Theres honestly nothing I love more then an overflowing peanutbutter banana sandwich on fresh sour dough bread👌🏻 I could literally eat thing for every meal😂

This is my favourite thing to do with 2-3-4 day old banana bread (if it ever lasts that long) . Step 1 cut yo fine ass some banana bread. Step 2 put the banana bread in the toaster and toast that baby up. Step 3 put your favourite nut butter on top as well as some sweet fruit👌🏻

Is it just me or does adding apple to oatmeal make it feel more like fall time? Oatmeal was cooked in soy milk, with cinnamon, and nutmeg. Then topped it off with, coconut, banana, Apple, and can’t for get the peanutbutter🙃

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Okay this is seriously my FAVOURITE smoothie bowl combination I’m so addicted🙌🏼 it is mixed berry banana topped with @squareorganics strawberries, banana and coconut! Seriously so good✨


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HAPPY FRIDAY🎉today I am in a fabulous mood! the sun is out, the weather is warm, and I crushed my workout today! what’s not to be happy about👌🏻looking forward to what the weekend has to offer. Have a beautiful day my beautiful pals❤️