Innovative Care Saves Endangered Tree Kangaroo at Adelaide Zoo

by ZooBorns staff

In a world first for conservation, Adelaide Zoo Keepers and Veterinarians saved the life of an orphaned Goodfellow’s Tree Kangaroo, named Makaia, by utilizing a surrogate wallaby mother. It’s a technique never attempted before with a Tree Kangaroo!

In November last year, zookeepers arrived early one morning to make a horrible discovery. Overnight, a falling branch had crushed the zoo’s three-year-old female Tree Kangaroo, orphaning a five-week-old joey.

Zookeepers made the decision to try and save the tiny joey. Due to the young age of the male joey, hand rearing was not possible, which meant the only option available was to try and ‘cross-foster’ the joey into the pouch of a surrogate wallaby mother.

Find the rest of the amazing story, and see video:

Imagine Puck spending the day raiding your pantry for food while you’re out. There isn’t much, since you’re barely managing to pay rent, and the total contents of your food closet include a half full bag of stale Cheetos, an open box of Rice Krispies, and a can of green beans that expired two years ago. 

Totally exasperated with your apparent lack of edible goods, Puck goes out, and returns several hours later with enough food to fill your refrigerator, pantry, and a couple cabinets. 

When you return home, it’s to find a fully stocked fridge of fresh fruit and veggies, meats, and cheeses. Puck is longing on the couch, gnawing on a Granny Smith apple. 

“You gotta eat if you wanna live, girlie,” he tells you with a grin as you raise an eyebrow at him. “And I prefer you alive, so eat up.”

Taking a look at Robin’s shirt, a radical departure from his Italian suits that cost more than the gold toilets in the Vatican, I groaned at the eye- searing colors and slick polyester blend. “Disco is dead. If it hadn’t died before I was born I would’ve killed it myself. Burn the damn shirt.” “This is vintage, I’ll have you know,” the puck said, the wounded pride evident in the way he ran his hand down the front of an era that rivaled the Dark Ages for inventive tortures: visual and auditory. “I have a friend in Miami, Saul. He sends me only the best. I save them for special occasions.”
—  Slashback by Rob Thurman

Imagine Puck meeting Fred and George Weasley. They size each other up, and seem about ready to get into some kind of altercation when all three smirk at each other, and Fred and George drop deep bows in the Jester’s direction.

“Your Deviousness,” Fred says in a reverent tone.

“It’s an honor and a privilege,” George adds in an equally solemn voice.

Puck’s grin is so wide it looks as though his face might just split in half at any second.

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One song: I Made a Resolution by Sea Wolf

Two movies: The Road to El Dorado and Moonrise Kingdom! Two of my favorites. 

Three shows: Parks and Recreation, The Mighty Boosh, and The X-Files

Four people: William Shakespeare, Chris Traeger, Wes Anderson, and my friend Grace! 

Five foods: Cheez-Its, blueberry muffins, chicken taco salad, and cherries. 

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Flesh Like Smoke, edited by Brian M. Sammons , April Moon Books, 2015. Illustrated by Neil Smith, info:

“Shape-shifters, skin-walkers, werewolves - the beasts go by many names and take on many different forms. Some fight the curse, others relish the freedom as they stalk and consume their human prey. Sixteen terrifying new stories from today’s modern masters of literary horror featuring tortured souls with thoughts dark and twisted… and flesh like smoke.”

Blood and Bone –Tim Waggoner
Chaney Jr. Overdrive – Glynn Owen Barrass
Her Father’s Skin – Christine Morgan
Purity Ball – Cody Goodfellow
Claw and Fang, Stone and Bone – Konstantine Paradias
Survival of the Fittest – Sam Stone and David J Howe
Bruce, Waking Up - Paul McMahon
Scoop - Sam Gafford
Philopatry – Edward M. Erdelac
The Weathered Stone – William Meikle
Blood and Dust – Brian M. Sammons
Though It Be Darkness There – Damien Angelica Walters
The Abraxas Protocol – Scott R Jones
Phuoc Long Moon – Don Webb & Darrien Madigan
Things Change – Pete Rawlik
Were…? – Darrell Schweitzer

Imagine lying in bed with Puck, propped up on pillows, watching him trace each of your fingers with a content look on his face. 

“Why do you do that?” you ask after he turns your palm over and begins tracing the lines on your skin. 

“I’m memorizing you,” he replies, giving you a warm smile, his emerald eyes glittering. 

“You haven’t already?” you tease, grinning up at him. 

“I like a refresher every now and then,” he says, bending to kiss your forehead. “I’m learning there’s always something new and incredible about you I haven’t found out yet.”

signs as things my friends say

Aries: *hopping down the hallway with one shoe on* I’M NOT CRAZY

Taurus: Welcome To My White Girl Life


Cancer: i like dissecting roadkill

Leo: name her Liz, short for Lizard Meme

Virgo: *on the bus* how fast do you think i can run in and out of Panera

Libra: father no

Scorpio: im requesting the pokemon theme at the party tonight


 Capricorn: put it in the gnome book!!!!!!

Aquarius: oh, Goodfellow-san!

Pisces: i tried to sit down but there were……issues…….


OT4 From The Iron Fey series

We sat there, the four of us, talking quietly or just basking in the silence, watching the night sky. I didn’t see any falling stars, but if I had, I would’ve wished my dad be kept safe, that Ash and Puck would survive the coming war, and that somehow, we all would come out of this okay. If wishes were horses. I knew better. Fairy godmothers didn’t exist, and even if they did, they wouldn’t wave a magic wand and make everything better. (Not without a contract, anyway.) Besides, I had something better than a fairy godmother; I had my faery knight, my faery trickster, and my faery cat, and that was enough.

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