[i love that most of the responses to that post i made about whether or not the incest plotline could be a real road that sutter travels down in this last season - x - are  “i hope not, but i wouldn’t be surprised” that’s kinda telling about how the show has gone downhill.]

NORWAYBEAR answered: I seriously doubt that. Seems way too out of character with those two.

i’m pretty cynical and i believe that a large part of last season had a lot of characters doing things i felt made no sense at all or were completely OOC so i’ve just accepted that where there’s a sutter, there’s a way.

GOODGIRLGONEBAD1984 answered: I put nothing past Sutter but I think that would destroy the show

i agree with that. i mean, there’s an obvious thread of fucked-upness that holds their relationship together (i remember in the 1st season when gemma was mouthkissing everyone while cupping their and i always had a little moment there but chalked it up to coming from a family of non-mouthkissers) but that would be a definite line you can’t un-cross.

QUEENTARAKNOWLES answered: seriously. wtf is wrong with sutter

so much. pretty much everything, actually. even if it’s not a question about the possibility of incest being a plotline, there is still so much wrong with him.

AMERICUSNATION answered: i ship it *as sarcasm drips off my words, fills up the room, and drowns me*

negl, before i started watching the show and only saw pics and gifs and had no idea what the plot was, i thought katey’s character was a hot cougar and charlie was her sexy little boytoy. and then i found out they were mother and son and my entire worldview was changed.

goodgirlgonebad1984  asked:

I just wanted to say you're awesome. I like your blog and agree with you about SOA. Don't let the bastards talking shit bother you.

omg. thank you so much for this message. i try to stay calm and ignore most of the dumbass hate messages i get but it does piss me off. but getting messages like this and knowing that there are sane people on tumblr makes it 200% better so thank you for this.