chaoscheebs  asked:

My mom's been looking for loose shorter (around mid-calf) socks because sometimes her feet swell and the socks she has like that are wearing out. Any recommendations so I can get some to sneak in her socking for Christmas?

We sure do! I’d like preface this by saying we’re not doctors and encourage your mom to chat with her doctor about the swelling in case he has specific recommendations. :D

But we do have a whole section for non-constrictive sock cuffs! Sockwell and Goodhew have a few which have been specifically engineered to be non-binding for feet that swell, such as for those with diabetes or who are pregnant: Easy Does It Relaxed Midcalf, Plush Relaxed Fit Midcalf, Big Easy Relaxed Fit Midcalf, and Cushy Lounger Crew.

We wish you luck in the search for the perfect socks for your mom!


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