The most common question I get about this hair of mine: “how do you keep it so healthy?” The answers: moisturizer (usually butter. More water-based products encourage shrinkage, which causes tangles for me. I also never let my hair dry un-stretched)• low manipulation (and I only comb wet, gently while detangling)• no direct heat (occasionally a low-setting blow dry before taking a twist-out down)• no color (I used to be a dye junkie, but I’m just not willing to risk the damage right now). That’s really it. And multi-vitamins that I don’t take often enough.
#naturalhair #4ahair #goodhairchronicles #twa #type4hair (and for anyone against hair typing, I think it’s super useful for learning your hair and helping others learn theirs.)

For everyone who’s ever asked what I put in my hair, there are a few things, but this is the magic ingredient ✨. @amethystatelier’s Shea Fluff. It’s homemade and amazing. If they ever stop making it, I don’t know what I’ll do. It’s very light, non-greasy, and smells amazing. I liken the texture/weight to that “whips” yogurt, if that means anything to anyone. Anyway, yeah. Clutch. 💘 #naturalhair #goodhairchronicles #4ahair #4bhair #4chair

This hair. TL: post wash, pre twist. No eyebrows 😦TR: first day post flat twist/Bantu knots. BL: 2nd day. Yes, just a day later. Lol. BR: 4th day. Ain’t picked it out or nothin’, Jesus. It just does what it wants. #naturalhair #goodhairchronicles #4ahair