Your fave is problematic: Robin Goodfellow

-thinks mortals are fools
-turned a guy into a donkey
-proceeded to make jokes about how the guy was an ass
-made his queen fall in love with the guy
-gave a love potion to the WRONG PERSON
-ran around the earth in 40 minutes (how????)
-eventually fixed the mess he made but it took the ENTIRE NIGHT

The Fey Boys’ Favorite Colors

Puck: Purple or silver. 

(I thought about green, but I think he spends so much time surrounded by green and wearing green and looking at green that he’d pick a color that’s almost the opposite of it. And silver for a certain moody someone he’s fond of.)

Ash: Dark green or light blue. 

(The eye colors of his most loved people.)

Glitch: Anything metal toned; especially steel.

(Not “silver”. Steel. And he won’t let anyone forget that there’s a difference.)

Tertius: Sky blue.

(It calms him and looks nice and open and free.)

Rowan: White-gold.

(When the only girl he cared about was constantly looking down instead of at his face, he learned to pick another color to love since he never saw her eyes.)

Sage: Brown/red-brown colors.

(When you spend your life surrounded by cold, it’s nice to be reminded of the warmth.)

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Imagine Puck lounging on the couch with his significant other, enjoying the evening after a long day socializing with their family. 

“So,” he says conversationally, “Your parents seem pretty set on this whole ‘marriage’ thing. Have they got the flowers and all that picked out already?”

He grins jokingly, but notices his S.O. doesn’t seem all that amused by the comment, as they look away and half-shrug. 

“If they have, too bad,” they say, “I plan to elope.”

“Sounds like my kind of idea,” Puck says, managing another smile, though he keeps a worried eye on their face; judging their reaction. “When were we thinking? Late April? Early May? You should see Arcadia in May. Flowers out the wazoo and everything smells like a Bath and Body Works store exploded.”

He waits for a smile, or even an exasperated look thrown at him–as would be the usual case–but is a little unsettled when his S.O. looks thoughtfully at him.

“That sounds nice,” they say, blinking at him. “Could we?”

Puck narrows his eyes. “You’re serious, aren’t you?” he asks quietly, frowning.

When his partner merely shrugs again and looks down, he feels a knot tighten in his chest. 

“Hey,” he says gently, leaning forward to nuzzle their hair, “What’s wrong? I thought we had a good day.”

We did,” they mutter, leaning into him, “But I just…I hate being here. I know it might not seem bad, but…they’re only acting nice because you’re here. But really…I want to leave.”

Puck is quiet for a long moment, gazing at their face, then gently kisses their forehead. “Then we’ll leave,” he says simply.

After a week of intense planning, convincing Ash and Meghan to assist him, and a few tweaks to certain peoples’ memories, Puck makes good on his word. 

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Pastel’s FR Lore Master Post

Everything is in chronological order


Rejection-Raised for one purpose, Limerence finds herself branded a failure.

Run- Lim leaves home before it’s too late..


I love you-a Confession of Love Rejected

Help-Limerence gets help from an unexpected source.

Daffodil + Tarnished


Welcome-Tarnished gives Daff a warm welcome.

Crunch-Past, Tarnished attempts to break Daff’s spirits. (Violence warning)

Present Day

Push Me- Sachiel and Daffodil have a run in the hall way.

Order from On High- Phoebe is displease with Daff


Necessary No- Cute fluff co written by @foreverfallyn

GoodfellowThe Boy with a Beautiful Smile

Wait for Me, Goodfellow

Misc. Lore

Lair Art

Pain for Glory- Daffodil Disfigures a Patient (violence , gore, and torture warning!)

dallas1232  asked:

Do you think Puck would be a really good beloved King?

I think it would depend on who you ask, because aside from Ash I doubt anyone in the Winter Court would ever say such a thing about Puck; regardless of whether it was true or not. On the other hand, in Arcadia, I think it would be a matter of everyone getting adjusted to the idea of Puck as king. I absolutely think with enough time, and some invested seriousness on our dear Trickter’s part, he would make an excellent king. The only reason I could conceive of that he hadn’t already had some kind of authority during the series was that he didn’t want it. He’s having too much fun being free and wild. 

And, although I think Puck would make an excellent king, I think he’d be absolutely miserable after a while. He’d make jokes about, “Because I told you to” and “See, Ice-Boy, I can give orders, too”, but after a while he’d just be tired of having to worry about everyone else’s problems, because–as old as he is–he knows most of the Court’s problems are petty politics and he’s on a strict no-politics regimen. Puck understands the real problems with both Faery and the Human World and I think he’d get tired of having to hear “But they were on our land” and “They took our stuff” when he knows they’ve got a much bigger problem to worry about. 

So, would he make a good king? Absolutely. Would he be beloved? Eh, probably after a while. Would he like it? I’m going to say definitely not. Too many strings attached and he doesn’t want to get tangled up in them.

I hope this answers your question. =)