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I love you all

Picture: the beginning of dusk in the middle of London (safe setting, thus).
Bloke throws a walk-by street harrasment and a little jeer at my friend and I.
Little did he know we are both raging feminists who have been on actual panels about this shit.Little did he expect we would take up pursuit and return the favour.

First he jeered. Then he raged. Towards the end, he got scared. We never touched him. Only asked him about why he felt that was appropriate and peppered his own words back at him, from Leicester Sq all the way up to Goodge St. “Go on, mate, you wanted our attention, didn’t you? Now you have it. Now back to “I’ve been doing this for ten years to women, none of them ever behaved like you bitches” - why do you think that is? Hey, sugartits (which is what he called us initially), I’m talking to you, don’t be rude now.“

Informal Meet Up

Hello everybody,

Just to let you know we have a bit of an informal meet up planned for Friday the 26th of May.

2:30pm– Meeting at Goodge Street to go to the British Museum.

5:30pm – Going to a coffee shop to chill, and maybe play CAH Check Please edition.

7:00pm - Dinner somewhere around Russell Square

9:00pm - Movie Screening for ‘Pelo Malo.’

After the end of the movie, we are having a sleepover at my place. So far we have 4 people coming and 4 maybes. There’s space for everybody! Just please let me know to plan ahead.

As I mentioned on this post before, the movie is a film exploring the issues surrounding gender identity, poverty and homophobia in Latin America. Tickets are £5.80 and all the money goes to medical aid for people in Venezuela; movie is in Spanish with English subtitles.

Please buy your ticket here before the event, as we need to make sure they’ll have enough seats for everybody.

If you have any questions feel free to message me,


PS: You don’t have to come to all the activities planned, you can come just for the movie or just the museum or just dinner! No pressure.