketchy ass shit. forcing someone to fuse with her, berating amethyst, capturing and imprisoning gems partly to taunt “rose”, the list goes on. the problem is that jasper is a poorly poorly written character who’s personal conflicts aren’t well executed (would’ve been nice to see SOME sense weakness from her after Alone At Sea)
  • Favorite relationship: jaspmuth bc why not
  • Favorite headcanon: jasper was basically the “popular kid” among the other quartz soldiers

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Pour some Suga on me

Summary: You are Jungkooks girlfriend and get dared to give Yoongi a lap dance and Jungkook only agrees if he gets to watch. 

Requests are open!!

A/N: I know I’m supposed to do the requests but if I get a goodidea i need to do that first haha

Genre: Smut

Pairing: Reader X Jungkook X Yoongi

Word count: 2.2 k

Games of truth and dare always lead to the most awkward and embarrassing situations, everyone knows that. And yet everyone chooses to play anyways. You knew before hand that a movie night with your boyfriend Jungkook and the rest of bangtan would end up at truth or dare. It always happened, especially when a few drinks were involved. And you were right. You had watched one movie together and everyone had a few drinks, nothing too hard, everyone was just a bit less restraint. So Tae  made the suggestion to play truth or dare. Everyone groaned or rolled their eyes but ended up agreeing. You sat on the couch cuddled up to Jungkooks side. The times were you two would get endless teasing for any sign of affection were over and you didn’t care anyways. Jin had brought his girlfriend a long as well so he made sure no one would tease you two. He also made sure this wouldn’t end up in an orgy. After a few of the other members it was your turn. Taehyung looked at you smirking. It was always safer to go for truth with these boys.

“y/n, truth or dare?”


“Did you ever think of any other bts member than Jungkook when touching yourself?”


“Really?? Who?”

“That was not the question Tae, sorry.”

“I’ll ask next round.”

The game went on with all kinds of stupid dares or dirty questions until it was your turn again. Taehyung had looked at you the whole round waiting to ask his question. You really weren’t in the mood to tell them who you thought of and even if you would name a random member it would still cause endless teasing. So you made a quick decision.

“y/n truth or dare?”


Taehyung was visibly annoyed that he couldn’t ask his question know and was working on a dare that would be the same amount of embarrassing. You could see his brain cells working hard and you were sure he was gonna get you bad.

I dare you to give Yoongi a lap dance.

Yoongi, slightly intoxicated and tired, shifted around surprised at the mention of his name. You looked to Jungkook whose jaw had tensed up. Everyone was waiting for a reaction. Jungkook slightly nodded over to you to confirm that it was okay with him.


Now all heads turned to Jungkook. Would he really let his girlfriend give another member a lap dance.

“Under one condition. Not in front of all you horny asses, only I get to watch.”

Taehyung looked disappointed but he knew you would still suffer so he wouldn’t complain further. One thing seemed to be very important for him.

But I get to choose the song!

“If that’s your biggest wish.”

Yoongi was unsure if that was the best idea that he ever heard of but he wouldn’t turn down a lap dance by a members pretty girlfriend. Especially not when he was there anyways so there wouldn’t be room for any misunderstandings. You stood up and Yoongi followed you into the bedroom. Jungkook stayed behind to let Taehyung choose the song on his phone and dragged a chair behind himself towards you two.

“Goodbye have fun I don’t expect to see you three again this evening.”

“Tae how long do you think a lap dance takes?”

“Oh I wasn’t only talking about a lap dance.”

You rolled your eyes at him as Jungkook entered the room last and closed the door. He placed the chair in the middle of the room and sat comfortably on the bed.

“Taehyung chose a really ridiculous song but we promised, sorry.”

“Wait am I supposed to strip as well?”

Jungkook raised and eyebrow at you and Yoongi smirked.

“Mhm I know what your wearing underneath, I think you should do Yoongi this favor.”

You were pretty comfortable around all the members and since your boyfriend didn’t seem to have any problems would this be a lot of fun. You could tease Jungkook using Yoongi. You pushed Yoongi to sit on the chair as you gave Jungkook the go to play the music. Yoongi groaned as the song started to play. Only Taehyung would use the song pour some sugar on me as a wordplay on Yoongis stage name Suga.

You started slowly walking around Yoongi slowly, dragging your hand along his shoulders before you stood in front of him and started stripping your clothes off. You took your time and made sure to move your ass around whilst removing them. When you had peeled yourself out of them you threw them aimlessly on the floor. Now you were left in the lingerie set Jungkook knew you had put on earlier. Black lace covered only very few parts of your body. Yoongi sucked in some air harshly.

“You were wearing stay ups and a garter belt underneath your sweatpants?!”

“Jungkook told me to, he had plans later.”

Jungkook chuckled from the bed.

“This is not exactly what I had in mind but it could get even better.”

You slowly walked towards him before you bent down and placed your hands on his knees, showing of your cleavage as you did so. Your ass was on perfect display for Jungkook who was enjoying your show from the bed. You let your hands travel along Yoongis thighs until you reached his boner before he reached out with his hands to pull you closer to straddle his lap. Your one hand ran through his hair and the other ran down his chest, palm flat against his t-shirt. His back arched, pushing his body into your touch as you swiveled your hips on his lap making sure to grind over his erection. You stood back up only to turn your back towards him, slowly lowering yourself back down. You stared right into Jungkooks dark lust filled eyes as you continued to move provocatively. Yoongi groaned beneath you.

“If you keep doing this I’ll cum in my pants, please don’t make me do this.”

The song conveniently ended anyways so you pulled away to sit on the edge of the bed. Yoongi was painfully hard sitting on the chair. He looked a bit miserable. You wanted to crawl up to Jungkook on the bed as he stopped you.

“No, now you’re gonna have to finish what you started baby, on your knees.”

You smiled at Jungkook as you went back to kneel in front of Yoongi, looking up to him innocently through fluttery lashes. You let your hands run up his thighs a second time unbuckling his belt.

“Jungkook are you sure this is okay-”

Yoongi held in his breath as you palmed him through his briefs. You pulled them down enough to reveal his boner and he didn’t ask a second time if this was okay. Slowly you let your tongue run over the tip of his dick, that was already leaking precum. You flatten your tongue on his cock dragging it from base to tip. He lets out a low groan, tangling his hands on your hair. You decide now wouldn’t be the time for endless teasing so you lower your head onto him until your nose brushes against his lower abdomen. Yoongi almost chokes on his moan.

“Jesus where the fuck is your gag reflex?”

You chuckle sending vibrations up his dick as Jungkook explained from the bed.

“Believe it or not it’s a fucking trick she has seen on the internet and it makes my life ten times better.”

You only need to bob your head up and down a few times, dragging your tongue along and making sure to run it over tip every time you reached it, before Yoongis moans broke and he twitched inside your mouth. You swallowed the bitter substance as Yoongi sat there panting hard.

“No wonder you’re always so relaxed, she gives amazing blow jobs.

“I know and now its time for her reward.”

You crawled towards the bed until you reached Jungkook who pulled you close to him to kiss you. Your little show had done most of it for him and he had a visible bulge in his pants. Jungkook flipped you over so you were now laying underneath him. He covered your neck in hickies as he quickly got rid of your bra and garter belt leaving you only in your panties. His lips focused on your right nipple as he toyed with the other one between his fingers. Your back arched as you moaned loudly and you could hear Yoongi shift around. Jungkook got off the bed to undress himself as Yoongi suddenly spoke.

Can I pay her back too?

Jungkook looked towards you and you gave him an eager nod.

“Sure why not, I heard rappers are amazing with their tongue.”

Yoongi crawled over to you as you blushed. It was weird to have someone else eating you out when your boyfriend was next to you but you heard rumours about Yoongi as well. Also Jungkook watching turned you on a lot. He did not kiss you as he didn’t want to take things too far, but he trailed wet open mouthed kisses along your lower abdomen and up your thighs until he reached the spot you wanted him the most. He pulled your panties down quickly and stopped to look you in the eyes with a smirk. Jungkook watched you with major interest as Yoongi leaned back down to wrap his lips around your clit. Your back arched upwards as he sucked at it harshly. You moaned loudly and his chuckle sent vibrations all throughout your body as he licked your clit kittenishly. Your hips moved around on their own accord as you suddenly could feel a firm hand press them down. To your surprise it was Jungkooks hand and not Yoongis. He distracted you by leaning down and growling into your ear how hot you look so crunched up in pleasure as Yoongi had lowered his mouth and slowly pushed his tongue inside of you. Jungkook stifled your loud moan by pressing his lips against yours whilst Yoongi leaned further down to lick into you. His tongue worked expertly, reaching up to your spot and hitting it perfectly. Yoongis view of you two passionately making out whilst his tongue was working inside of you turned him on way too much.

You were getting close and clenched around his tongue, as Jungkook pulled away to talk to you.

“And are the rumours true? Are rappers better with their tongue?”

It was hard to form any coherent sentence as you were constantly moaning trying to breath.

“Y-Yes they are.”

“I need to step up my game then.”

Yoongi chuckled again at your honest response and the vibrations sent you over the edge. The other boys knew very well what you were doing but Jungkook still made sure your moans wouldn’t be that easy to hear. Yoongi licked you up until you were flinching away from your oversensitivity. He pulled away and wiped his mouth clean with the back of his hand.

“Now it’s finally my turn.”

Jungkook was incredibly hard and you probably didn’t have to expect much teasing from him. He needed his release and he needed it now. Yoongi had sat back onto the chair to give you enough room as Jungkook had quickly discarded his clothes. Normally he would be uncomfortable by his hyung in the room whilst he was about to fuck his girl but right now nothing mattered. You were right Jungkook was not interested into any more teasing at all. He hovered over you and slowly started pushing inside you. You moaned loudly at the feeling of him filling you up and he hissed at you clenching around him.

“Babe if you don’t stop that it will be a quick ride.”

He finally started moving and it was sloppy to begin with. His thrust were hard and fast, focusing on a quick release. Still he did not fail to hit your spot with every thrust. He would reach his high very soon and you too were not to far from it. When you heard heavy breathing from behind Jungkook you slowly shifted to take a peek. This did not only cause Jungkook to curse since you clenched around him, but also you to release a loud moan at your sight. Yoongi was stroking up and down his length at a quick pace probably near his high as well. He looked so hot and fucked out, same as Jungkook on top of you. All the please was to much for you as you came. Your vision went white and a string of moans and curses left your mouth. Jungkook was brought over the edge by your erratic clenching around him and now sloppily rode out both your highs. Jungkook dropped next to you trying to catch his breath and you could hear Yoongi zipping his pants back up.

“Don’t tell Tae but this dare was one of the best things ever.”

You nodded and slowly got up to get dressed. Jungkook followed you. As you left the room no one was in sight and you sighed in relief. The only thing left was a note from Jins girlfriend.

I took the boys and convinced them to do something fun somewhere else for 2 hours, see you later.


Our Wedding Day Pt.1

Mom, guests are starting to arrive. Are you sure it was a good idea to send Dad to greet them?

Why would you ask that?

I think he’s telling them the story about how I used to get scare of thunder at night when I was young… again.

What do you mean again? How can you possible know thatfrom here?

He’s imitating me mom, I can see it from here! Plus, I’ve heardit already twice. He’s been telling it to the staff girls too.

Oh my… he’s a bit emotional today, come here. Come, you need to get ready now.

Ohhhhhhh maan, did you see that? He stole the ball

So close… did he make it? Oh, god. He didn’t.

Stop travelling man!

Sir, It’s time. The guests should take their seats now,everything will be ready soon.

Saw this idea on Pinterest…I think.

Making individual smoothies every day can be really time consuming (and by time consuming what I obviously mean is mindblowingly annoying).

SO, today I decided to woman up and put all of my “green monster smoothie” ingredients in plastic baggies to put in the freezer so I can just grab and blend instead of complain, chop, measure and blend every day.

It’s all about efficiency my friends!

It’s science.