“But, do you think Empire was really all that bad?”

“But, do you think Empire was really all that bad?”

by Maya Goodfellow  Follow @mayagoodfellow “But, do you really think Empire was really all that bad?” Everyone in our corner of the pub went silent as one of our course mates brazenly put this question to our Indian professor. “It was an absolute catastrophe – all we got out of it was the railways, and even that we’d have done ourselves”. Furious, panicked backtracking ensued. He’d been expecting…

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If the other Iron Fey characters reacted to Ash/Puck:


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Titania(Sam) & Oberon(Dean):

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frabblejousmab asked:

Is Robin Goodfellow a different entity than Bucca? I can't seem to find any info on Robin besides Shakespeare which holds its own weight, I suppose.

Honestly, it really depends. The name is used in a variety of sources. It includes the following…

  • Another name for the Red Goblin from Aradia (he who serves Diana)
  • Another name for Fauns ( half man, half goat)
  • Another name for Puck
  • A name for a son of a Fairy King
  • A name that many witches used for their familiars (both imps and fairy lovers)
  • A name for a devil
  • The Devil himself
  • Some refer to the man in black as Robin Goodfellow 

It has a ton of different faces to the same name. And honestly? From folklore and myth, it seems to be more of a title rather than a name in the way that many use it. 

Imagine Puck staggering into his bedroom in Arcadia at some ungodly hour of the night, having spent the entire day stuck having to deal with nobles and meetings and Titania’s sickening smile. He struggles to get out of the court clothing he was forced to wear for the day, never minding that Lady Weaver will have his head for dropping them so carelessly on his floor, and finally collapses on his bed, face down.

Immediately he senses that something is different and goes still for a moment. It takes him a second to realize his mattress is breathing. 

“You’re heavier than I remember,” comments a dull voice, and when Puck sits up, startled, it’s to see Ash laying on his bed, arms folded his over his chest, eyebrows raised as the Jester sprawls across his abdomen. 

Puck blinks, then his face splits into a huge grin.

“Babe!” he cheers, flopping onto Ash again.

“But just as obnoxious as ever,” Ash adds under his breath.


Day 5: Supernatural - Garth Goodfellow

Elf? Wizard? A dash of Hobbit in there for good measure? Nobody quite knows what species Garth is - but nobody really cares… Garth is a great guy to be around, and enjoys making butterflies burst from the top of his wand when people need cheering up.

scarlet-goodfellow asked:

I really love our Lorien Legacies art!!! Do you still draw any of the characters? (*cough cough* Sam!!!!)

thanks!! i haven’t drawn any of them in several months but i tried drawing sam today just for you (i’ve forgotten how to draw him though)

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Imagine Puck spending an usual amount of time around Ash during one Elysium. Or it’s unusual for Ash. Every time he turns around, the Jester is there with a large smile plastered on his face.

“So, what’s all this about, Goodfellow?” he asks after about the fifth time he’s turned around and nearly run into the Jester.

“What’s what about?” Puck asks innocently, pouting.

“This,” says Ash, gesturing to the way the Jester is currently clinging to his sleeve. “You haven’t put more than three feet between us since I got here. Are you having withdrawals or something? Some nymph turned you down and you’re needing moral support?”

“Ha ha, you think you’re funny,” snorts Puck, rolling his eyes, “As it turns out, I am in a very involved relationship right now. Very deep. Very romantic. Very…well, you get the idea.”

“No, please, continue,” says Ash sarcastically, walking towards the end of the hall with Puck still latched onto his arm, “You know how absolutely riveting it is to hear all about your love life.”

“Speaking of that, actually,” says Puck slowly, and Ash hesitates, sensing trouble. “I gotta tell you, Ash, um…”

Ash slowly turns, eyes narrowed at Puck. “What did you do?” he demands.

“You assume I did something, which might not necessarily be wrong,” says Puck, grinning feebly.

“You never call me Ash,” says the Prince coldly, glaring. “What did you do, Goodfellow?”

“Uh…well, I, uh…” Puck clears his throat, still greening meekly. “I’m sorta…kinda…datingyourdaughter…”

He pushes his lips together, leaning back from Ash as he watches the Prince’s eyes narrow to mere slits of silver, sensing an impending explosion.

“You…what…?” whispers Ash.

Puck begins to back away, hands up, smiling warily.

“Oh, well, gee, would you look at the time? Gotta get going. Don’t want to be late for my date and all that, ha ha!”

Date?” repeats Ash in a menacing voice.

But the Jester has already run off into the crowd, fleeing the hounds of hell are at his heels.


Complete set of all Fr. Brown chibis. (I’d made the squad ages ago, but I made all the rest for the tag urself meme post yesterday.)

(Read the captions if you can’t figure out who’s who)